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8 Denim Looks To Steal From Gigi Hadid

Rock it like Gigi

Denim is a closet staple for all stylish and practical reasons. Even Gigi Hadid is obsessed. Keep reading as shares eight denim looks courtesy of the supermodel.

Ankle-length blazer over regular tee-and-jeans outfit

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Looking effortlessly stylish is as simple as donning an ankle-length blazer or an oversized jacket over your regular tee-and-jeans outfit.

Denim jacket over pleather leggings-and-crop top outfit

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Add a distressed denim jacket to your pleather leggings-and-crop top outfit for a more casual take.

Distressed denim jeans + old shirt

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Exude a laid-back vibe by pairing an old shirt with distressed denim jeans. It’s perfect as an airport outfit, or for when you’re out for a quick errand.

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