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A Look Inside Seoul's Café Dior

Eat, drink, and breathe fashion

(cover photo from abeeyootifulmess)

Get ready to dine in style and be surrounded by couture and one-of-a kind pieces in Seoul’s own Café Dior! Located in the Gangnam district within House of Dior’s largest boutique, this unique bistro comes equipped with glass walls, different concoctions of coffee and tea, and a scrumptious menu curated by world-famous French pastry chef, Pierre Hermé!

Its gray walls are adorned with numerous fashion sketches of their famous dresses, housed in simple, white frames that create an aura of elegance and sophistication within the café; while their fluffy, dense chairs establish an open and more comfortable feeling in the café that complements the glass walls, bringing more openness into the space that promotes a fun and extravagant experience.

Learn more about this magnificent six-story boutique and its chic cafe by watching the video below!