5 Travel IG Accounts To Start Following

Get ready to pack your bags!

Do you have the desire to travel the world or at least venture into a foreign land that's different from where you are residing in? While you’re saving up money and vacation leaves, scroll through these Instagram accounts for some travel inspiration.


Lilliane calls herself the lass who wonders, thus the IG handle @wanderlass. Her journey started when she realised that there is more to life than the happily ever after that we were “programmed” to believe. According to her blog, she took a trip to “25 countries across 5 continents for only 425 days." Now she continues to travel around the world. Follow her journey on IG and you’ll be awed by the countless breathtaking landscapes of places she visits.


Jack Morris used to be a carpet cleaner from England who, one day, decided to shake things up by booking a one-way ticket to Bangkok. A few months later, he began earning money as a Instagrammer slash travel blogger. Aside from the usual landscapes, Jack’s Instagram consists of quirky and interesting photos that reflect the personality of the city he visits.


If you’re particularly interested in the exotic travel locations Southeast Asia has to offer, then you should follow this account. Naturally shot and uploaded with the hashtag 'nofilter', you will discover Southeast Asia in a whole new light through these pictures.


While most travel photos will instantly ignite our desire to hop on a plane to take the next flight because of a beautiful sunset or clear, blue sea, there are travel photos that  make us want to visit a place because of its inhabitants. Photojournalist David Guttenfelder captures not just the sceneries of the place he’s in but more importantly, the people residing in it. His photos will give us the opportunity to understand more about the soul of each city.


True to its name, the blog girleatworld revolves around different foods from different places. Her signature photo is a focused shot of a dish against the background of a famous landmark. Take a bite into this yummy adventure and follow her.

(Cover photo from: lyzasy)

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