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5 Ways To Look Great This Summer

As soon as the heat starts to rise, all we could think about is hitting the beach. But sometimes, we just don't know where to start in prepping up for the season. 

Aside from using Clarins Made-To-Measure Body Slimming Duo Body Lift Cellulite Control and Body Shaping Cream “Slim and Shape” partners to create the body shape you desire, Clozette also chatted with Malaysian actress and model Sharifah Sakinah and learned surefire ways to look great this summer!


How would you define a healthy summer body? And what’s your ultimate summer fitness goal (if you do have one); or what are some of your favourite exercises to do during summer?

It's all about the abs and strengthening your core! Summer is the time to flaunt your firm body & show off your skin in your fabulous summer fashion pieces.

Can you let us in on your summer fitness OOTD?

(Sharifah loves wearing vibrant patterned poncho dresses and sunnies during the sunny season) 

What are your tips in keeping in shape for those who plan to travel and go on vacation this summer?

Summer holiday to me is about enjoying food and the scenic summer breeze. Keep in shape by doing a basic body workout or running by the beach every morning. 

In terms of your beauty regimen, does it change during the summer because of the heat? 

You definitely got to protect your skin! Clarins UV SPF 50 Sunscreen not only gives me a picture perfect summer healthy glow but also protects me from harmful pollutants and UV Rays.

Do you trim down on food and/or stock up on certain foods during the summer to maintain a healthy summer body? 

Summer body is just not about having a fit and firm body to flaunt but also about the beauty from within. Enjoy the fresh benefits of fruit juices. I [personally] love fresh coconut juice and green tea [because it both has] natural cooling and detox benefits. 


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