6 Questions To Ask Before Giving Up | Clozette
Whether it be our personal or professional lives, we are all bound to face obstacles while pursuing our goals. Fighting against challenges head-on and facing our fears are things that are easier said than done. When the going gets tough, it sometimes feels easier to just give up and accept our fate. But are we really going to let our efforts go to waste?

Going after our passions, chasing after our dreams, beating the odds, and working our way through adversity-- these are the challenges we often face in our hopes to change destiny

To help you be motivated, inspired, and be empowered to keep going, SK-II has brought together 12 women and their stories of hope and courage.

So if you're thinking of throwing in the towel and going back to the safety of your comfort zone, why not take a moment and ask yourself these six important questions.


#1: Why am I pursuing this goal?

Take a moment to think of all the reasons why you chose your goal in the first place. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed, distracted, and forget how important our dreams are, especially when things don't go our way. Focusing on the reasons why you’re working hard to change your destiny and achieve your goal might be what you need to stay motivated.
#2: Are my goals realistic?

There's a saying that if you can't go big then might as well go home. However, also keep in mind that your goal must be attainable, specific, and calculable. Without a concrete plan, everything you aim to get will continue to be just dreams. Always remember that sometimes you have to make the necessary adjustments to make your objectives more feasible.

#3: Have I thought things through?

Fear can take over our emotions and make us lose sight of what we're aiming for. It’s okay to feel scared and be rattled by the changes that are happening in your life; but don’t let them control you. Sit back, relax, and mull over things objectively. Always take into consideration the effort and the hard work you've put into reaching your goal.

#4: Am I afraid of success?

There are times when we can almost touch success but suddenly face a rush of fear which prevents us from moving forward. It's normal to overthink, especially if you've spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears towards achieving your dreams. Always remember that even the best need help and you should never be afraid to seek out someone's counsel if you find yourself wavering. 

#5: What advice would I give someone if they are in the same situation as me?

An effective way to gain clarity about a situation is by detaching yourself from it and looking at it from a different perspective. Think about what you would advise someone who is in your shoes. Would you tell them to go on or give up? This can help you see things in a different light and can be an effective measure in terms of balancing out the pros and cons of the situation.

#6: Would my life be better if I give up now?

Picture your life after you’ve given up and think of what you would possibly feel. Your final decision shouldn't make you live the rest of your life worrying about the “what ifs?” Weigh your options and reflect on the things you're passionate about. Don’t forget that your destiny is in your own hands, and it’s up to you to change it.


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Speedo, the world’s top swim brand, comes out with the latest in swimwear innovation as it unveils their Spring/Summer 2016 collection featuring three sub-lines to suit each type of swimmer. 

Scroll down to find out which swimwear line is perfect for you and all your summer plans!


Team Speedo

Speedo brings together talents from all over the world: 24 athletes, 78 Olympic medals and 17 world records together in one room, to be exact. Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, James Guy, and Mireia Belmonte were among the 24 of the elite swimmers who were present at the unveiling. Team Speedo introduces the 2016 incarnation of the iconic competitive suit, the highly anticipated Fastskin LZR Racer X.

With its world-renowned Aqualab technology, this Speedo line is engineered to maximize performance and create the optimum hydrodynamic conditions for speed in the water. Perfect for people who are into competitive water sports!
Speedo Sculpture

This Speedo line is designed to act as second skin as it controls, smoothes, and supports a woman’s body in all the right places. Speedo had analyzed the body shapes of more than 5,400 women and had used exclusive body- shaping fabrics and visual design techniques to enhance natural curves so wearers may feel comfortable in their swimwear. 

In the fabric, Speedo incorporates the Xtra Life Lycra fibre into the line. It lasts up to ten times longer than unprotected elastane so the suits fit and shape like new for longer. All suits are designed with clever visual detailing while material used enhances performance and feel.

Speedo Fitness

This line continues to offer a wide range of functional and stylish swimwear for those who swim as part of their fitness regimen. The science behind the suits lies in the Pinnacle Kickback and Pinnacle V Jammer that’s been tested by swimmers with 81% of feedback attesting to improving their body position in water. Definitely the go-to swimwear for those who want to bring their fitness A-game into the waters!


Speedo is available in selected malls in the Philippines. For more details, visit www.speedo.com.ph


Have you ever felt like you couldn’t go anywhere because you “didn’t have anything to wear”? Those days are now gone with the launch of luxury fashion retailer Net-A-Porter’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled, “I have nothing to wear”. This new collection ensures that your OOTDs are covered from date nights, to parties, and even work wear!

So to get you excited for this new line of luxury clothes, keep reading below for the pieces we can’t wait to get our hands on!


Isa Arfen Florence Ruffled Stretch-Cotton Top

This ruffled top by Isa Arfen is more than just a chic piece to add to an ‘off-duty’ look. From its fit, down to its soft details, it is the piece that will turn casual looks into stylish and eye-catching outfits.

Self-Portrait Daphne guipure lace maxi dress

With 70’s fashion hot right now, this lace maxi dress by Self-Portrait is just what every woman needs when she wants to rock an outfit that gives one heck of a throwback. It’s perfect to wear during the day as the sun will beautifully catch its intricate details and illuminate its bold colour!

Etro Lace-Up Embroidered Satin Pumps

These aren’t your ordinary pair of black heels. Etro’s Lace-Up Embroidered Satin Pumps gives a touch of a ballerina-meets-bohemian vibe with its lace and pink floral design – a bold pair of shoes that will take any night out ensemble to the next level.

Lanvin Ruffled Cotton Blend Tweed Jacket

Tired of old blazers and loose cardigans? We know how you feel, which is why we instantly fell in love with the Lanvin Ruffled Tweed Jacket. Its fun colour and design will inject a youthful and stylish vibe to any work OOTD.

F.R.S For Restless Sleepers Zeus Printed Silk-Twill Straight-Leg Pants

Say ‘hello’ to the new cigarette trousers! This pair by F.R.S For Restless Sleepers will tie any look together with its classic cut and edgy print!

Marni Gold-plated horn and crystal earrings

Perfect for dinners, dates, and nights out with friends, the Marni Gold-plated horn and crystal earrings look simple-yet-bold; it’s the perfect combination for all accessories! With this pair, you will surely make a statement with all the outfits you put together.


Which items from Net-A-Porter’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection do you love? Share them with us in the comment box below!