Achieve Your #HairGoals This Season With Cynos | Clozette
How we style our hair says a lot about us. Whether you love dyeing it, putting tons of product on it, or simply letting it flow au naturel, we can't help but deny that getting those #HairGoals can be difficult without proper hair care measures.

Thankfully, we have Cynos. Born in Korea back in 1993, Cynos is now recognised as one of the leading hair care brands that caters not just quality, but also takes in mind innovation at a less expensive price range.

Cynos also believes that only heart-to-heart services can satisfy clients. With this, they established a technical training system to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign hairdressing markets in only one year, including a basic level training for hair coloring and hair perming, a higher level training for chic hairdressing and hair texturizing, and a high level training for overall color design, and personal profile design. Talk about the ultimate go-to for you and your hairdresser when it comes to top-notch hair care techniques and methods!

Widely distributed and well-known in markets from Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,Morocco, Syria, China, and the Philippines, make sure you ask for Cynos the next time you visit your favourite salon for a hair-amazing experience.


Find out more about Cynos services and products in the Philippines by visiting them on Facebook.

Thanks to Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, women have access to a vast collection of hairstyles. Whether it’s the Halloween-appropriate galaxy buns, or the sophisticated beachy waves; the Internet isn’t short of inspiring hair looks.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with bleaching your hair different colours or subjecting it to the heat of a hair dryer, flat iron, and curling wand to cop these hairstyles. But these hair habits can cause extreme damage to your locks, resulting in a not-hair-goals-worthy dry and brittle mess.

But with Dove’s Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment, you won’t have to worry about crispy and dry strands anymore! With a power-packed combo of nature and science, it reinforces the internal protein structure that strengthens bonds between protein fibres, and conditions the hair surface so your hair looks shiny and feels healthy.

In addition to that, it's also infused with Red Algae, which is resilient to harsh conditions and has strong moisture retention abilities, to instantly nourish hair, replenish lost vital ingredients, and rebuild it on the inside and outside.

With regular use of this haircare range – the shampoo (SGD 13.90), conditioner (SGD 13.90), and serum-in-oil (SGD 17.90) – it will unveil regenerated hair. Your once fried locks will look healthy, strong, and bouncy; as if all the bleaching and heat styling never happened at all!


The Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment products are now available in all Watsons and Guardian Stores in Singapore.


Whoever was responsible for bringing liquid lippies back into the spotlight, we thank you because now we have numerous options on how to get that perfect matte lip. However, not all liquid lipsticks in the beauty world are created equal. There are those that are oh-so-drying, while there are others that won’t budge at all.

But just like how the world evolves, so do their formulas. Which is why we’re excited to let you know all about this brand new liquid lippie we’ve fallen in love with from Features & Shades.

The True Light Liquid Lipstick is unlike any other we’ve tried before. It effortlessly glides on the lips, beautifully filling them in to give that smooth, opaque finish. Plus, its formula is very comfortable so we don’t have to worry about dry and chapped lips.

So if you’re like us and are looking to find another liquid lippie to add to our everyday makeup bag, then keep reading below as we tell you exactly why you won’t be able to live without this F&S lipstick!


A glowing cap for easy application

More liquid lippies should come with illuminating caps. That’s right, true to its name, the True Light Liquid Lipstick’s cap glows to life as soon as it’s opened to allow easy application whether you’re on the go, or in a dark bathroom at a club. A purse staple, through and through!


Hybrid formula

(photo from amandaarambulo)

Goes on like a melted lipstick but has the light and feathery feel of a gloss – also known as the perfect combination! Since this liquid lippie is infused with vitamin E, no matter how much you layer it, it won’t feel cakey and even add a layer of hydration to your pout


It has a built in mirror

Whenever you go out, don’t you hate it how you need to bring a separate mirror just to check if your makeup is still flawless? With this lipstick, you won’t need a separate one anymore as it has a built in mirror on the side. So not only will you be able to perfectly see what you’re applying on your lips, thanks to its built in mirror and illuminator, but you’ll also save space in your bag!


Comes in trendy colours that are perfect for a variety of skin tones

Light, medium, dark; cool tones, warm tones, and olive undertones – True Light’s colour range (5 Glossy shades and 4 Matte shades) will suit a variety of skin tones as each shade is universally flattering. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect nude, red, and pink, you will surely find it here!


Can’t wait to try out the Features & Shades True Light Liquid Lipstick? Then click here to find out more about it!