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5 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holidays

Our favourite ways to stay healthy and indulge

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The holidays often mean three things: endless get-togethers with your loved ones, lots of giving and receiving gifts, and our favourite, delicious food. From roasted chicken and Christmas turkey, to various sweets and cocktail drinks, the holidays are never short on tasty – yet calorie-packed – meals.

But if you’re worried about the holiday pounds slowing creeping their way into your waistline, don’t be. Ahead, we listed down our favourite tips on how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, and at the same time staying healthy and indulging in our favourite Christmas-themed meals.


Grab a snack before the party

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Never go to a get-together on an empty stomach to avoid chowing down the first dish you see. Instead, eat a healthy snack, such as trail mix or a bowl of your favourite fruits, before heading out. That way when you get there, you’ll be able to get picky on the meals you want to eat.

Eat slowly

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With that being said, you should always remember to pace yourself when eating. Remember: you’re not in an eating contest, so there’s no rush in trying to clean off your plate. The best thing about eating slowly? You’re able to savour everything you put in your mouth and appreciate what you’re eating more.


Control portions of desserts

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It’s more than easy to go off the rails when it comes to indulging on desserts. But our favourite way to avoid this is to take smaller portions of multiple desserts, like a sampling plate. We’re able to maintain our portion control, and at the same time taste all the sweet and sugary goodness dinner has to offer. If you’re like us and find yourself reaching for a second plate, go for it! 

Same goes for alcohol

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While we're on the topic of portion control... the same goes with alcohol. If you tank up with alcohol, you won’t have a lot of control when it comes to what you’re eating. Plus, hangovers are terrible – why put your body through that?


Start 2017 right

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By the end of the holiday season, if you find that you’ve gained a few pounds, don’t freak out! It happens to all of us and the best thing you can do for yourself is stay positive and aim to start the new year right – by getting right back into your healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s swapping holiday fudge for cacao nibs or doing your favourite exercise, the main thing you need to focus on is your health and how you feel, not the number on the weighing scale. 


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