7 Delicate Tattoo Ideas For A Subtle Ink

Simply beautiful

You'll never go wrong with small tattoos, whether you're going for your first ink or the nth addition to your ever-growing body art collection. These delicate etches may be subtle, but they nonetheless remind you of charming little joys in your every day. There are a ton of minimalist designs to choose from, so before you make an appointment with your tattooist, be inspired by these small tattoo ideas that make the tiniest details count. 

For sparkling souls

Shine brightly with fine line art featuring stars and twinkling lights. You can get it drawn on your nape for a discreet ink, but you can also opt to place it somewhere in your line of sight. On the inner part of your wrists, perhaps? This way, you're easily reminded of your own light and you're pushed to sparkle on as you face the day.

For those into astrology

Speaking of shimmering phenomena, those into astrology can opt to extend it further and have their sign's constellation drawn on their skin. The line of stars already look stunning on their own, but make it extra unique by having it over a lettering of your name. 

For the sentimental romantics 

Tattoos can be whatever you want them to be; they can be plainly decorative or you can choose for them to hold great meaning as well. If you want to celebrate your relationship with your S.O., how about getting matching tattoos together? Show your everlasting love with these simple line ring tattoos.

For the positive gal

Word and lettering tattoos are foolproof small tattoo ideas. Though their visuals arguably don't pack as much punch compared to drawn art, their meanings hold much power. Inject a positivity by inking motivational and inspirational phrases on your skin. These tiny words might just be the thing to bring out the best in you day by day.

For the beach babe

Missing the beach? Be reminded of its refreshing and liberating vibe by getting two tattoos on your ankles inspired by images you find on the sands. Getting a wave and a sun drawn on are just some of the small tattoo ideas you can cop, but of course, you can also play around with seashells, boats or whatever it is that remind you of your go-to summer destination best.

For the playfully vibrant

Black inks are a classic, but you can also add a bit of colour on your skin. For subtlety, have them over your ear lobes — this way, they serve as instant ear jewellery as well. Simply go with red for a detail that stands out or swipe left on the photo above to see other small tattoo ideas that play around with the rainbow's vivid colours.

For the flower child

Those into feminine and romantic aesthetic, on the other hand, can capture the beauty of spring with floral art. Show your oneness with nature and choose to ink your favourite blooms and plants over your shoulders. For a more understated look, you can also highlight your collarbones by placing one or two florets right under instead.

(Cover photo from: @tattooist_doy)

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