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Add These Young Women To Your Role Model List

Girl power!

If there's one thing that this past couple of years has proven, it is diversity empowers everyone — especially women. And with feminism rising with movements and initiatives that call for equality among all genders, it proves that striving to be an inspiration to others doesn't have anything to do with race, nationality, or age. 

So if you are a firm believer that we can all be strong and independent, here are some young women to keep you motivated. 


Rupi Kaur

What we use for digital interaction, Rupi uses for art and activism. Popularly known as an "Instapoet", the 24-year-old started off by sharing her poems on Instagram, attracting an audience who connected with her writing. She then published a book of poetry and prose titled Milk and Honey in 2015. It deals with themes of abuse, violence, loss, love, and feminism.

Malala Yousafzai

When she was 11 or 12 years old, Malala wrote a blog under a pseudonym for the BBC Urdu, detailing her life in Swat District Pakistan under the Taliban. Because of this, she was almost assassinated, sparking international support for the teenager. At 19, this Pakistani women and children's rights activist has already received a Nobel Prize.


Tavi Gevinson

Feminism and fashion? Yes, please! This 20 year old has been living the dream since she was 12, having been on Hollywood as an actress and a fashion blogger. Since then, she used her platform to create content that strives to inspire and motivate positivity to her fellow teens. 

Amandla Steinberg

If you're a huge fan of the Hunger Games movies, you would know this 17-year-old as Rue. But beyond her characters on screen, the young actress has been very vocal on issues such as cultural appropriation and racism both in and outside of the industry. She has been continuously calling for people's support, especially the youth, to be more active in issues involving equality, making powerful statements on police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.


Shailene Woodley

From her roles in young adult book-to-film adaptations such as Fault In Our Stars and Divergent, Shailene Woodley has also proven that she can take on bigger causes and initiatives beyond her teen heroine roles. The Divergent star has been very vocal about political and social issues, even joining protests against the North Dakota pipeline project in support of the Native American legacy which the land stands for, leading to her arrest and overnight jail time. Still, the actress stood firm on her convictions even after the release, using her fame as a platform to voice out her advocacies.

Jazz Jennings

The 16-year-old YouTube personality, born a boy, has been living as a girl since she was 5 years old. Known as one of the youngest people in the public eye to identify as a transgender, Jazz used her platform to advocate for LGBTQ rights, and inspire her audience to embrace their 'real selves' more. She and her family have also been very active in providing support for children and families who are dealing with 'transitioning' and gender dysphoria.