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You could say that 2015 was the year of comebacks such as flannel shirts, overly drawn lips, flared jeans, bell sleeves, and the like. Numerous people started dressing up like they were going to Coachella every day, and others like they were heading to a Nirvana concert.

While those styles are truly gorgeous, we all have to move on! They’re now a thing of the past. And while some of them have the ability to become classic and timeless, the others just have to go. So let’s make 2016 the year of “clean and sophisticated” style by changing up our wardrobes with these 6 fashion trends we hope to let go of this year!


Overly Ripped Jeans

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There’s nothing wrong with rocking a pair of jeans with a cut or slash here and there. It looks chic and down to earth, actually! But when they look like they were mauled by a bear, why even bother wearing pants? You would look better with a pair of distressed shorts!


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Birkenstocks are oh-so comfortable and versatile. But there’s a reason they are used more when traveling or hiking or on other outdoor activities! These slippers-meets-sandals just don’t scream elegance and sophistication. If you want to rock something comfortable and practical, a high quality pair of flats or sandals will do more for you! 

Jewel Tattoos

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Jewel tattoos are beautiful, but they’re not meant to be worn every day in the real world. Why do you think celebrities only wear them to music festivals? But if you can't let go of this trend, rocking this on your wrists or on your neck will make them look like subtle and chic accessories! 

Dramatic Fringe

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Just like suede, fringe is being produced too much. From bags, tops, jeans, skirts, to accessories, you name it, they’ll have a fringed version. When fringe is worn softly, it creates a sophisticated and edgy look. But when it’s over-the-top, hello 1960’s go go dancer!

Hippie Fashion

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Remember how we want this year to be the year of cleaner and more elegant silhouettes? Well, hippie fashion has had its run, and it’s time to say goodbye! You can always come back to it during festival season, so it’s not gone for good!

3D Nails

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This cute and quirky nail trend made a splash in the fashion industry in 2015! But it’s 2016 now, and instead of having a manicure that will make everything you do seem hard, why not go back to polished manicures that can still look creative!


What fashion trend are you letting go of this year? Let us know in the comment section below!



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Only halfway through January, we still have a solid 351 (it’s leap year!) days to try out any trends to our heart’s content. And the Pantone Colour(s) of the year is no exception. Rose Quartz and Serenity are delicate hues that can be flattering for just about everyone, regardless of skin and hair colour, and more importantly, personal style. Today we present you five items, with each style featured in both hues, so you know which exactly to add to your shopping list.

And if you can’t get enough – ClozetteSHOPPE has rounded up the prettiest styles in Rose Quartz and Serenity to make those 351 days even sweeter and your style on point.


Casual Dress

(Rose Quartz - Get It Here) ; (Serenity - Get It Here)

A classic dress is foolproof, but a simple standout piece in rose-pink like this tea dress from ASOS or the light blue shirtdress from ZALORA, allows you to incorporate the color trend without straying too far from your chic style.

Super-soft Tee

(Rose Quartz - Get It Here) ; (Serenity - Get It Here)

Whether you like it in pink or blue, Gap tees are known to have the softest and most lightweight material in the market so they’re great for workout or just hanging out. Pair your chosen top with a saturated hue (hot pink or royal blue!) for a colour block outfit.

Pajama Bottoms

(Rose Quartz - Get It Here) ; (Serenity - Get It Here)

Don’t you just love to wear these dreamy shades to sleep? If you’re feeling flirty, opt for a pair of silky lounge shorts from Nordstrom, and if you want visions of fluffy clouds at night, slip in this pair of cotton cloud- print PJ pants from ModCloth.

Feminine Purse

(Rose Quartz - Get It Here) ; (Serenity - Get It Here)

Being organized is right up your alley. With feminine iterations such as rose-printed canvas fabric or calming blue pleather, these wallets from Lazada can hold your loose change and receipts, and give your whole look an extra girly appeal.

Oversized Watch

(Rose Quartz - Get It Here) ; (Serenity - Get It Here)

Shove over neutrals, and take a break from gold, because a pop of pastel on the wrist also throws a bit of unexpected into your style. The Lipsy watch from House of Fraser features a stylish pink strap and white sunray dial while the ZALORA watch features a silver chrono face and blue leather-like material.


Have other ways to wear Rose Quartz and Serenity? Share your ideas with us in the section below!



We all feel sexy and confident in different ways. Some of us feel our best when wearing our favourite heels, others when they’re bare-faced, and some when they’re wearing the best lingerie. So for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, feel confident and sexy within when you can wear XIXILI’s romantic and glamorous slips, brassieres, and underwear for a night you will never forget!

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So whether you’re a petite or busty lady, you’ll definitely find your pick among these magnificent shades and sizes that will give you a bust line that will seem like it was exactly made for you!


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