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Putting together your back-to-school makeup kit can be quite a challenge. You have to take into account the space you have in your school bag while also ensuring that you have all the essential beauty items you may need through a school day. As such, you need products that are dual purpose and give you the protection and coverage that you need while still carrying that signature flawless look you're known for. 

Here are 7 beauty essentials to have in your school bag to keep your prepared and ready whatever comes your way!


Face makeup: Primer + Concealer + Powder

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If you plan on wearing makeup every single day of school, then best to opt for light makeup instead. Too much layers of makeup under the sun while doing a lot activities may cause breakouts and irritation. The no-makeup-makeup look is the star here. To achieve that, you can skip the foundation and opt for the primer, concealer, and powder combination. The primer will hold everything in place while the concealer will give you the highlight you need in key areas of the face and conceal your eye bags and blemishes. Finish it off with powder to ensure that your face is oil-free.

Eyes: Eyeshadow Palette + Mascara

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Carrying several beauty products for your eyes isn't really the most practical thing to do. That's why eyeshadow palettes were created. Eyeshadows are one of the most versatile products you can use, but make sure the colour combination includes a light shade, a matte dark brown shade, peach or pink shades, and any other colours you think are perfect for your eye look.

Aside from using these shades for your eyes you can use the brown shade for your eyebrows and light contouring for your cheekbones, while you can use the peach and pink shades as blusher. Top of the look with your favourite waterproof mascara (to keep it from melting) and you're good to go! 

Lips: Tinted Lip Balm or Nude Moisturising Lipstick

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Unless it's a special occasion, don't wear something too bold on your lips for school. Choose long-wearing lipsticks in coral or nude pink shades that's close your natural lip colour. Your lip products should also be moisturising because your lips are the first ones to dry out during the day. To make it easier, opt for a tinted lip balm instead! And oh, you can also use them as blush if you want a more natural flush!

Makeup Tools: Powder + Angled Eyeliner + Eyeshadow + Curler +Spooly 

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We know you love your brushes, but you might not have enough space to bring all of them. What you can do is to bring a mini or a travel set, or better yet, invest in dual purpose brushes. Your Powder blush can also function as your blush and contour brush, while your angled eyeliner brush (if you're using the dark brown eyeshadow colour in your palette) can double as your eyebrow and eyeliner brush. 


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If you're not applying sunscreen on a daily basis then you better rethink your skincare routine. Sun protection is the number one thing your skin needs. It prevents signs of ageing and prevents you from getting skin cancer. Your face should get at least SPF 20+ or more while your body should get SPF 30+ or more. 

Face Wipes

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If you need a touch up from scratch (because your whole makeup has melted off after gym class), you need your handy-dandy cleansing cloths. Aside from a cleansing cloth, it's also essential to keep oil blotting sheets around to absorb the extra shine on your face before applying a new layer of powder whenever you touch up.


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Nothing smells as fresh as the new spritz from your cologne or perfume. Opt for a citrus or a sweet scent to keep a youthful scent throughout the day. Apply it on the heat-points of your body, like the side of your neck and wrists, to keep the fragrance lasting through the day.



If you've seen Olympus, Benetton, LOVCAT, Guess, and Laneige campaigns then you know that Korean model Hwang Se-on was that pretty girl staring right back at you. That girl with luscious locks, doll-like eyes, and smooth, fair, and radiant complexion was discovered in New Zealand (where she grew up) by a friend’s aunt who worked at a local modelling agency. At first, she didn't commit full-time as she was still in school, but it definitely made it clear that modelling was the career path she wanted to pursue. 

She was recently in Singapore for the second stop of the Laneige Beauty Road with BB Cushion tour that is set to visit seven global cities in four Asian countries and we had the chance to chat with her about all things beauty. We wanted to find out if, like most Koreans, she had a 10-step beauty routine and what her #squadgoals are.

What is your secret to flawless skin?

The Laneige BB cushion is definitely one of my secrets: it’s long lasting, covers all your flaws and you don’t have to touch up during the day. Even if you’re in hot and humid weather like in Singapore, where your makeup usually melts, it stays put.

When it comes to skincare, do you follow the famous Korean 10-step skincare routine?

I don’t follow the 10-step. But I think I get in four or five steps. I use a toner, essence, eye cream and cream, and the Water Sleeping Mask. I use the Water Sleeping Mask every day before I sleep – it’s my daily ritual. I find my skin looks really refreshed the next morning.

Who are your beauty inspirations?

Korean celebrities! There are so many, but the one celebrity that I look up to in particular is Song Hye Kyo – who is also the face of Laneige. I’ve been a fan of hers for years and I love her flawless skin.

