A Quick Hair Chat With TRESemmé’s Newest Salon Expert Henri Calayag | Clozette

Who doesn’t like trying out the latest hair trends? They’re fun, creative, and often you find a new ‘do to rock! But it’s hard to experiment with different hair looks if you don’t have the perfect base i.e. frizzy hair.

Luckily, TRESemmé released their latest haircare range, Keratin Smooth, last 28th September at The Picasso Boutique to specifically make hair smoother, shinier, and softer and make it easier for you to create salon-gorgeous styles in the comfort of your own home.

Packed with keratin to lock hair into place and fight frizz and dryness, this new hair care collection will keep locks smoother and sleek for longer periods of time.  

Salon expert and hair professional Henri Calayag with resident TRESetter and fashion and lifestyle blogger Tricia Gosingtian

So while we were at The Picasso Boutique, we got to quickly chat with the brand’s newest salon expert and hair professional, Henri Calayag. And of course, we wanted to get his two cents on hair tips, all the way to his favourite hairstyles.

Keep reading below to get to know this legendary hair stylist!


Throughout your 36-year career, what’s the most difficult "hair problem" you've encountered?

[I'm very thankful] that keratin was there before rebonding. Because rebonding was so [popular] that no hairdresser could pull off a good job… -- there would always be minor [damages done to the hair] since it’s really filled with hard chemicals and there’s no silhouette in it. It’s really dead flat.

What do you think people constantly do to their hair that damages it without them even knowing?

It’s constant ironing and subjecting it to blow drying, because sometimes when you do it yourself you don’t practise doing it at a certain distance.

What would you suggest they do instead to minimise damage to their hair?

Well, there’s keratin to take care of that. So from the [TRESemme] shampoo and conditioner, it already has keratin in it. But then to extend [the effects], my personal favourite is the hair mask. It’s concentrated…and if you want to style [your hair after] with a flat iron, it has thermal technology built in which will prevent you from using too much heat.

Do you have any hair tips for beginners who want to start styling their own hair?

First, use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp and lock it into place. For even better maintenance, treat it to a weekly mask with the Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask. It intensely replenishes each strand and makes sure you control your frizz! Seal it in using the Heat Activated Treatment, and if you’re styling it for a special day, spritz on the Flat Iron Spray to add another layer of protection.

Which hairstyle do you think is suitable for every one?

Medium length hair. This is the new length now because if you see anything longer than this, you’ll immediately think, “Oh that is so 5 years ago.” But then anything above it is so 2 years ago.


The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth collection is now available in all department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets in the Philippines.



Whether it’s a perfectly blended smoky eye or a so-sharp-it-can-cut-you feline flick, no beauty addict is a stranger to playing up her eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and we couldn’t agree more. They speak volumes about someone, and can even show one’s personality.

So if you’re a fan of putting your MOTD’s focus on your gorgeous peepers, you’ll love LANEIGE’s new eyeliners – the Ultra Long-Lasting Eyeliner and the Creamy Crystal Eyeliner!

Shades available: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown

You can now bid goodbye to smudgy and messy eyeliner as the Ultra-Long Lasting Eyeliner features a silky-gel texture that was especially made for busy modern women. Once applied, it quickly sets to a waterproof and sweatproof finish that will last for up to 10 hours in hot weather! Plus, it also eliminates the need to be sharpened as the case has a built-in sharpener that will create a precise tip every time you use it. Now that sounds like the perfect liner for all women!

Shades available: Black, Brown, Cinnamon Brown, Gold Beige

If you’re looking for a more vivid and sophisticated finish, though, then the Creamy Crystal Eyeliner is for you. Inspired by 2016 Fall/Winter beauty trends, each shade features a waterproof and chic pearl texture to allow you to create a personalised K-beauty look – soft, charming, and fresh. So whether you want to brighten up your eyes or emphasise and define them, the possibilities are endless with this extra blendable range of eyeliners!


The LANEIGE Ultra Long-Lasting Eyeliner and Creamy Crystal Eyeliner retails for SGD 29 and is available in all LANEIGE boutiques and counters in Singapore.


Our society has come a long way since the Suffragete movement started in the late 19th century. We’re lucky to live in a time where we’re not pre-destined to stay in a house and run it, and that we’re even encouraged go out and pursue our dreams.

Being a modern, strong, independent, and elegant woman, we want a fragrance that complements that side of us, not overpower it. So when we’re adding the finishing touches to our outfits, we go for the warmth of a rose and the sophistication of musk of BVLGARI’s Rose Goldea.

Inspired by the iconic Cleopatra of Egypt, Rose Goldea was created to emulate her aura and embody her radiance and confidence – to wear it is a signal of power as its white musk envelopes Damask rose and jasmine, brilliantly striking the senses and leaving in its wake a memory of its passing.

Rose Goldea is the eternal essence of femininity…bringing associations of nature and freshness into a very contemporary and feminine trail.” – Alberto Morillas, Master-Perfumer

This tantalising perfume is encased in a bottle adorned with rose gold, symbolising the bronze shades of the sun and the blush on a woman’s cheeks, and Serpenti accents inspired by the cobra diadem atop Cleopatra as she arrived in Rome. Fascinating and legendary, the same serpent that graced the Egyptian queen graces the Rose Goldea woman today: she who reigns with the enchanting power of her beauty.

So whether you’re off to work, or date night, or just having lunch with the girls, spray on Rose Goldea to slay like a queen wherever you go!


The BVLGARI Rose Goldea is now available in all BVLGARI counters in 50ml and 90ml bottles.