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Like any self-respecting beauty junkie, we own a fragrance library lined with delightfully scented products. It’s true; it is chicken soup for the beauty soul. From bath soaps and lotions (lots of them) to eau de toilette and eau de parfum (countless), we bask in a lasting scent that adds that extra aromatic punch to our beauty look.

This season, our library is a garden fiesta that teases the fresh-floral fragrance lover in all of us. Filled with a bevy of scented candles, body lotions, room mists, shampoo and conditioner, we only wished we could carry this fragrance library everywhere we go. Because seriously, don’t you wish you could smell amazing all the time?

That is why we religiously read up on beauty hacks that can make us smell better, stronger and for longer. You’re probably familiar with that age-old tale of spritzing your perfume in your hair to make its scent linger longer. It works — except the alcohol content in your perfume can really dry your tresses out. That’s definitely not going to make for a pretty sight. So when we heard about the Rejoice Perfume series, we were charmed. Up it goes onto our fragrance library!

Now, we know that an aromatic hair product isn’t uncommon. But this unassuming shampoo and conditioner duo really straddles the line between a shampoo and a perfume. Uncap the bottle and the first thing you’ll notice is its scent. Crafted in collaboration with an international perfume expert (Rejoice is not playing around!), the exclusive scent starts off with juicy English pear, followed by feminine Peony and French Gardenia, and ends off with succulent Asian Apricot.

Sounds like a perfume? We think so too! Only this fragrance will never dry out your crowning glory. Instead, it boasts an anti-frizz technology in the form of Rejoice’s Perfume Smooth shampoo and conditioner to hydrate and soothe your hair to luxurious smoothness. Its perfume technology also allows its scent to linger on every hair strand throughout the day. Looking great and smelling great? We think it’s a win-win situation.

We’re calling it: the Rejoice Perfume series is the unsung hero of our beauty routine.

The Rejoice Perfume series can now be found at most retail stores in Malaysia.



Korean pop stars are not only celebrated for their musical and dancing ability. People also take cues from them on their style and beauty looks. Needless to say, these stars are very influential when it comes to heading trends. That said, recently, we spotted several female idols rocking a new look — the bob hairdo. Let's see how these ladies flaunt their fresh cuts. 

Krystal From f(x) 

While her sister Jessica had different hairstyles through the years, Krystal remained loyal to her long locks. It's surely a nice surprise to see her mix things up with this edgy look. 

Im Yoona From Girls' Generation

We've already seen Yoona with a bob cut back in 2010 during SNSD's Genie era. After that, Yoona grew out her hair and diverted back to her usual long hairdo. It is refreshing to see Yoona in this short and sweet hairstyle again.


IU is one of the few K-pop idols who doesn't change hairstyles in a dramatic manner. She's the one to stick to conventional cuts and colours. What makes her style unique, though, is her ability to retain that cute and fresh look — no matter what hairstyle she's sporting. However, it's safe to say that she looks cutest with the short hairdo. 

Suzy From Miss A

We've only seen Suzy with long hair since Miss A's debut. Little did we know that she'll look extra charming with short hair for her role in South Korean drama, "While You Were Sleeping".



Makeup always brings out the creativity in beauty lovers, making Halloween extra special. For one day every year, we forget about precise lines and matching shades and colours and just go a little more extra to play outside of the rules. 

But don't fret if you still haven't nailed you look for this amazing day! We laid down some inspo straight from the Community.

Lady lion

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Galaxy zombie

(Photo from: puspitamygsari)

Half human

(Photo from: ShaniaEvelyn)


(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Rainbow skull

(Photo from: KireiMakeup)