Do you do your own makeup? Which is your favourite look?

When I’m not working, I do my own makeup. I like doing makeup. When I was young I would look through my mum’s makeup pouch and try on her lipsticks, and ever since, I’ve had a thing for makeup and trying on new colours. I have heaps of makeup at home. When I’m not working I will just use the BB cushion, mascara and lipstick.

So would you choose to have your eyeliner on point or 15 minutes more of sleep?

I don’t really use eyeliner. So definitely the extra sleep! 

What is the one thing not many people know about you?

That I don’t workout a lot. I love junk food. I give myself a cheat day: once a week I will grab a big burger with fries and cheese and the different sauces.

What would your #squadgoals be?

I’ve been a fan of Kate Moss since forever. She is my style icon – I love her style. I think another one would be Cara Delevingne I think it would be cool hanging out with them.



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A signature lip colour makes you stand out, creating a lasting first impression that goes beyond your choice of clothes. After all, your favourite shade is one that not only reflects your style philosophy or complements your choice of OOTD, but also captures a hint of your personality. If you're fearless and love being out-there and heard, a bold lippie is most probably your best friend. If you're the type who prefers to be a bit more low-key, you'd probably be more comfortable with nude or pink shades.

But if you're still unsure which lipstick shade to get next time you're out makeup shopping, take our Lip Colour Personality Quiz below and find out which lip colour you should be rocking!


The Lip Colour Personality Quiz

Question #1: How would your friends describe your personality?

a) Loud, boisterous, life of the party

b) Friendly, easy to get along with, sweetheart

c) Quiet, contemplative, initially shy

d) Independent, opinionated, approachable

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Question #2: In your opinion, which of these statements best describes you?

a) All eyes on me, please!

b) I love going out and making new friends

c) People watching is my hobby

d) Being alone doesn’t scare me; in fact I treasure it!

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Question #3: What's your go-to every day style?

a) I change my style everyday, going from monochrome to sweet and girly

b) Skirts, flowy tops, and a dash of floral

c) Monochrome, or something casual and simple

d) Edgy--basically anything bold, sleek, and chic

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Question #6: You're out for drinks with your girlfriends, what do you order?

a) Wine

b) Iced Tea or Soda

c) Coffee

d) A bold cocktail

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If you answered mostly (a): Go red or go home

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Your personality is meant to rock the red lip--and you are spoilt for choice. From glossy, muted red lips to the bold matte red lip rocked by super stars Rihanna and Taylor Swift, you have the personality to carry off each red shade and lipstick finish. You turn heads whenever you walk into the room and carry yourself with confidence, chatting up anyone no matter which event you may be at.

For a red pout that is wearable without being too bold and bright, go for a berry shade like Estée Lauder's Pure Envy Lip Potion in Quiet Riot #10. Its Advanced True Vision technology creates a soft, balmy texture that glides effortlessly on the lips for a comfortable and rich lip colour that lasts through the day. 


If you answered mostly (b): Coral is the way to go

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You're all about creating a muted statement around your look. You love bright colours and have a sweet, girly attitude that makes you approachable and easy to get along with. As such, pink lips is the way to go. It's a sweet, approachable shade that is easy to wear and adds a bright pop of colour to your lips without being too bold or in-your-face. 

For this, we love Estée Lauder's Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion in Cold Fire #5. It's a sweet coral shade with a hint of pink. Its rich colour formulation adds depth and dimension to your lips in just one swipe, perfect for that sweet girl-next-door pout.


If you answered mostly (c): It's okay to go Nude

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You are down to earthy, homey, and love the simplicity of life. You don't necessarily shrink away from the crowd, but you definitely value your alone time and are okay with mingling quietly in groups. Reflect that in your look with nude shades, ranging from light nude pink to muted browns. Best thing about rocking nude shades, you get to play and experiment with your eye makeup.

For a nude lip colour with a sweet hint of pink, go for Estée Lauder's Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion in Fierce Beauty #4. The sultry, rich formulation gives your lips a bit more dimension for a wearable nude shade.


If you answered mostly (d): Don't be afraid to go bold

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You're an individual and opinionated. You're also not afraid to create a statement and aren't worried about what others may think of you. You're great with crowds but also great alone, going through life caught in your own whims and thoughts. So don't be afraid to go bold--reflect that fearless spirit in your lip colour with fun bold shades like plums, bright purples, bright pinks, bright reds, or deep vampy reds.

For a truly bold statement that pops, go for Estée Lauder's Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion in Lethal Red #6. It's a rich bright red shade for that bold, attention-getting pout.