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What are you passionate about? Is it fashion, math, business, or advertising? Whatever it is, once you realise your truest passions, it is without a doubt an exciting and magical moment – we can’t guarantee when it’ll happen, but once it does, you’ll immediately feel like you're ready to take on the world and discover your destiny.

Just look at how Japanese beatboxing princess Aibo challenged the status quo and changed her destiny. Learn how she embraced her passion in this video by SK-II.

However, sometimes you find yourself in that frame of mind, feeling tired, unfulfilled and disconnected from the gruelling pursuit of your dreams. So if you’re feeling down on yourself, don't give up! 

Scroll down for the steps you can take to rekindle your passion

#1 Maintain a positive outlook

Sometimes, in order for you to regain the drive and motivation you once had, it’s all about changing your perspective. Try setting new goals to keep you inspired and take action to accomplish them. Don't let any setbacks hold you down, move on, and never forget to believe in yourself. As long as you believe 'you can,' you're halfway through achieving your goals and dreams.  

#2 Be proud of your talents 

No matter how odd or unique your talents are, proudly show them off. Talents are gifts that should never be wasted, so don't ever be shy to show the world who you are and what you've got! 

#3 Try something different and new

If you feel like you're stuck in a rut, why not break out of your box and add a little change to your daily schedule? It doesn’t have to be anything major, of course. A simple walk in the park, changing up your breakfast, or taking a relaxing yoga session can make a lot of difference in terms of getting your creative juices flowing as that burst of "something new" can be very inspirational towards pursuing your goal. 

#4 Take a break and cut loose

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that's especially true when it comes to your passion. If you're feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and tired, take a day or two off to recharge your mind and body. And before you know it, you'll miss doing what you love and feel inspired to pursue your passions once again. But no matter how serious you are about pursuing your goals, don't forget to have fun! 

#5 Be surrounded with supportive people

Pursuing your dreams should never be a solo job. Surround yourself with people who love and support you to whisk away all the negative energy you tend to feel when you're down on yourself. Being enveloped by all the love from your friends, family, mentors, and colleagues will help push you to stay focused and remind you how far you've actually come. 

#6 Celebrate your success

Since you're so focused on accomplishing one goal after another, don't forget to pause once in a while and recognise all that you have achieved. Celebrate your milestones by going on that vacation you've been wanting to take, or buying an expensive pair of shoes to make you feel fabulous. Mark all your milestones to remind yourself of your progress and to stay motivated.


How do you keep yourself motivated in pursuing your passion? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!



Just as May was all about celebrating women and mothers everywhere, this June is all about the men in our lives – our dads, brothers, boyfriends, and best friends. And there is no better way to show our knights in shining armour how much they mean to us than with gifts that will make them feel extra special.

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So if you want to make your dads, brothers, and boy friends feel like the men of the hour, here are our gift picks that will delight them all!


Babette Wasserman Navy Enamel Knot Cufflinks

When it comes to giving men gifts, you can never go wrong with cufflinks. And these excellently crafted navy ones will complete all his formal and business looks for an elegant and dashing finish!

Montblanc 4810

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(cover photo from chescademesa)

An evening of creative styling, shopping, and fashion dominated SM Makati last night as numerous bloggers, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts joined together to celebrate SM Woman’s 4-day fashion and shopping event titled “I Am SM Woman”.

With last night’s theme being “I Am Exceptional”, among those present to participate in yesterday’s styling challenge were our very own Clozette Ambassadors.

Clozette Ambassadors Camille Pujalte and Jennica Danielle

For the styling challenge, guests were required to team up and create 2 looks – 'athleisure' and 'party' – which all had to fit within a budget of P2,000. It seemed difficult at first, but our Clozette Ambassadors pulled through and created stunning ensembles. Just look at Camille Pujalte and Jennica Danielle's chic OOTDs – they opted for lace and leather to create their “party” look, and a simple tee and comfy culottes for their “athleisure” look!!

Wrapping up the styling challenge, SM Woman then showcased their GTW Collection in a sleek fashion show, allowing guests a stylised peek at the various everyday looks one can create with SM Woman.

So if you want to purchase these gorgeous outfits for yourself, head down to SM Makati to get special discounts of up to 50% OFF. But hurry, because this exciting sale will only be available until 16th June 2016 (Thursday)!


SM Woman is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide in The Philippines.