5 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holidays | Clozette

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The holidays often mean three things: endless get-togethers with your loved ones, lots of giving and receiving gifts, and our favourite, delicious food. From roasted chicken and Christmas turkey, to various sweets and cocktail drinks, the holidays are never short on tasty – yet calorie-packed – meals.

But if you’re worried about the holiday pounds slowing creeping their way into your waistline, don’t be. Ahead, we listed down our favourite tips on how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, and at the same time staying healthy and indulging in our favourite Christmas-themed meals.


Grab a snack before the party

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Never go to a get-together on an empty stomach to avoid chowing down the first dish you see. Instead, eat a healthy snack, such as trail mix or a bowl of your favourite fruits, before heading out. That way when you get there, you’ll be able to get picky on the meals you want to eat.

Eat slowly

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With that being said, you should always remember to pace yourself when eating. Remember: you’re not in an eating contest, so there’s no rush in trying to clean off your plate. The best thing about eating slowly? You’re able to savour everything you put in your mouth and appreciate what you’re eating more.


Control portions of desserts

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It’s more than easy to go off the rails when it comes to indulging on desserts. But our favourite way to avoid this is to take smaller portions of multiple desserts, like a sampling plate. We’re able to maintain our portion control, and at the same time taste all the sweet and sugary goodness dinner has to offer. If you’re like us and find yourself reaching for a second plate, go for it! 

Same goes for alcohol

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While we're on the topic of portion control... the same goes with alcohol. If you tank up with alcohol, you won’t have a lot of control when it comes to what you’re eating. Plus, hangovers are terrible – why put your body through that?


Start 2017 right

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By the end of the holiday season, if you find that you’ve gained a few pounds, don’t freak out! It happens to all of us and the best thing you can do for yourself is stay positive and aim to start the new year right – by getting right back into your healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s swapping holiday fudge for cacao nibs or doing your favourite exercise, the main thing you need to focus on is your health and how you feel, not the number on the weighing scale. 


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As much as it can be fun, holidays can also be a bit of a drag when it comes to deciding on the outfits we're going to wear. With Christmas parties here and there – and not to mention holiday shopping, decorating, and travel planning looming over our heads – getting a wardrobe revamp in the midst of it all can be a stressful thing. But does it have to be?

The answer is a big, fat no – that's right! There is a way to change up your look and be as stylish as ever in less than a jiffy. We give you our tricks down below.

Tuck in your top

You'll be surprised how this simple trick can change up your look. From redefining your silhouette, to adding more dimension and shape to your outfit, it can transform your look from chill and relaxed, to sleek and chic in less than five seconds. 

Push up your sleeves

Having your sleeves spilling over your wrists can make you look smaller and unflattering, especially when wearing pulllovers. So besides adding structure to your outfit by rolling up your sleeves, you're also putting up an illusion that you're taller and slimmer with more of your skin showing. This is also a nice style trick when you're having a half-body shot taken for those festive photos. 


Be playful with scarves

Living in the tropics does not often give us a lot of opportunities to incorporate scarves in our outfits. That's why with the cool breeze coming up with the festive season, it is time to be creative with this versatile accessory. Turn an outfit from a seven to a 10 by using a scarf loosely hung over your neck, or using it as a wrap-around dress, a shawl, a belt... the possibilities are endless. All the time you need is no more than a minute.

Wear a bold accessory

Probably the most typical tip out of the others, but hey – it has to be included in this list. There's just something about taking an outfit to a whole new level by adding one statement accessory to set the entire look together. Our pro tip? Go for cool-toned silvers as they are easier to pair up to all shades and outfit ensembles than gold accessories. 


Whether or not you have plans for the holidays ahead, make the most out of the festive season with these tips!



There’s nothing quite like the glistening gift of jewellery during Christmas. After all, a little bling can do no wrong in the month of the glitz and glamour, especially when it’s meticulously hand-finished to lend a delicate, elegant touch to the wearer’s flair.

Guess what they said is true after all: the best things in life really do come in small (and shiny) packages. Whether your giftee is a minimalist at heart or a bona fide Disney princess, we scoured through PANDORA’s extensive range of bejewelled trinkets to help you light up her Christmas with some extra sparkle. Ahead, our specially curated picks of the best jewellery gifts will let these four different personalities shine through.


The Minimalist

(Clockwise) Elegant Beauty ring, SGD149; Entwined earrings, SGD149; Galaxy spacer, SGD59; Entwined bangle, SGD249

For her, clean and sleek does it. Rather than flamboyant extravagance, the minimalist exudes a kind of low-key elegance that reflects not only in her demeanour, but also in how she dresses. She appreciates interesting proportions and impeccable tailoring, so skip the excess and opt for a clean cut with well-crafted jewelleries from PANDORA’s Celestial Tales and Luminescent Pearls collections.

The Dazzler

(Clockwise) Vintage Night Sky dangle, SGD99; Starry Night Sky charm, SGD89; Patterns of Frost ring, SGD89; Patterns of Frost earrings, SGD149

Calm and composed, the Dazzler attracts those around her with her calm and trustworthy personality. Much like the colour blue, her laid-back personality soothes your nerves and keeps you zen — almost with an hypnotising effect that draws you in like the blue winter night sky. Thank her for her comforting temperament with a dazzling blue and white crystal curation of PANDORA’s Patterns of Frost collection, inspired by the alluring natural beauty of winter.


The Santarina

(Clockwise) Sweet Gingerbread Man charm, SGD69; PANDORA Floating Locket (Medium) with Christmas Wonder Petites, SGD248; Merry Christmas Bauble dangle, SGD89

The Santarina is a lady who is always generous, cheerful and bright. She radiates the jovial spirit of the holiday season all year round, and never fails to liven up the mood of her companions. There will never be another who enjoys the season of giving as much as she does, so when better than to gift her back than on Christmas day? Reciprocate her joy of giving with PANDORA’s enchanting Christmas collection. Our favourite? The Christmas Wonders Petites housed in the floating locket necklace and pendant.

The Disney Princess

(Clockwise) Aurora Dress dangle, SGD99; Tinker Bell star charm, SGD129; Mickey & Minnie charm, SGD149; Minnie Bow ring, SGD129

The epitome of a bona fide Disney princess, she is charming, charitable, and a true beauty inside and out. Her beauty goes beyond her looks — she’s got the grace of royalty, and her intellect and well-mannered personality is why you enjoy her presence. Take your pick from PANDORA’s Disney Collection and indulge her with an Aurora Dress Dangle Charm, Minnie Sparkling Bow Ring, Tickle Bell Star Charm, or Mickey & Minnie Love Charm — you decide.


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