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5 Types Of Brushes You Need In Your Beauty Pouch

Brush up on your tool knowledge

For a makeup enthusiast, the fascination doesn’t end with just finding the perfect products; the passion also leads to a love affair with tools. We can’t just stop at a few brushes, right? Well, as much as we support our shared fondness for all things pretty, we can actually get by with not much. Yes, you can do a full face of makeup when you’re pressed for time with just five brushes. Here are the ones you always need to have in your pouch.

Foundation brush

You need to have a clean base, so a foundation brush is a must. Your choice of brush would depend on your product, as well as your preference. Are you a flat-top type of gal? Or someone who likes paddle makeup brushes? Whatever you prefer, you need something to make sure that your base is on point; so make sure you have your best tool with you. 

Eyeshadow brush

Make your eyes pop and put your desired colour in place with the help of a trusty eyeshadow brush. Use something that's a bit more flat to lay out your eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow blending brush

Once you’ve packed on the colour, make sure you blend. No harsh lines, please! So keep your blending brush ready at all times.

Angled blush brush

This one’s a multi-tasker. It can go from setting your base with powder to bronzing up your complexion to giving you a nice flush to helping you get a chiseled face. You need it!

Eyeliner brush + spoolie

With or without a spoolie on the other end to brush your eyebrows with, an eyeliner brush can be your saviour. If you’re the type who can go out with just your eyebrows done, this should be your go-to. Meanwhile, if you’re the type who wants a full face of makeup, you can also use this brush for gel eyeliners.

(Cover photo from: PhyliciaMarie)

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