5 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer | Clozette

We have to admit that as much as we love summer, the heat wave that comes along with it can be a real bummer. Showering at least thrice a day isn’t even an exaggeration, especially when you start sweating as soon as you step out of the bathroom.

Hitting the beach or spending a day at the pool is one of the most common solutions to beat the summer heat. But when you’re nowhere near beach resorts or have no summer plans in mind, what’s a girl to do? Don’t worry! We’ve got some other activities that will keep you cool despite the humid weather.


Get sweaty!

This may be an unpopular solution but it definitely works! The heat can make us feel like moving around is such a challenge but going active and getting those sweat glands working can actually cool down your body’s temperature.
Wear something cotton and light-coloured

This next tip is one of those mind-over-matter things. Sporting cotton clothes is one step to get that breezy feeling; but going for pastel-y shades can really mark-up the coolness level of your outfit (both literally and figuratively)

If you’re part of the ‘I’ll wear another colour invent a colour darker than black’ squad and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pastels, a safe alternative would be to wear a simple white or light grey tee.

Indulge in some ice cream

from Instagram @magnum_ph

When all hope seems lost, we all know that the thing we can turn to is food! One of our new favourites is the new Magnum Infinity ice cream. Cool down with your friends and loved ones with Double Raspberry, Double Chocolate Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel, and Double Peanut Butter. Yum!

Steer clear from caffeine

For all the coffee and tea lovers out there, iced caffeinated drinks may be your go-to refreshment this summer but you might want to reconsider. Too much caffeine, whether taken hot or cold, can heighten the risk of dehydration. Why not stick to fruit juices instead?

Go for the icebox trick

One of the biggest struggles with summer is the crazy electric bills (airconditioning, we’re looking at you!). And we know that electric fans usually result to producing hot air as it only gets its supply from the already humid breeze. Don’t fret! Place a bowl of ice or cold water in front of it for a cooler blow-out! It also helps keep the air circulation moist, lowering the room’s temperature. Throw in some lemon and cucumber slices to add a refreshing summer scent!


Do you have more tips on how to keep cool this summer? We’d love to hear all about it with us in the comments below!


XIXILI recently debuted their Spring Summer 2016 collections in its annual lingerie fashion show themed Aurora, Rise of Dawn at Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre on 11th May 2016.

Showing off various pieces that exude a romantic and feminine vibe, their brassieres, panties and loungewear collections are all about sensual elegance that’s perfect for the whimsical spring/summer season.

From their casually chic lingerie showcases to the amazing live performances that fully welcomes everything about summer, keep reading to see our favourite moments from the event!


Stunning lingerie lineup

Sunrise, bonfire, and spiritual tribal awakening became the inspiration of XIXILI’s lingerie fashion show depicting a brand new day of hope, strength and joy for the everyday woman.
Carefree summer vibes

The modernistic, elegant, and retro ambience of Ruyi & Lyn played the perfect host to set the mood of this much anticipated XIXILI event. The backdrop of the runway mirroring romantic warm hues of sunrise by the sea set the mood and tone for a night to remember.

Hypnotic and elegant performance by Psycusix

The night was brought to life by Psycusix with their opening performance that displayed sensual, elegant movements of lights and object manipulation, leaving everyone in awe.

Amazing beauty looks

Since the showcase is all about bright, summer hues, romantic florals, and bold tribal or paisley prints, each model wore a sun kissed complexion and an elaborate lash artistry touch by Shu Uemura

To complete the look, the models strutted the runway with elegant loose beach waves and braids styling by Number76.

Bold accessorising

Holding the collection together were bold accessories to fully capture the tribal, summer feel of the fashion pieces. From extravagant oversized tribal neck pieces, bohemian bangles, stunning waist accessories to feather earrings and anklets, each look perfectly aligned with the theme; bringing Rise Of Dawn to greater heights.


Learn more about XIXILI's Aurora, Rise Of Dawn Collection at www.xixili-intimates.com


(cover photo from @tsangtastic)

The fashion and beauty blogging world is vast, but because of Instagram, they have all become accessible to anyone and every one. From sleek flatlays to chic #OOTD shots, this simple app has allowed us to discover these amazing women who have been strutting their way up to the top of the fashion world, whether they’re in high heels or white sneakers.

So if you’re a blogger who’s just starting out, or you want some gorgeous photos to look at in your newsfeed, here are the 6 inspiring Asian bloggers and social media influencers you should be following!


Chriselle Lim

(photo from Instagram/@chrisellelim)

Would you believe that she’s already a mom? Yes, this slim and sleek woman is already a mom to cute baby Chloe! One thing we can all agree on is how her physique seems to suit a variety of styles while retaining a modernised, old-Hollywood vibe. She also has a YouTube channel which she uses to inspire women to admire their true beauty and embrace self-confidence!

Jeanne Grey

(photo from Instagram/@thegreylayers)

This girl has been rocking the fashion world in New York City with her edgy-yet-sophisticated style! Jeanne is undeniably one of the most sought after bloggers out there and is also an in-demand stylist, model, brand ambassador, and product influencer.

Pau Dictado

(photo from Instagram/@paudictado)

Witness this modern Filipina slay her own runway! Pau Dictado has mastered the art of always looking “on point” – from her classy colour palette, to her fierce hairstyles and trendy makeup looks, to sporting stunning bohemian-meets-grunge outfits from head to toe!

Natalie Liao

(photo from Instagram/@thenatalieliao)

Natalie Liao is aesthetically one of a kind – she is the epitome of beauty and uniqueness with her minimalist outfits, which speak volumes, and by being able to strike a fashionable balance between eastern and western styles. If you admire simplicity in almost everything, then she is every bit worth the follow!

Karen Yeung

(photo from Instagram/@iamkareno)

From her ever-changing hair colour to her fun and youthful looks, Asian sweetheart Karen Yeung without a doubt knows how to play with style. If you want some colour in your Instagram feed, then this gorgeous gal is a must-follow! And the best thing about her? She also has a YouTube channel where she showcases her creativity by living life in her own style and taste.

Jenny Tsang

(photo from Instagram/@tsangtastic)

Jenny Tsang is ‘tsangtastic’! Join her in her chic visual journey as she confidently walks around gorgeous cities in her stunning ensembles. Just one look at her feed and you will surely be moved by her photos – from her OOTDs, to her adorable puppies, and to her every day adventures.


Who are some of your favourite Asian bloggers you think we should follow? Share them with us below!