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7 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now

These ladies should be on your fashion radar

(Cover photo from: karenskierrific)

With fashion trends constantly changing and over-the-top ensembles usually dominating the runways and street style corners, today, having a minimalist style is refreshing and edgy. It's clean, sophisticated, and let's be real, having a wardrobe that only consists of a few, well-loved and versatile pieces is more fun to look at and play with. The combinations you can create are endless!

So if you’re looking to transform your closet (and style) into something simpler and more elegant for the new year,  here are seven fashionistas that will inspire you with their always-on-point minimalist looks.


Ann Kim (@andyheart)

(Photo from: @andyheart)

If you love jeans, stripes, and comfort, Ann Kim will be your new style goddess. By just changing up a few things in her look, she’s able to create outfits that are appropriate for all types of weather and all occasions.

Tara Mar (@tarmarz)

(Photo from: @tarmarz)

Not afraid to mix up colours and silhouettes, fashion blogger Tara gives each one of her looks an edgy touch through smart details, her accessories, shoes, and even makeup.


Caroline Joy Rector (@caroline_joy)

(Photo from: @caroline_joy)

Just like Ann Kim, Caroline Rector loves to dress up her jeans and striped pieces. But while Ann is all about city-girl chic, Caroline opts for cozier and more casual ensembles that will suit all types of women.

Joyce Croonen (@mydubio)

(Photo from: @mydubio)

Love to rock the androgynous look? Then you better follow fashion blogger Joyce Croonen, stat! Never one to go beyond classic shades of black, white, and gray, her style proves that you can still look high fashion and edgy, even when rocking neutral colours.


Andrea Chong (@dreachong)

(Photo from: @dreachong)

Classic and elegant, Andrea Chong isn’t afraid to inject frills and ruffles into her minimalist looks to create a standout outfit that will take you from day to night or work to cocktail hour.

Marta Cygan (@lifeofboheme)

(Photo from: @lifeofboheme)

By pairing various textures and prints, you would think Marta Cygan wasn’t into the minimalist aesthetic in her clothes. But she is, and she does it well. She makes a point to subtly add prints and textures so it won’t throw off her whole vibe.


Adeline Rapon (@adelinerapon)

(Photo from: @adelinerapon)

As the queen of effortless chic, Adeline Rapon will teach you a thing or two about turning pantsuits into party-ready outfits that will still allow you to slay the day at the office.


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