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Whether you're a student, a working girl, or a jetsetter, your urge for a girls' night out is undeniable. Thus, your go-to makeup bag should always be ready for a makeup transformation. And surprisingly, you don't need to remove everything entirely. You just need to wear the right makeup look during the day and change it up a bit from there for your night out!

Here are 6 things you need in your makeup bag for that easy peasy day-to-night makeup look transformation! 


Mineral Foundation 

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Take into account that your base makeup for the day should already provide you the coverage you need until night-time. We suggest you follow this base makeup routine and when the time for touch-up comes, use a mineral foundation.This kind of foundation provides sheer coverage that you can easily apply on top of your existing face makeup and it won't even look cakey. Make sure you remove excess oil first and apply with a makeup brush for an easy application. 

Eyeshadow Palette With Shimmery Colours 

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A little bit of shimmer goes a long way. You don't need to bring your big eyeshadow palettes for your makeup bag, just bring your no-fail palette that includes shimmery colours for a glamorous eyeshadow colour. Or, if you have a make-your-own type of palette, add your favourite night-time makeup colours there for a quick MOTD transformation. 

Makeup Wipes

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Even if you may be adding more makeup to your existing look, you would still need your makeup wipes to remove either or both your eyeshadow and your lipstick colours. To ensure a hassle-free makeup removal, use a makeup wipe!


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Stock-up on dramatic falsies and add them to makeup bag whenever you feel like a Girls' Night Out is about to transpire later on. A pair of falsies add instant drama to your eye makeup look. In fact, you can do away with the rest and add these with a bold lipstick shade and you're good to go!

Contour Kit

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You should always bring your contour kit with you because you'll never know when the need for a defined face arises. Formal events and a fabulous night out with your girls are situations that demand a sculpted face. Amplify your base makeup by contouring the side if your cheeks, nose, and forehead for a defined face shape. Top it off with highlighted brow bones, cheek, nose, and cupids bow for an all-out glam MOTD for the night. 

Bold Lip Colour

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Night events are the perfect time for you to bring out those bold-coloured lip bullets. A bright red lipstick, plum shades, and even dark brown shades are definitely your best bets for an ultimate statement lip colour. Swipe this on your lips and your day-to-night transformation is complete!


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The haze in Singapore has gotten worse and it's time we get involved in keeping our lovely Clozetters safe from the haze--or rather, help them beat the haze! Haze is a combination of dust, smoke, and other dry particles that obscure the clarity of the sky. It can affect your lungs, skin, eyes, and overall health pretty bad

To fight these effects, here are 5 ways to maintain your healthy body and finally beat the haze! 


Put Your Mask On

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The easiest way to keep the harmful haze particles at bay is by wearing a mask. And not just any surgical or paper mask, an N95 mask. It's a special type of mask that filters the air you breathe and prevents particles from the polluted air from entering your body. It's not the most fashionable addition to your look, but for your safety, it's worth it. 

Get Plants For Your Home

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Getting a whiff of clean air is close to impossible. So other than turning on the AC all day, try placing more plants inside your home instead. The will give you haze-free air that your body needs! Our research says the best ones in the market are Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and the Money Plant. The recommended number of plants depends on your space, with at least one plant per 100 sq ft.

Use Gentler, Antioxidant-rich Products

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The last thing your face needs during the haze season are layers and layers of harsh products. Your face needs extra love and care, so go for gentle and lightweight products and tools. Choose those that are rich in antioxidants to improve the skin's cell membrane and to better protect it from the nasty air. Also, drink more water and detoxifying juices for an effective cleanse and hydration inside and out.

Take Care of Your Eyes

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Our friend Raymond Song, an eye care specialist and senior professional service manager from Bausch + Lomb gave us eye-opening facts about the haze. Our eyes' protection is as important as skincare as the haze will make also our eyes dry and irritable. Make sure they're always moist by using preservative-free eye drops regularly.

Other ways to care for your eyes is to blink more (yes, this is true) and stay hydrated to prevent eye strain. If you have bad eyesight, opt for Bausch + Lomb’s Biotrue ONEday disposable contact lenses or wear glasses instead. Lastly, always wash your hands before handling your eyes to keep it away from dust particles and irritants. 


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If you really cannot stand the haze any more and it's getting a bit hazardous for your health, travel and stay longer than usual in your choice of destination. Nothing beats clearer air, blue skies, and a break from the haze. You'll love it! 


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If you’re into Korean culture and trends, you would probably know what an Ulzzang is. If not, ‘ulzzang’ is basically described as the ‘best face’ in Korean.

So how can you achieve the Korean Ulzzang makeup look? Here are some essential tips that you need to take note of!


#1: Grab a Circle Lens!

(photo by ResaPeralta)

This is the most important thing that you must have. Notice how Ulzzangs look like dolls? It is because of the use of circle lenses. Even high school girls wear circle lenses as it really makes a big difference when you wear a circle lens.

Choose a lens that is preferably 14mm in diameter for a more doll-like effect. Another thing to consider when choosing a circle lens is to choose natural colours like brown, black or dark grey. Do not use exaggerated lenses with bright colours that are very noticeable and with a super huge lens diameter. It will only make your eyes look unnatural and strange.

#2 Choose a BB Cream with good coverage and dewy finish

(photo by rinicesillia)

You will never see an Ulzzang that doesn’t have a smooth and healthy looking face. They weren’t labeled ‘best face’ for no reason.  Having a dewy makeup look is a very popular trend in Korea as it makes the face look fresh and healthy. 

#3 Straight Eyebrows!

(photo by rinicesillia)

Have you even wondered why Ulzzangs, or rather most Koreans, have straight brows? For some people, straight brows may be weird as the most familiar brow shape are those with a softly emphasized arch. But for Koreans, straight eyebrows is a signature Ullzzang look as it makes you look innocent and younger.

#4 Puppy Eyeliner 

(photo from CelineChiam)

You can never go wrong with winged eyeliner. In the past, Ulzzangs preferred the cat-eyed look; but nowadays the preference leans towards the Puppy Eyeliner. It’s a style that is all about applying a thin straight line on your upper lash line for a cute, puppy eye look.  

#5 Have an AEGYO-SAL

(photo from Aggylow)

Everyone is getting rid of their puffy eyes by using cucumber, concealer, and other products to lessen the puffiness and darkness under their eye area. But Koreans are embracing this puffiness! The K-beauty look is all about emphasizing the ‘Aegyo-sal’ (the puffy, baby fats under your eyes) as it makes the eyes look rounder and cuter.

#6 Finish with a Gradient Lip Look

(photo by maybelinesim)

This is the last and important tip to score the Ulzzang makeup look; but first things first, apply concealer all over your lips. Then, apply the lip tint on the centre of your lips and use your pinky finger to blend the tint. Remember to just apply on the inner part of your lips. Finish off the look with a touch of lip gloss for soft, pouty lips!


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