5 Videos To Watch This Week | Clozette

Now that the new year has begun and the holidays are long over, we thought that the best way to kick ourselves back into gear is to recharge our fashion and beauty loving-selves with a marathon of fashion and beauty videos.

So here's our list of 5 must-watch videos this week, covering everything from skincare, makeup, and ootds!


Skincare Must-Haves Review + Affordable Alternatives

by RAEview

"New Year, New Me" has been the mantra of many lately. So what better way to welcome the year than by revamping your skincare regimen. We love how RAEview has done a quick review of her holy-grail skincare items while suggesting affordable alternatives for the budget conscious. 

How To Save Broken Makeup

by Tati

We've all gone through this. One moment you have a perfect pot of eyeshadow and the next moment, you drop it and it turns into a powdery mess and you don't know what to do with it. So save yourself the trouble this year and learn how to save your broken makeup with this quick and easy tip from Tati!

Best Beauty Products of 2014

by FleurDeForce

2014 came and went with a wide range of products hitting the market. So what better way to wrap up the year than with a whole video dedicated to beauty product favourites. This video by FleurDeForce is definitely a great watch if you've been planning to stock-up on a range of affordable to high-end beauty products.

A Collection Of #OOTDs

by joellenlove

There is no better time than now to update your wardrobe for 2015. So here's a lookbook from joellenlove featuring a collection of #OOTDs perfect for our region's climate--from skirts, to dresses, to floral pants...she's got them all!

Soft Glam- Hair & Makeup Tutorial

by KathleenLights

If you're a fan of the neutral eye makeup look, then you're going to love this quick tutorial from KathleenLights. And since a neutral smoky-eye goes well with soft, wavy hair reminiscent of the long, flowy hair of Victoria's Secret angels, then the added hair tutorial will be quite a treat!



One thing I always look forward to in a new year is the slew of resolutions shared by friends online. It's always interesting to see what others have decided to resolve at the start of every year--regardless of whether or not they actually accomplish said goals.

While I rarely make my own list of resolutions to stick to, I decided to do something different this year and attempt to put together an achievable list of beauty resolutions I plan to stick to in 2015. After all, a whole new year equals a whole new number to add to my age. So there is no better time than now to resolve to stick to a year-long beauty resolution!

So for our first instalment of our Editor's Corner series, I present to you my five beauty resolutions for 2015! If anything else, putting this out there may make me feel more accountable and successfully persist in this endeavour.

1. Drink More Water

photo by kiyokoyasuda

Here's one thing I am terrible at: keeping myself hydrated through the day. I usually start the day with a glass of water to go along with my mug of coffee. It's a pretty good start; but then I forget to keep drinking water the rest of the day. This is not a good habit and it's something I hope to correct in the new year by keeping a a big'ol water bottle on my desk as a reminder to keep hydrated no matter how busy I may be. Hydration = Good Skin.

2. Weekly Face Masks

photo by Enabelle

I really don't know why I don't do this more often. Face masks are amazing and really should be done as much as possible. Not only does my skin love a good face mask session, but it also allows me to take time off from my day to just relax. So a weekly face mask session shall now be added to my beauty regimen--as opposed to my previous I'll-slap-on-a-face-mask-when-I-remember habit.

3. Try More Skincare Products

photo by SamanthaAshley

I am a creature of habit. Once I find a product that works well for my skin, I tend to plateau and keep using the same product over and over again. While I do love reading and researching about the latest beauty products to hit the market, it takes quite a while before I incorporate such products into my daily beauty regimen. So how will I find my next holy-grail product if I'm stuck using my same-'ol holy-grail products? Side note: my current holy-grail products are slowly fading away from their holy-grail status since my skin has gotten used to them, so this is really the best time to get out there and try new things!

4. Be Better At Hair Care

photo by musicalhouses

My haircare motto up until now has always been: if you're having a bad hair day, just braid your hair and forget about it. It's my quick and easy way to tame my unruly, frizzy waves. But the only reason my waves are always unruly and frizzy is because I don't take care of my hair enough. So this year, I am going to incorporate more haircare products in my routine and be better at actually making them a part of my daily routine. 

5. Keep My Beauty Stash Clean

photo by AnastasiaLove

Okay. My beauty stash is generally clean through the year, but there are just some days when I do find myself not in the mood to wash my makeup brushes as scheduled (brushes should be washed as least once a week, ladies!). Dirty brushes = germs and bacteria; and wiping them with makeup wipes after every use just isn't enough. So I aim to be better at sticking to a regular brush-cleaning schedule.



Irrespective of where you’re going to be, or whom you’re going to be kissing at the stroke of midnight, you definitely want to look your best on this special night. Get primped and pretty with these essentials for a beautiful night you’ll never forget.


For Soft, Smooth Skin

As soon as you finish your shower, slather on a rich, hydrating body lotion like the Kiehl’s Crème de Corps. Ingredients like cocoa butter and sesame oil along with antioxidants from beta carotene, nourish and soften the skin making it smooth and velvety to the touch.
For That Sparkle

Draw attention to your finest features with a shimmer like the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body. Lightly dust it over your décolletage, the highest point of your cheekbones and along your shins to give the illusion of longer legs.

For Kissable Lips

You’ll definitely want your lipstick to last till 12 am and beyond. The Too Faced Melted Kisses liquid long-wear lipstick combines the staying power of a stain with the shine of a gloss and rich pigment of a lipstick, so you never have spend time touching up your lipstick.

For Your Signature Scent

Before you leave the house for your big night out, spritz on perfume at all your pulse points. An intoxicating, feminine perfume like Narsciso with notes of musk and amber, is sure to draw all the right kind of attention.

For Fresh Breath

Since you know you’re going to be puckering up, nix all bad breath with Closeup Deep Action. Its Micro Shine Crystals effectively whiten teeth making them beautifully brighter with every brush. It comes in a cool minty Menthol Fresh flavour and intense zesty Red Hot flavour that gives you long lasting fresh breath.