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5 Traits Of A Modern Day Woman

Trendy clothes, blown out hair, and perfect makeup -- these can be considered as just some of the many factors that complete the package of a woman that is comfortable in her own skin. Fashion and beauty trends come and go but the strength and timelessness of a modern day woman is truly undeniable.

Oozing with female power, confidence, and the will to go after our dreams makes the women of today as attractive as ever -- just like South Korean actress and amateur boxing champion, Lee Si-Young. A truly multi-faceted woman, she shares the beauty and power of never quitting and being true to oneself in this inspirational video by SK-II

So do you identify with these traits that make up a modern day woman? Read on to find out!


#1: She is independent

One of the strengths of a modern day woman is knowing how to take charge of her own life. Responsible for her own actions and is not afraid to take well-thought out risks, the modern woman knows she is “The Boss” and makes no apologies when making her own decisions. 

#2: She is passionate

The modern day woman does not believe in the saying “when you take away an artist’s brush, then you take away their dreams.” Despite the tight schedule and the many roles she takes on, she always finds ways to fulfill her passions even if it may mean having to get out of her comfort zone to keep her dreams alive.

#3: She is confident

Strongly believing in her own beauty and potential, the modern day woman recognises that she needs to be the best version of herself to reach her goals. 

#4: She is fearless

A modern day woman knows that being fearless doesn’t mean being rash in making decisions but rather putting her fears aside in order to reach her dreams. It also means not being intimidated by the success of others but seeing it as motivation to be even better.

#5: She is multi-faceted

Taking on many roles can be challenging, but the modern day woman embodies each of them with strength and poise. Her ability to confidently embrace each of her identities with ease truly makes her a real-life superwoman.


What are your thoughts on being a modern day woman? Share it with us in the comments below!