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5 Time-Saving Styles For Curly-Haired Girls

Curling glory!

Waking up to luscious curly locks can both be a dream and a nightmare. On one hand, you don't have to spend hours achieving a look that many people try to replicate everyday. But then it can be hard to tame your curls once they decide to have a life of their own as soon as you rise from bed. Fret not, ladies! As always, we're giving you the best options. This time, it's for styling your hair, minus the hassle.

The headwrap


Have the best of both worlds on your hair by wrapping one side in an updo and letting the other side hang like an edgy side fringe using a colourful scarf. 

The top bun

When in doubt, put it up in a bun! This chic and classic hairstyle works on every single hair type and can easily work for your every vibe and mood. Plus, if you don't want stray strands bothering you for the day, this helps do that flawlessly.

The banana-peel accent

Low ponytails can be a tad bit boring, so why not add a pop of colour between your curls by wrapping a silk scarf or handkerchief over it? It requires little to no effort as you only need to tie it in a knot and have the sides resemble a banana peel to give the accent some volume. The plus side to this for curly-haired girls is that your mane's texture has enough volume to keep the silk fabric in place.

The crown-over-crown

Festival wear is not exactly just for festivals nowadays. Accessories such as flower crowns, decorative headbands, and even faux-jewel hairpieces are perfect if you simply feel like letting loose and embracing the fun of the day. Most people who have a different hair type curl their locks first before sporting these accessories for all the right reasons, so all the luck to you!

The barrette

Your curly locks may be wild and free already, so why contain them? Since it is a good kind of 'extra', we say tie them all together with a beautiful centerpiece — a glamorous barrette. Whether you're going for a casual look, something for the office, or even a grand occasion where you want to flaunt the body and volume of your curls while keeping them chic on top of your head, this simple but stunning hair piece is a sure win.

(Cover photo from: @leximarcellaa)

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