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Raise your hand if you’ve done something crazy in the name of beauty! Haven’t we all? From weird beauty treatments to hyped —but weird — beauty products, we all probably have fun and maybe even embarrassing stories to share. Those who struggle with acne know this all too well. Having unwanted spots can be quite frustrating, so finding ways to eliminate them is something that many engage in. Sometimes, the quest to find the answers lead to weird road bumps. We asked four women to share their stories and what they think they should have done instead. 

Cleo Kim

Using Nutella as a face mask

“I got it during the start of my teenage days,” Cleo shares about her acne journey. “The bumps are so hard to cover up, especially the bulging ones.” Because of this, she’s tried different types of masks to address the issue. “I once used Nutella as a face mask. I heard that the royals do it. But I didn’t notice a difference! So, no, I will not recommend it.”

Acnes Creamy Wash

“I’ve now switched from putting food on my face to using products that actually work,” Cleo says. “After learning that cleansing is as important as other parts of the routine when it comes to battling acne, I’ve started using Acnes Creamy Wash.” Formulated with Salicylic Acid, it unclogs pores and fights acne. It also has Avocado Extract that helps regulate sebum production. With Vitamins B3, C & E, it helps in lightening acne scars and strengthening the skin barrier. It also contains more than 95 per cent purity Centella Asiatica (CICA) to promote collagen production that leads to the prevention of scar formation. Best of all, it has an amino acid soap-free formula that’s close to the skin’s natural pH level, so it’s super gentle. It also has seaweed extract that moisturises the skin.

Laura Lim

Putting on a DIY mask

For Laura, her ordeal started when she was in secondary school. “I was breaking out so much on my forehead; my skin was so bad,” she says. To help with her situation, Laura bought different kinds of pimple creams and tried different kinds of facials. But the weirdest thing she did to address acne was with oats and honey mask. While she did see some improvement, DIY procedures always carry a risk. She has since focused on tried-and-tested products.

Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion

“I’ve been using the Acnes Powder Lotion, and I’m liking it,” Laura says. “It helps absorb excess oil from my face and unclogs my pores.” The product also contains anti-acne ingredients that help fight acne bacteria and Aloe Vera Extract that moisturises the skin. With Vitamin C, it lightens acne scars and with more than 95 per cent purity Centella Asiatica (CICA) extract, it helps in repairing and soothing blemishes.

Stephanie Ooi

Using way too much concealer

“I started getting acne during puberty. But now that I’m an adult, I still get acne from time to time, especially when I am stressed out or when my period is coming,” Stephanie shares. “Having breakouts on my face affects my confidence,” she adds. “So out of frustration, I once tried to conceal my spots with makeup and ended up worsening the problem.”

Acnes Sealing Jell

Stephanie shares that what she did was only a temporary solution, she has since looked for a way to help her tackle her acne concerns. “With Acnes Sealing Jell, I see an improvement in my acne in just three days after use. I just put it on my pimples and they dry up quite fast,” she says. The product has a gentle formula that consists of 2 per cent sulphur and Salicylic Acid that fights acne bacteria and reduces excessive sebum production. It also has vitamin E, Licorice Extract and Seaweed Extract that soothe redness and help retain skin’s moisture. Packed with more than 95 per cent high purity Centella Asiatica (CICA), it reduces inflammation and heals acne wounds.

Vicky Wong

Putting toothpaste on spots

“Ever since my period started, I have been on a constant with pre- and post-menstrual acne around my chin area,” Vicky says. “On top of that, my acne condition got worse during my teen and university years.” The ongoing battle has definitely affected Vicky but the thing she dislikes most is they are painful, and more often than not they also leave scars. “The most embarrassing thing I’ve experienced with acne, however, was when I was called out by my secret crush about having a huge pimple around my nostril area.”

Acnes Pimple Patch

So she tried to look for different remedies. “I used to apply toothpaste and press ice cubes on new acne to reduce inflammation,” Vicky says of the weirdest things she’s done to get rid of acne. “I have since moved on to using the Acnes Anti-bacterial Acne Patch, which has been very effective for me. It works its magic overnight and the result is amazing.” Made with Medical Grade 0.03cm Patch with High Absorbency, this product absorbs pus and sebum to help in faster acne recovery. It’s also waterproof and sweatproof. For daytime use, Vicky uses the Acnes Anti-bacterial Acne Patch for Day, which is thinner and barely visible.

