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(cover photo from @rbgraphy)

Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 came and went in the past week at the iconic Dongdaemun Design Plaza and the week was nothing short of amazing outfits and brilliant spring/summer collections.

Here are our top 7 favourite looks from all the street snaps spotted around the area!


Look 1

The kids at Seoul Fashion Week never fail to disappoint. Instead of adult-like chic dress ups, these 2 girls dressed like they stepped out from a children’s book. Happy colours and cutesy silhouettes; definitely exuding the cute & chic just right for their age.

Look 2

Chriselle Lim, Korean-American, founder of Chriselle Inc stays true to her stylist and fashion school roots by going cheerleader bold with this outfit from Kye. It’s nice how she injected a fall element – the red leather boots to complete her look.

Look 3

These two guys are all denim swag in their denim on denim get ups.

Look 4

Overalls are definitely one of the biggest trends these days and these paisley printed ones look so comfy for its loose fit and robe like design concept. Also, doesn’t it remind you of the iconic SQ Kebaya?

Look 5

This coat is the proof that everyone needs a statement coat. Model Jo Min-ho shows that his LV coat can make any basic outfit look like a million bucks.

Look 6

A slip dress and your mother’s vintage coat? Genius. We can definitely expect that from supermodel Irene Kim.

Look 7

What is fall without a trench coat. Nayoung Kim definitely lives up to her style icon name with this simple yet stylish outfit.


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It's easy to judge a model based on her height, looks, and ability to walk. However, those are just the physical assets they bring to the show. They are so much more that what they do and who they model for. 

Last week, Clozette witnessed all the models of Professional Models Association of the Philippines (also known as PMAP for short) during their #IAMPMAP launch. This a campaign of the highly esteemed organisation to introduce who they are beneath their perfectly chiseled face, great skin, and notable physique.

Watch this video to find out! 


by Pmap Models

Of course, as a true Clozetter would, we spotted 4 of our favourite looks from the models of PMAP during the event! 

Ana Sideco

Ana Sideco has been modelling for 10 years but the people behind PMAP sees her as a financial advisor. Thus, she is the perfect fit as the organisation's Treasurer.  Aside from her slender body, what caught our eye most about the outfit is the colour of her lips--a pop of fun neon orange to break the monotony of her elegant look! 

Aya Abesamis

Aside from her dress, Aya Abesamis' true passion for the arts is also her stunning feat. She is PMAP's Secretary and an artist on and off ramp. It is no wonder if this Filipina beauty moves mountains and cross borders in the near future. 

Kelsey Merritt

"Probinsyanas" (people from the province of the Philippines) were often looked down on by people from Manila before. But Kelsey Merritt begs to differ. She is in fact, one of the most successful models of her time--adored by many, loved by all.  

Hye Won Jang

Hye Won Jang is no stranger to the runway. Her face is seen in almost every fashion show, but did you know that behind her beautiful face is a brain of an Engineer? She is a Management Engineering graduate, and in this stunning cutout dress, she is deemed to be one of the "it" girls of the industry. 




If in the battlefield there's strength in numbers, in the fashion world, there's strength in length. A long skirt exudes a more put-together vibe compared to a short skirt, and a long-sleeved top looks more posh than that of a sleeveless cami. Long clothes exude a fashion statement that says you're going the extra mile (or centimeter?) literally and figuratively. So don't be left out and get yourself that piece with added length!

Here are 5 ways you can play with length inspired from this week's top 5 OOTDs!




You don't necessarily need to wear something too long you can actually sweep the floor with it. Show off your ankles and cut it short a bit with a patterned and perfectly-tailored culotte pants. This piece of clothing adds shape and volume to your overall look. And if you're feeling a bit extra, match it with heels, belt, and a statement bag! 



The rise of denim cannot be complete without a pair of boyfriend jeans. The tattered, cutting-edge, and boyish flavour this pair of pants give off is unparalleled. Fold its ends a few times so it perfectly fits around your ankles and pair it with feminine pieces to balance it all out.  



Maxi skirts only exist during summer time but since fashionistas are inclined to taking risks, they wear it whenever the occasion for a fashion forward look rises. It's not as dressed down as it's usually styled. You can amp it up with heels, a cropped top with bell sleeves, and a striking colour palette. 



Tailored, structured, and long? Yes please! Give your workwear a chic twist with a pair of wide leg pants in a fun and feminine colour. Wear it during the day with collared top then exchange it with something more nighttime appropriate during your night out with the girls! 



Strength in length is even stronger if you coordinate your look with your fashion bestie. This monochrome palette with a pop of grid patterns, red, and jewelry makes everything extraordinary. With length, you can dress it up or down, you just need to know how to make it work for you! 


Which look is your favourite?

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