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Poise, confidence, attitude — these are three things that encompasses what it means to be a cool girl. It may seem like an unreachable subject, especially when we see fashion mavens and influencers paving their way into the catwalk in pure cool girl style, but with the Fashion Futures 1.0 show at Singapore Fashion Week 2017, everyone got the chance to snag the look as easy as 1,2,3 with the see-now-buy-now concept. 

But if you missed the event, no worries! Take notes on how to ace the cool girl style as we list down the top tips we got from these fashion influencers as they don some of ZALORA's best. 

Experiment with colour blocking

Just like Azira Shafinaz, taking a leap at mixing and matching pieces is quite the challenge, but it shouldn't scare you into trying it out. Mix in statement pieces that scream life and fun with their colour and just rock it with your confidence. 

Play around with textures and cuts

Get some inspo from Hong Kong's Cecilia Ngan by copping her layered look. Mixing in a semi-dungaree style denim top with a button-down and an asymmetrical skirt that plays around the same colour scheme shows that you can take your outfit to the next level without overthinking too much organisation into the look. 

When in doubt, go basic

The classic cool girl is all about donning the coolest colour of them all: black. Much like Jovi Adhiguna, being cool is recognising that there are days when you simply have to go back to basic. 

Try on complementing colours and pieces

If you're not up for too many extreme tangents in your outfit, picking a colour scheme an era of inspiration is a great tactic. Take notes from Maxene Magalona's retro-chic look that combines modern and vintage-inspired pieces to create a harmonious ensemble that works perfectly for fall. 

Go for a statement piece

What we love about Nicole Wong's outfit is that it goes beyond that idea that everything in the outfit has to complement each other. We see checks matched with faux snakeskin boots that may seem to not be the best idea at first, but it definitely gives a 'too cool for you' vibe that makes the outfit stand out in the greatest ways possible. 

Accessorise and add a pop of colour

How do you kick it up a notch when you've got your basics, with a touch of playfulness, on point? Get the 411 with Pia Danielle Padre's OOTD as she added a touch of wow-factor sunnies into the mix and added an eye-catching piece by averting to her overall colour scheme and adding a pop of red. 

It's all about confidence and comfort

In true cool girl fashion, style is all about being comfortable without the fear of experimenting. Every outfit's bottom line is only two things: if you feel confident in it and if you feel comfortable in it. Yvonne Liang's outfit perfectly summarises it all. The combination of the comfy romper and the kimono cardigan, styled to match her spunky and edgy style spells cool girl material through and through. 



It’s a new week! Are you excited about what’s to come? We definitely are. In fact, we’re already hunting for interesting things to indulge in. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

The 2018 Met Gala theme

We’re still hungover with how good the ensembles were during this year’s Met Gala, but the next one is already in the works. It has been announced that the exhibition, and the gala to celebrate it, will centre on the theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”

Missguided stops editing their models’ photos

Missguided did not announce it, but fans of the brand discovered that they no longer edit the perceived imperfections of their models. On the flip side, many have said that instead of just leaving the photos raw, Missguided actually digitally imposed imperfections (such as stretch marks) on their models' photos. The brand, however, has yet to speak on the controversy.

Love Lumine

Fashion lovers in SG, unite! A new haven for your sartorial needs has come. LUMINE carries 20 Japanese brands that range from minimalist to edgy but all chic. Visit the store and their offerings at #02-20 The Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

Super… shampoo

YouTuber Lilly Singh, better known to her fans as iiSuperwomanii, is the newest face of Pantene. Singh joins a stellar roster of ambassadors for the brand, which includes Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez.

(Cover photo from: @missguided)

Let's take a look back at all the fun stuff that happened last week here.



There's no denying that the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. You've got to finish those long year-end reports, go gift shopping for your loved ones, deal with the heavy holiday traffic and partake in the festivities.

Speaking of festivities, you'll be expected to show up at different parties this season. And that means preparing several party outfits. Check out which holiday style suits you best according to your sign. 

Aries: Be Bold

(Photo from: SocialandStyle)

The holidays are the perfect time to fully unleash your spunky and fierce style. Wear a mini dress and pair it with some edgy shoes and bold, glittery accessories.

Taurus: Keep It Classy

(Photo from: sodapopp)

Stay true to your elegant style by wearing a classy ankle-length dress. Keep your accessories as minimal as possible to keep your look chic and refined.

Gemini: Minimalist With A Twist

(Photo from: maybelinesim)

You're the type of gal who wants the best of both worlds. For your holiday outfit, you want something that looks festive yet also minimalist to some extent. Your best bet is a dress with a classic cut but embellished with accent details like tiered ruffles or textured sleeves. 

Cancer: Comfy And Ready To Party

(Photo from: SapphireZiva)

In your opinion, holidays should not be stressful; it should be about celebrating and having fun. That's why the perfect holiday outfit for you should be something really comfy yet peppy. Here's a holiday OOTD idea: get your usual off-shoulder top and match it with a velvet or sequined dress to add some dazzling element to your outfit.

Leo: Sparkle And Shine

(Photo from: MelissaFerosha)

No one can pull off a sparkly, sequined dress like you do with your confidence and charisma. So go ahead and wear it well, and accessorise it with a matching scarf and some scene-stealing jewellery. To make sure that you won't be mistaken for a Christmas tree, balance your look by sticking to a neutral colour palette. 

Virgo: Simply Chic

(Photo from: queenofallyousee)

Since it's the holidays, you're open to wearing something that's a little daring and out of your usual style choice. However, you're not ready to go all-out on the sparkles yet so a subtle dash of glitter on a muted-colour dress will be a great choice for you.

Libra: Quirky And Fun

(Photo from: kaitinghearts)

You're not about being the centre of attention during parties. You're content with just having some fun with dancing and playing holiday games. You should pick something that will allow you to move freely such as a knee-length, two-piece A-line dress. Show off your quirky side by choosing a red dress and wearing a Santa hat to match it. 

Scorpio: Effortless Allure

(Photo from: shermaineinez)

People can always count on you to defy the norm. While everybody is dressed in sparkly ensembles, you'll show up dressed in classic black. Add a little bling to your look by choosing an outfit with unconventional cuts and pairing statement accessories with it.

Sagittarius: Cool And Casual

(Photo from: AnnaPatrish)

Your cool and casual persona will always be reflected in the way you dress. Show up with an edgy ensemble comprising of a metallic or sequined top, form-fitting pants and some kick-ass boots.

Capricorn: Clean And Calm

(Photo from: tinavcruz)

You prefer your wardrobe to have sleek and practical clothes that you can use both for work and on your off-duty days. For your holiday outfit, pick a piece with an interesting cut, so you won't end up looking too corporate (e.g. asymmetrical neckline). Spice up your ensemble by wearing a bold accessory.

Aquarius: Whimsical

(Photo from: Paperkitties)

Usually, you'll sport an eccentric look but since you've already outdone yourself last Halloween, you're thinking of toning it down a bit for a change. Pick a whimsical outfit with Christmas colours instead of your usual elaborate outfits.

Pisces: Delicate Details

(Photo from: Katiexlew)

You prefer to stay consistent with your personal style no matter what occasion it is. Look simply gorgeous in a delicate lace dress with interesting patterns. 

(Cover photo from: Paperkitties)