5 Ways To Up Your Undercover Scorpio Style | Clozette

(cover photo from maybelinesim)

A new month means a new StyleScope post! This month we have our lovely Scorpio women taking the spotlight. They're the type who remain unnoticed and undercover; but once you take a second look, their personality drowns you in mystery, drama, and awe. 

Deep down they're the epitome of a quiet-yet-magnificent Girl Boss. They don't show off--because their success is their way of getting noticed. So if you're a Scorpio woman just like our Clozette Ambassador maybelinesim, here are the style and beauty finds tailored to fit your aura and style! 


What To Expect This Month

To be honest, Scorpios are one of the busiest women alive, and this month is no exception. Be ready to open up to several opportunities coming your way. However, you also have to take note that it's not always about work. Remember to prioritise your tasks and spend time with people important to you along the way. 

Colour of the month: Burgundy

(photo from mybeautyroad)

Scorpio's colour is in line with the Fall season as well: Burgundy. This shade certainly adds drama to any outfit and the best part is that this shade perfectly transcends Scorpio's natural seductive quality. This ain't your "glamorous" it's the #GirlBoss red. 

 Fashion Icon: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's role from a Disney Movie character to award-winning Les Miserables certainly says that she is one heck of a woman--and that she's the epitome of a Scorpio woman. Her go-getter attitude has certainly taken her places with her ultimate combination of wit and skill.

Style-to-Rock: Mysterious Stylista

(photo from AprilNunez)

The Scorpio's mysterious character is undaunted, and this is what makes them one of the sexiest star signs from the bunch. Keep your fashion style in line with this aura by wearing a colour coordinated look. Your best bet is a monochrome palette, but go the extra mile by playing with prints and textures. But remember: less is more.  

Beauty Item: Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

(photo from TeawithMakeupMagic88)

Unlike most girls, the Scorpio's unique beauty asset is her quiet magnetism. This is chanelled through her piercing gaze-- the type of look that anyone can catch across the room. Amplify that further with a classy smokey eye from Urban Decay's Naked Smoky palette. With a complete set of creamy, matte, and satin shades, your go-to smokey EOTD will always look on point.


Have more Scorpio tips to add? Share it with us in the comments below! 


We may not have the fall and winter seasons here the region, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune from suffering from dryness. Numerous factors besides genetics contribute to a dull and flaky complexion, and I’m sure we can all list down our favoruite go-to product once we notice a dry patch appearing out of nowhere. However, not a lot of skincare products are created for the men in our lives. After all, they suffer from dryness, too!

Which is why, here's a range of skincare products you can get for the men in your life as L’Oreal Paris Men Expert wages a war on skin dryness with their new Hydra Power collection that specifically caters to men who suffer from the heat, humidity, and haze that aggressively dehydrate their skin every day.

Powered by French Mountain Water to quench any cell’s thirst, this collection will replenish skin and prevent roughness and dullness! Read on for more information on this powerful cleanser and moisturiser:  


Hydra Power Watery Foaming Gel (SGD 11.90)

Empowered with mineral-rich French Mountain Water, this revitalising fluid gel deeply cleanses and purifies your skin, effectively removing impurities, dirt, and pollution without any tightness. Plus, your skin’s moisture is retained and awakened with an ultra-refreshing, icy cool sensation from the splash of Menthol!

Hydra Power Water Power Serum (SGD 27.90)

With French Mountain Water and Hyaluronic Acid, this lightweight moisturiser infuses a boost of long-lasting hydration deep within the skin, while the Anti-Pollution Particle Adhesion System shields the skin from external aggressors and protects against water-loss. Your skin’s natural resistance is reinforced and invigorated with 24 hours non-stop hydration and freshness. The innovative dewy texture instantly breaks into micro water drops upon application, providing ultra-fast absorption without any sticky or greasy sensation.


The L'Oreal Hydra Power Range is now available at leading drugstores, supermarkets, and selected department stores in Singapore.


You've been so busy lately that you've forgotten that it's Halloween and that you're attending a glamorous costume party with your best friends. You’ve got the outfit down, but you don’t know what to do with your makeup! Don’t panic, because we have compiled three different makeup ideas that will instantly get you ready for any Halloween party - what’s even better is that this takes minimal time, effort, and products!

All these looks only require 4 products, which are an eyeshadow palette with neutral and bright colors, foundation (of course), mascara, and lipstick. Read below to find out how you can instantly turn into either a cat, an Egyptian queen, or a 1920s flapper!


Look 1: 1920s Flapper

The 1920’s was all about partying hard, and no one knew it best than flappers. These were women who wore gothic makeup with brightly embellished dresses, smoked and drank until the Sun rose, and danced like there was no tomorrow. They knew how to have a good time and how to look beautiful while doing it.

To go back in time, heavily apply your foundation because these women loved full coverage. That’s not just all you’re going to apply heavily, though! Using a fluffy shadow brush, take a dark eyeshadow (or go full black, if you want) and apply it all over your lids down to your lower lash line - take a smokey eye look and elevate it 10 times more. Apply coats and coats of mascara to get that doll-eyed effect, and use a dark lipstick on your pout and the apples of your cheeks to finish everything! Do you already want to dance the Charleston? 

Look 2: Egyptian Queen

There are many versions on how to do Queen Cleopatra’s makeup, but the one that takes the cake is Elizabeth Taylor’s version where it perfectly balances sophistication, sultriness, and power.

If you think this makeup look is difficult to do, think again. All you will need is an HD foundation for a flawless base, a cool-toned eyeshadow to contour your cheekbones, black eyeshadow to overly draw your brows and eyeliner, coats of waterproof mascara, a nude lippie, and for the star of the show, lots and lots of teal eyeshadow. Basically, just emphasize everything and you will be ready to rule over any Halloween party you go to!

Look 3: Prowling Feline

Anyone who loves a good feline flick will love this look as it’s basically a cat eye, intensified. All you have to do to get this look under 15 minutes is to apply foundation where you only need it, use a rose lipstick as your blush, a black eye shadow to draw on the dramatic feline flicks, whiskers, and other cat details, fill in your brows with some neutral shadows, and top it off with some mascara! Quick, right? Don’t forget to blend things that need blending and you will be ready to meow in no time!


Which look did you like the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below!