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5 Ways To Stay Fresh While Travelling

The festive holiday season usually equates to a lot of travelling, whether it be for that long-awaited vacation to your dream Christmas destination or a quick road trip with friends and family. No matter where you may be going, we've all come to expect that any form of travel would require sitting in cramped spaces for an extended period of time and dealing with the the surge in holiday travellers. 

So to put you at ease this holiday season, we've made a list of 5 ways to stay fresh while travelling. Be sure to keep these tips on hand for fresh, fuss-free travel!


Dress Comfortably

photo by AnnaPatrish

Plan your outfit ahead of time, keeping in mind the type of travel you'll be doing. If you're anticipating multiple transportation transfers or even if you'll just be sitting in a car or bus, opt for maximum comfort in your attire, such as skorts, sneakers, a loose fitted top, and a cardigan in case you get cold. Dressing comfortably allows you to stay relaxed throughout your travel, and you'll reach your destination, fresh and well-rested. 

Stay Fresh Faced

photo by charleneajose

If you'll be travelling for more than three hours, aim to head out of your house with minimal makeup on. Nothing takes away the feeling of freshness than caked on foundation. If you absolutely must wear makeup, opt for something lightweight, such as a tinted moisturiser. But we think the best way to deal with stepping out of the house without makeup is to pop-on a pair of fabulous sunglasses and a dash of tinted lipbalm for that fresh-faced, travel-appropriate look.

Bring A Book

photo by Elaineebao

Travelling---especially during the holiday season---means having to deal with delays and lots of waiting time. So to keep yourself from stressing out throughout the whole journey, pack a favourite book along with you. It'll allow you to disconnect from the crowd and keep your mind occupied on something else.
Time-Out, Tune-Out

photo by demmiefermin

If all that travelling is starting to bring you down and you notice that it's starting to take a toll on your freshness-level, take the time to tune-out and breathe. Find the quietest spot around, close your eyes, tune-out the travel noise, and breathe in-and-out until you calm yourself down. This quick tip will reboot your mind and body and keep you feeling fresh, both inside and out.

Pack The Essentials

photo by chinobcena

Now here's the important part of every travel: beauty essentials to keep you looking fresh despite a long journey. We recommend the following items: mineral pressed powder for that quick complexion fix, tinted lipbalm for rosy lips, travel-sized perfume to keep your scent fresh, a small hairbrush to tame the frizz, and Closeup Deep Action toothpaste to keep your breath fresher for longer. It also has Micro Shine Crystals to polish your teeth for that extra bright, white smile as you step-off the plane, bus, or car. After all, a fresh, dazzling smile is always the best way to kick-start a long-awaited holiday getaway. Closeup Deep Action comes in cool minty Menthol Fresh flavor and intense zesty Red Hot flavor.

How do you stay fresh while travelling? Snap a photo and share it with our Beauty Community!