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(Cover photo from: @kendalljenner)

Say what you want about Kendall Jenner, but we love her. The gorgeous model has come a long way since her crazy days on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While she still is on the show, instead of being a naughty child, she has now grown into a poised and stylish young lady — earning her a spot in our fashion and beauty-loving hearts.

Instead of playfully posing on our television screens like she used to, we can now catch her walking on the runways for fashion brands during various Fashion Weeks and appearing in numerous campaigns and magazine covers.

So if you’re a huge fan of hers and are looking for ways you can emulate her in your looks, then you’re in luck. Ahead we list down the best style tips we picked up from her famous looks on Instagram!


One-piece swimsuits are the new bikini

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

If one-piece swimsuits remind you of the ones worn by Olympic athletes, forget about them because Kendall has just proven that one-piece swimsuits are back in style and are better than ever. No more unflattering cuts since brands are now coming out with an array of one-piece styles, colours, and prints to suit every need and taste.

Slip dresses can look classy

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

Slip dresses are often controversial to wear due to their similarities with lingerie, but leave it to Kendall to make it look elegant. The trick is to not over-accessorise it but rather to wear it with a fresh face: that means a more natural-looking contour, dewy skin, and textured brows.


Killer brows & lashes never go out of style

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

When you’re too lazy to rock a glamorous makeup look all day, just groom your brows to make them look fuller and textured, apply a ton of mascara, and that’s it. You will look polished, sophisticated, and awake in an instant.

Pleated dress = ballet chic

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

If you, like us, are hoping to relive your childhood dreams of being a ballet dancer, albeit in a more adult way, then look no further than this ensemble sported by Kendall. All you will need to get the 'off-duty ballerina' look is a pleated dress in a neutral or pastel shade, ballet flats, and the highest topknot your hair will allow. 


Don’t be afraid to go bold

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

You live only one life, so instead of spending it always wearing your tried and tested outfits, why not go for something bold and daring instead? Kendall has impeccable style, but she often mixes it up for a little fun too. So take a cue from her and don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion choices.

Red lipstick is your BFF

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

Whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up, your red lipstick will be there for you. It goes with any MOTD and OOTD; whatever mood you’re in, this classic lip colour will always brighten your day and pull together your ensemble.


A ponytail will give you an instant facelift

(Photo from: @kendalljenner)

No need for those injections that won’t allow you to move your face! Whatever age you may be, if you want to give yourself an instant facelift, just tie your hair and it will gently pull up your skin to give it that taut and lifted look.


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Remember the days when you would just sit on the floor, crayon in hand, and scribble and doodle without a care in the world? Life is definitely more complicated now than when we were younger, but our tendencies to be creative don't have to be put aside.

With that idea in mind, Clinique has collaborated with Crayola — yes, the makers of our favorite colouring materials when we were kids! — to help unleash our inner child through makeup. The limited edition collection of Chubby Stick For Lips, which comes in the iconic Crayola packaging and inspired by popular Crayola colours, is here for you to play with for a fun pout. Check out the cool colour selection and see if you remember having them in your boxes when you were little.



Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips in Mauvelous, SGD 28

Have a grand time with friends and make sure that your lips look just as festive as your get-together with the help of this shade.


Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips in Melon, SGD 28

For a refreshingly sweet pout, swipe on this shade.


Pink Sherbert

Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips in Pink Sherbert, SGD 28

If you're a fan of pinks that have a hint of purple in them, go for this one.

Wild Strawberry

Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick For Lips in Wild Strawberry, SGD 28

Take the freshness of strawberry and put it on your lips with this.


Tickle Me Pink

Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick For Lips in Tickle Me Pink, SGD 28

It doesn't get any pinker than this. If you're a true blue lover of the hue, make sure to add this to your collection.

Red Violet

Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick For Lips Intense in Red Violet, SGD 28

Feeling a bit bold? This one should be your pick.



Crayola for Clinique Limited Edition Set of 4 Minis, SGD 40

Enjoy reminiscing with the help of this cute set of minis . The four-piece set contains Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Balms in the colours Fuzzy Wuzzy, Melon, Mauvelous and Brick Red.


The limited edition Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips will be available at all Sephora stores in Singapore starting February 2. The minis will be stocked at Sephora ION and Sephora.sg starting February 2.



While there is wisdom in getting older, pining for days when our skins were tight and supple can't be helped. It's unfortunate that the fabled fountain of youth remains elusive. But there are, of course, many products that promise to help your skin rewind its aging process. Collagen is among the many ingredients that have been touted to give you young complexion. The ingredient has been made part of different products — from moisturisers to flavoured drinks, and now: a hotpot.

A peek at the interiors of Tsukada Nojo Manila 

Tsukada Nojo is now in the Philippines, and they brought along their signature dish, Bijin Nabe (beauty hotpot), with them. Hailing from Singapore and with roots in Japan, Tsukada Nojo offers tasty food with a bonus; their beauty hotpot is made with soup containing collagen from Jidori chicken, which is said to be the chicken counterpart of Kobe beef.

The Collagen Soup before boiling

Filipinos have developed quite a palate for Japanese food, with ramen bars sprouting here and there at a very quick pace. But Bijin Nabe is a different kind of culinary experience. With the Golden Collagen Soup as its base, the meal is served in an almost ceremonial way. Once the soup has reached its boiling point, you will be served a small portion of it to taste. The soup, as it is, has a decadently rich chicken flavor.

Vegetables and tsukene (ground chicken meat) are added to the soup once chicken portions are served. The farm-to-table vegetables lend a sweet taste to the rich soup, making it milder. Once the vegetables are served, shrimps are added into the soup. After the shrimp, you have the choice of adding noodles or rice to the remaining soup. 

The meal truly feels like an experience. Even without counting the benefits of collagen, the Bijin Nabe from Tsukada Nojo is a culinary treat for folks young and old.


Tsukada Nojo is located on the 2nd floor of S Maison, Pasay City, Philippines.