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From pin-straight hair to curly locks, every hair type needs the perfect type of tool. So it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and start using the right hairbrush for your hair type. Here is our definitive guide to the best hairbrushes to achieve the perfect locks.

For straight hair

Hair Brush for Straight Hair

Straight-haired gals know the struggle of dealing with noticeable breakage and split ends. The uniformity of their hair strands make it painfully obvious when your hair gets damaged from using heat tools or colouring, so it’s best to use a gentle paddle brush with a combination of natural and synthetic bristles. It's perfect for blow-drying and adding a shiny sheen to your hair. For this, give the GHD Oval Dressing Brush a go.

For wavy hair

Hair Brush for Wavy Hair

Ladies with wavy locks should use a round boar-bristled brush. This helps you achieve full, luscious waves while keeping your hair shiny. If you’re looking to sleek out your hair for special occasions, this will also tame your waves without causing damage due to the tension and pulling. Try the Christophe Robin Boar Bristle Detangling Brush.

For curly hair

Hair Brush for Curly Hair

For our curly-haired sisters, do avoid tugging on your curls when using a brush. It’s best to not disrupt the natural curls of your hair, so work with it using a large, round, metal brush that has synthetic and spaced-out bristles to smooth out your curls and add volume to your hair. The metal Verb Round Brush is sturdy, lightweight, and comes in 35-millimetre and 55-millimetre variants.

For coiled curls

Hair Brush for Coiled Curls

It’s best to use a fine-tooth comb and really work with your natural locks if you have tighter curls. A fine-toothed comb works as both a detangler and a styling tool. It’s perfect for smoothing out your hairline and adding lift to the roots while taming your fine baby hairs and frizz. Try this Styling Pick from Amazon.

For hair extensions

Hair Brush for Hair Extensions

If you wear hair extensions, then a looper brush will be your holy grail item. The unique feature on this brush type allows it to smoothly glide over weft hair extensions without snagging or pulling them out. The work for both clip-in hair extensions and the more long-wearing permanent hair extensions, as they minimise damage caused by knots and pulling. Try this one from Amazon.

Here's how you can achieve Korean silky locks.



Even though maximalist aesthetic has officially taken over these days, we still have a special place for the minimalist look in our hearts — especially when it comes to packaging. With many brands becoming more eco-friendly when it comes to product packaging, there's a budding renaissance for sleek and chic packaging, which, without the unnecessary frills and colouring, has a higher chance of being recycled. And which ones are thriving in this category? Japanese beauty brands! 

Aside from popular ones like SK-II, Shiseido and Shu Uemura, there are other J-Beauty brands with insanely chic packaging that should be on your radar. Keep reading to get to know them.


SENSAI, a beauty brand under Kanebo Cosmetics, is known for two things: its elegant ripple-like packaging and their very special ingredient called Koishimaru Silk. According to SENSAI, this precious material has the power to promote the natural production of hyaluronic acid in our skin and is key to achieving a well-moisturised and healthy complexion.


Despite having a western-sounding name, DECORTÉ is actually a Japanese brand. Although, when it comes to packaging, it does draw inspiration from the chic look that's associated with the French aesthetic. We can't help but swoon over those sophisticated-looking lipsticks with the signature scallop detail on the cap and the rose gold platings on the face makeup products.

dear mayuko

dear mayuko's packaging is a good example of geometric minimalism in product packaging done right. Its minimalistic take is thoughtful and reflects the value of the brand, which is to enjoy simple, everyday life. Just like other skincare-focused J-Beauty brands, products of dear mayuko put a premium on hydrated, clean skin.


Shisiedo Integrate has a youthful vibe in terms of packaging. Their signature red shade is more vibrant in tone compared with Shiseido's and the products have cheeky details like heart-shaped prints. In terms of aesthetic, it’s in an ‘in-betweener’ place between the cutesy teen designs and sophisticated grown-up look. Still chic, nonetheless!

Ishizawa Lab

Considered as a 'best-kept' secret by many skincare lovers, Ishizawa Lab offers additive-free makeup and skincare alternatives for those with sensitive skin. Their packaging is as straightforward and pleasantly simple as its actual products. In particular, their best-selling Hahagiku Watery Foundation looks so uniquely chic that it will surely level up your shelfies.

(Cover photo from: @decortebeauty)

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