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Last Saturday we saw a full house of bloggers at Blogger Babes Asia's Singapore stop, with Blogger Babes US CEO and co-founder, Heidi Nazarudin fronting the stage once again to conduct her "Fame. Fortune. Fans." workshop with Clozette.

Clozette Creative Director, Kersie, introduces Clozette & Blogger Babes Asia.

If you are a budding blogger eager to fan the flames of your passion for blogging, read on to discover 5 things we learned at the workshop on how you can improve your blog and reach out to brands

Blogger Babes Asia Singapore workshop in progress.

Know your niche.

The first fundamental of blogging? "Don't try to be someone you're not," said Heidi when she spoke about finding and amplifying your niche. It may sound like a no-brainer, but it is easy to lose your unique, distinctive self in a sea of blogging enthusiasts.

Knowing your forte helps you identify who your core readers are and their main interests, so you can create content that is relevant and quintessentially yours.

Branding consistency is everything.

Your personality, blog design, photographs, social media content and writing style are all part of your branding. They should always communicate one key uniform message without confusing or misleading your readers.

Heidi Nazarudin leading her ‘Fame. Fortune. Fans.’ workshop.

Visual content is as significant as your text content.

Do you know that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times better than it does on text? And 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? That is why visual design is as important as what you write.

Pick a blog theme that best suits your brand identity. Ensure that your blog interface is user-friendly. Make sure that your photographs are in good quality. These are just some basic rules of maintaining a tip-top blog.

You are your own editor-in-chief.

Managing your blog is just like running your own magazine publication – developing an editorial calendar that revolves around different themes and combinations of evergreen and topical content will help you stay grounded and organised. Time to channel your inner Anna Wintour!

Bloggers mingle around during refreshments.

Create a media kit to help you reach out to brands.

Ever wondered how you can market yourself better to brands without waiting blindly for them to reach out to you? A media kit is your best sidekick. Varying between one to 12 pages, a media kit should detail what your blog is about – equipped with statistics and case studies – and explain what it can do to help build brand value.

The most important takeaway from the Blogger Babes Asia Singapore workshop? "If you can't describe your blog in one to two sentences, you have a problem with not knowing what your blog is about," said Heidi.

The Clozette team with Heidi Nazarudin.


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Wearing something basic isn't a fashionable excuse to slack off with your look. In fact, designers, stylists, and models have been working the trend whenever they're not strutting under the limelight and just like any trend, it has an art to it. It's comfortable and chic, but how do you elevate it even more for a luxurious OOTD?

We've got 4 tips and inspiration straight from DKNY's Resort / Pre-Spring 2016 Collection to help you out! 


Work with a Colour Palette in Mind

The basic trend makes use of neutral colours, but you can always go against the norm. Adding this extra effort to putting your look together results in a polished look that intrigues people. It's simple, but the details and colours add up to a cohesive, pantone-perfect OOTD. 

Just Play with The Pieces

Basic pieces aren't exactly "basic." They're called as such as they are closet staples. In short, these basic pieces are the items you should invest on because they look good with anything--especially when paired together. Play with textures, lengths, and fabrics because basic pieces styled together are unstoppable.  

Make It Look Like You Don't Care

Being a fashion rebel is one of the traits of the luxurious. Wearing the basic trend to an elite and most-anticipated event is a big fashion statement. It's like saying you don't care in snobby yet "fashionesque" way--but you look good anyway. That's the magic of basic. 

Be a Walking Statement

Speaking of statements, elevated basic pieces such as a fur maroon coat,  a fringe pencil skirt, a pair of high cut leather sneakers and such are items that are usual highlights of the whole ensemble. Pick your statement piece and work around it. Either tone it down or amplify it for a street style look that's worth a thousand paparazzi photos. 


Have more "basic" tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!


When it comes to choosing your outfit for today you need to consider 3 things: what you'll do for the day, who you'll be with, and the vibe you want bring to the table. All of those things can be summed up to your outfit's colours. An all-black look is more edgy, a white look paired with pink can be girly, while brown paired with red is a bit more serious and mature. The colour combination of the pieces you'll wear more or less dictates the whole vibe, it's just up to you how you want to play with it!

To give you an idea, here are the top 5 looks this week for you to score a flawlessly colour coordinated look!   




If you're running from event to event and want to keep it casual yet still achieve a polished look, a white and beige ensemble is the way to go. It's not too casual but not too overpowering either. What we love with this look is how Clozette Ambassador Klaopin made it feminine with a lace top and shoes.  Everything is seamless and it ever matched with her hair's vibe! 



For an edgy yet feminine look, balance out your black leather accessories with an oxblood leather skirt and cutout top such as this worn by Star Clozetter aponytale. The look made use of the classic "match your shoes with your bag" tip and made it work for her personal style. And also, did you notice that her background choice matches the aura of her look too? 



The standout piece of Clozette Ambassador claudiaxtong is obviously the bag. She took the colours of that piece and matched the blue eyes with a blue skirt and balance everything out with white pieces. This is a great example of feminine and playful--a nice twist to the usual girly looks! 



There is no better way to have colour coordinated look than to go monochrome. This look by Clozetter chchanelc stood out the most because she chose olive green instead of the usual black and white. This reminds us of the outdoors, but a super chic and fashion forward version of it. 



We love a girl with statement hair 'cause not everyone can pull it off, but this one from Clozetter Huiminxoxo has got to be the most colourful and outstanding one yet! She matched her Burgundy Red hair (with pink, orange, violet, teal, and blue at the ends) to a long-sleeved polo of the same colour. To tone the colours down a bit, she used black pieces--and that made it stand out with its edgy vibe more! 


Which outfit was your top pick? Let us know in the comments below!