6 Fashion Illustrators To Follow On IG

(cover photo from @inatakeawaycup)

Before social media came into our lives, if you had a drawing or a sketch, you would just put it in your portfolio or hang it up in your room. But today, with the simple click of a button, a small caption, and a few hashtags, millions of people can already see your work of art.

Fashion illustrations are one of the most popular creations to circle around the social media world – something that beautiful and inspiring should never be hidden from anyone. So, keep scrolling below for the list of up-and-coming fashion illustrators we’re sure are going to make waves in the fashion/art industry soon!


Valentina Virna

(photo from Instagram/@virna_artist)

You will surely fall in love with the fashion industry with Valentina Virna’s boldly coloured drawings and beautiful choices of watercolour mixtures that give off a fun and ethereal vibe!

Eleonora Bignami

(photo from Instagram/@casabignami)

If you’re into the intricate details of fashion, then you will love these illustrations from Eleonora Bignami as she meticulously showcases each detail of the clothes to make it look textured and more life-like!

Karen Koh

(photo from Instagram/@the_illustrienne)

These illustrations by Karen Koh gorgeously combine fashion and beauty with models sporting trendy dresses while they rock mile-long lashes!

Ana Castro

(photo from Instagram/@inatakeawaycup)

Need a guide on the hottest runway and street style looks? Then look no further than Ana Castro’s nymph-like models strutting them with their rosy cheeks and fluttery lashes!

Esther van der Drift

(photo from Instagram/@esthervanderdrift)

Esther van der Drift’s fashion and beauty illustrations emulate simplicity and elegance that feel calming and edgy at the same time! From bold pops of colour to black-and-white ensembles, whether you want something soft or daring, you'll surely find it here!

Amanda Brooks

(photo from Instagram/@themaelady)

With her beautifully made up models and fabulous bold prints, it’s all about the details and fun touches of colours with Amanda!


Who is your favourite up-and-coming fashion illustrator? Share it with us in the comments below!