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One of the highlights of the holidays, especially for countries in the tropics, is the cool winter breeze. With the weather chilling down for the next couple of months, we're sure that your travel plans to breezier destinations are already laid out. But making sure that you have everything set for your trip, including your luggage, can be a bit daunting especially if you have bulky jackets to pack. 

Before you leave for your trip, find out six types of jackets that can help you look sleek and chic without making your travel bag bulky. 


Bomber jacket

A fashion piece that made a resurgence this season, bomber jackets are not only stylish, they are also made of a material that's easy to fold and roll to fit into the crevices of your luggage. Plus, there's no need to worry about creases because these have some kind of magic that makes clothing wrinkles crisp and cool.

Seamless down jacket

Puffy and made of a breathable material, down jackets may seem bulky, but they are easily foldable to a compact size and are very comfortable to wear. 

Leather jacket

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The leather jacket may have a history of being a badass piece of staple clothing for the military people and bikers, but its evolution in fashion has turned this statement piece into a number that can be mixed and matched with even the preppiest of looks. 


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Looking for a versatile piece to wear? A blouson jacket can double up as your protection from the chilly weather, depending on how you choose to style it. 

Varsity jacket

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Similar to the sleek and suave bomber jacket, this one is also a space-saver without compromising the style. If you're going for a sporty vibe and you want an amazing piece to match almost every travel OOTD, this is the one!


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Want something to cover your shoulders but will still let your skin feel a hint of the cool breeze? A kimono wrap is the best one to pack. With its light and sheer material (not to mention tons of designs to choose from), the Kimono wrap offers light to medium protection over the cold, letting the wearer look stylish and flowy all in one go.

Knit cardigan

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This screams Spring and Summer, but a knit cardigan can also look perfect for the Fall and Winter chill. A great way to put texture and accent in this season's outfits, this can also be transformed into a shawl or a scarf, depending on your sartorial creativity. 



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For us, a white tee is a closet essential because of its versatility. It is universally flattering and makes an excellent base for all outfits, becoming a must-have for us for years and years – a far cry from its original use of being a "lazy Sunday" or workout top. In fact, even our favourite modern style icons love to rock a white tee

Want to learn new ways on how you can style your own LWT (little white tee)? Keep reading below for our seven tips on how to elevate your look with this wardrobe staple.


Under a velvet dress

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With the 90’s aesthetic back in full force this year, tons of style stars have been sporting a white tee under a simple dress. To stand out from the crowd, instead of wearing it under a simple black or red dress, opt for something bold like this purple velvet dress. It’s eye-catching and can be taken from day to night.

Half-tucked in

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Tucking a shirt in your jeans is nothing new. But if you "half-tuck" it in, it adds a cool-girl twist that will transform your look into an OOTD-worthy ensemble.


With slacks and a bold purse

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Perfect for work, cocktail hour and even fashion week, pairing a white blouse with dressy pants and a unique purse takes it up a notch – giving that effortless, Parisian vibe that everyone loves to emulate.

Worn with flared pants

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Besides elongating your frame to make you look taller, a white T-shirt with flared pants is great for those days when you want to put in minimal effort to creating your outfit but still look amazing. Pair it with a no-makeup makeup look or a classic red lip, and you'll be ready to go.


Pop of leather

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Whether it’s a jacket, skirt, shoes, or shorts, pairing leather with a white tee is a match made in fashion heaven. The materials beautifully contrast, and the finish creates a rocker chick look that’s both edgy and classy.

With denim-on-denim

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There’s no wrong way to wear the denim-on-denim trend if you have a LWT to pair it with. The crispness of the shirt’s colour adds a beautiful “break” in the outfit, preventing a look that can overwhelm you.



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Combining a white tee with lacey shorts and an oversized blazer? The perfect androgynous-inspired outfit that you can wear wherever you go.




This year, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are landing on a jolly weekend. With a week left to prep for this grand celebration, we're sure you're pretty busy doing some last-minute shopping and outfit curating.

So to keep your stress on the down-low, we're giving you some outfit ensembles to keep you inspired for the upcoming Christmas weekend.


Chic layers

Aiming for a standout look this Christmas? Take advantage of the chilly weather and play around with textures and pieces by layering. Plus, if there's a time to experiment with your colour blocks, the cool, festive season is definitely the best one for it. 

Sweet and simple

If you find the festive season to be a tad bit overwhelming, give it a touch of simplicity and subtlety in the daintiest way possible by going for a simple off-shoulder dress and neutral-toned doll shoes. 
Fresh and carefree

Speaking of off-shoulder trends, another option is to go for a refreshing look and stand out from the waves of green and red with a white shoulder-baring top. This colour will give you an extra glow and brightness especially in all those holiday photos. 

A pop of colour

Have soft and muted tones in mind for your holiday outfit? Take it one step further by adding an accessory that gives you that much-needed pop of colour. Matching pastel versions of the shades that are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel are your best bet.

Classic cuts and colours

If you're gunning for a more elegant look that won't look too formal for a casual day, classic cuts and colours will go nicely with the occasion. Our top tip? Choose burgundies and emerald greens, a touch of minimal accessories, and a slitted skirt that's ready for both that classy family photo and a night of dancing and partying with your friends. 


Aiming to wear this season's signature colour for your upcoming parties? We've got just the tips on how to style your reds for the festive season.