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Holidays aren’t all fun parties, hearty meals, and precious time with loved ones. If anything, the last month of the year feels more like a deadline than a season of merriment.

Our quick tip when the "holidaze" is starting to get to you? Breathe deeply, open the door to your wardrobe and plan your outfits! Remember to add one of these 5 joyful details to your OOTD’s and watch your holiday anxiety melt away.

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Inject happy colours

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Conquer Decem-blur and brighten a room wearing red or yellow. It’s a fact that happy colors affect people’s mood. So spread the joy, right? Pick something like this Oasis Shift Dress.

Opt for festive details

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Glitters, sequins, plaid, and jacquard are inherently festive so try to build your look around one of these elements. But you can also level up and dress beyond the sparkles. This Adrenaline Crushed Top from ModCloth features crushed velvet in jewel-toned hue, which adds texture to your look.

Don a bow

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Much like a topper to a wrapped present, a bow can give that final touch to any outfit for a subtle holiday feel. Wear it on your clothes, hair, or as embellishment to your accessories like this pair of Lost Ink Flat Brogues.

Paint your kissers red

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The red lip is a classic beauty look that’s elegant, festive and easy to apply. Smile and use a brush to apply the product. We like Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick.

Wear a holiday scent

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Scents are very personal so pick a blend that reminds you of holiday celebrations, be it the scent of your freshly washed sweater, hot chocolate and peppermint barks, or the blooming roses on grandma’s yard. Try the scent of Molton Brown Elderflower Body Wash.


How will you spice up your outfit for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!



What would we do without our favourite beauty products? That one blush that effortlessly gives that radiant colour to our cheeks? Or that mascara that makes our lashes look like falsies? We all have our preferences. But every now and then, a brand comes out with one product that becomes so universally loved that it receives a cult following, and becomes a go-to for many.

So in the spirit of giving thanks this season, here are the top five cult beauty products we, and the entire beauty community, are thankful for!


NARS Blush in Orgasm

(photo from jennyfleur)

If there was an award for a blush that has been raved about and worn so much, it would go to the NARS Blush in Orgasm. This legendary cheek product, described as a peachy pink with golden shimmer, adapts to each person’s skin tone to form their own customised flush!

MAC Lipsticks

(photo from coffeeandsparkle)

Every one has their favourite MAC lipstick, and why wouldn’t they? This line comes in every shade you can possibly think of, as well as different finishes such as cream sheen and retro matte! Standouts like Whirl, Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy, and Russian Red are just some of the lip colours MAC has become known for, making them a staple for every beauty addict and makeup artist.

The Original Beautyblender

(photo from musicalhouses)

We can’t possibly imagine a world where the Beautyblender didn’t exist because that would just mean that people have been wearing cakey makeup this entire time! This pink sponge is no ordinary sponge as it makes every foundation and concealer seamlessly melt into your skin, giving your face that fresh, natural-looking finish!

Urban Decay NAKED Palette

(photo from fifiliciousify)

Ah, the original NAKED palette. There may be a 2, 3, and a Smoky palette, but nothing will every beat this brown, cardboard box housing 12 shimmery and matte eyeshadows. While the NAKED 2 and 3 have their own colour themes, the original one mixes cool and warm tones, which makes it such a great product to have and travel with! You can do a ton of eye looks with just this palette from natural to glam — it’s no wonder why this is everyone’s favourite!

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation

(photo from beautifulbuns)

When the original Make Up Forever HD Foundation came out, everyone and their mother went nuts for it, especially when the brand came out with their unretouched ads. And now that it’s been reformulated to the Ultra HD, we are still not over this product. What’s not to love? It has a wide range of colours, it still looks like skin, and when we’re wearing this foundation, we feel confident enough not to edit and retouch our photos!


What cult beauty product are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments below! 



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Going on a vacation is a lot of fun; packing for one? Not so much, especially when there’s a specific rule to “pack light”. We’re all women here, so let’s just address the elephant in the room - we suck at packing light. We always have to be, and want to be, prepared for the worst case scenario. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

But since we can’t dictate the rules and how much our suitcases and bags can fit, we have come up with ways for you to pack light for any and every trip you'll be taking this upcoming holiday season!


Fold and roll

(photo from jamaicafelichi)

The denser you pack your clothes, the better because the less space it will take up in your suitcase! Always tightly roll your dresses, shirts, jeans, and anything that can be worn, pack them tightly together, and you will see just how much of a difference this makes.

Take only the necessary beauty products

Skincare Body Greats Set (SGD $79)

Yes, makeup and skincare are the hardest to pack because we think we need all 10 face oils to make our skin glow, or those five blushes that will give us different levels of flushes. Which is why the Clinique Holiday Travel Sets are a god send - there are different kinds for skincare and makeup, and you can just mix and match to cater to your needs! All the travel kits contain travel-friendly sized products that are small and light and will barely take up any space in your toiletries bag! 

We personally love the Best Of Clinique Set (SGD $85) that features 6 of the most loved Clinique products; and the Clinique Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush Set (SGD $149) that makes it easy to have clean, purified skin while on the go.

Pick your best shoes for the trip

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When packing, you don’t need different pairs of shoes for every outfit (always repeat that to yourself). Depending on where you’re going, the general rule for shoes is to take one pair of flip flops, flats, and sneakers/slip ons. Those three are all comfortable on the feet and can be paired with any outfit you’re going to wear!

Maximise your phone (and its apps)

(photo from AnastasiaLove)

A laptop, a tablet, and a phone - we have all of them, but we can actually live with just one. Unless you’re going on a business trip (which isn’t exactly a vacation), you only need your phone. That’s your camera, your book, your tablet, and your laptop all rolled into a compact device. This way, you’ll only be bringing a charger and power bank for one!

And if you ever need extra help from your apps, your phone has them too!

Mix and match your outfits

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Neutral coloured clothes are great space savers when it comes to your luggage because everything goes and matches perfectly with each other. One nude jacket of yours could be worn with your white dress, or your black trousers! But if bright and boldly coloured outfits are your style, by all means put them in your suitcase! Just make sure they’ll match with the other bright and bold pieces too. This way, you won't have to pack a lot of clothes!


What are your tips for packing light? Tell us in the comment section below!