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Have you heard? Queen Bey has just been announced as Adidas' latest creative partner for a multi-layered project. Not only is the globally renowned bestselling artist set to develop a signature streetwear and footwear line with the brand, her Ivy Park clothing line — which was initially launched with Topshop in 2016 — will also relaunch under Adidas. 

What's interesting about this team-up is that even with Beyoncé's long-standing reign as one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, her lineup of collaborations has definitely been thin — at least thinner than those within the same spectrum of fame. This is why a long-term commitment to partnering with a brand, especially a streetwear and athleisure brand at that, is really an exciting phenomenon for both the avid members of the BeyHive and those who simply love fashion in general. Still, we have to hold our horses first as details are still slim considering that the project is still in its early stages. 

So what do we do while we wait? We say stock up our wardrobe with some more kicks to prepare ourselves for Adidas x Beyoncè's future athleisure lineup. Agree? We've got the best options below. 

Cole Haan GrandPrø Turf

Cole Haan GrandPrø Turf


With its handstitched detailing and classic silhouette, this new release from Cole Haan in celebration of spring is for you. Enhanced with their Grand.ØS technology that mimics the foot’s natural flexibility for ultimate movability and comfort, this pair is also lightweight and undeniably fashionable, giving your gait more grace and style. It also comes in classic black, clean white, and a stunning salmon pink that all give the right cross between smart-casual and athleisure, perfect for your daily affairs. 

adidas Originals Nite Jogger

adidas Originals Nite Jogger

SGD 220/~USD163

Another reimagined retro piece makes its way into the shelves this 11 April as Adidas offers new iterations of their '70s-inspired Nite Jogger model. Updating its look to match the essentials of the 'Creators of the Night', this sends streetstyle to the next level with its punchy and reflective aesthetic, making it perfect for all your adventures even after-hours.

Onitsuka Tiger x KANTA&KAEDE

Onitsuka Tiger x KANTA&KAEDE

SGD109 to 169/~USD80 to 120

If creative sneaks are more up your alley (and why wouldn't they be? to be honest), Onitsuka's new collaboration will definitely set your heart ablaze. Bringing us the creative genius of brother-and-sister duo KANTA&KAEDE, the collection explores hand-drawn patterns and intricate illustrations dressing up their classic MEXICO 66 model. The duo behind the designs was diagnosed with autism and have developed incredible artistic skills at a young age, bringing in a new layer to this collaboration. Aside from kicks, their patterns will also be present in other apparels by the brand. 




Whoever said history buffs dress geekily will definitely be proven wrong by this newest collaboration between ASICSTIGER and world-renowned Japanese designer Sneakerwolf. Embracing the theme 'Anarchy in the Edo Period' that is inspired by the country's rich history especially during the 18th century, the creation of the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER™ has its own story to tell. Following how Japanese commoners at the time cannot wear luxury colours or materials like purple, red, and gold, this shows the breaking of a rebellion by combining these elements to create a modernised statement piece. It also features an insole design with a circular ‘A’, which fans would be able to recognise as Sneakerwolf’s iconic Kanji-graphy and artistic style. If you're looking to refresh your sneaker collection with an eye-catching pair, this one truly fits the bill. 

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Originally used as test fabric, Gingham has come a long way since its fitting days behind-the-scenes. French icon Brigitte Bardot famously wore it to her wedding and the world hasn't looked back since. Here's how the girls from the Clozette Community put their personal spin on this versatile cloth.  



(Photo from: yunitaelisabeth)

Pretty in Print

gingham bandeau

(Photo from: shermaineinez)



Fashion trends, statement pieces, and quirky fads are cool and all but nothing beats some good ol' staple pieces. These wardrobe essentials are not only the epitome of fashion versatility, but they also earned the title for being accessible and timeless. Still, because of the endless styling possibilities that we can do with these pieces, there's no denying that mixing and matching them can be a bit too overwhelming. 

We say, worry not! Step away from being just sticking with the basics — styling-wise — and unleash the full potential of your wardrobe staples with these fresh ways on how to wear them. 

Denim Jacket

Pull & Bear Oversized Denim Jacket

Why is it a staple: Even within tropical regions, the denim jacket still became a staple piece considering it's classic and straightforward structure. Originally made as work apparel for the likes of truckers, miners, and other tracks focused on physical labour, due to its functionality and heavy-duty design, it has transcended into becoming an iconic fashion piece from 1962 onwards as the casual counterpart of suits and coats. 

Look #1: Rad In Retro

Retro casual outfit combo

From left to right: PULL&BEAR Oversized Denim jacket: PHP1,895 ( USD39.90; PULL&BEAR AC/DC 1981 T-SHIRT, PHP1,195/~ USD25.90 (; TOPSHOP Twill Button Shorts, PHP2,595/~ USD49.42 (; SKECHERS D’lites Biggest Fan, PHP3,890/~USD70 (

Nostalgia is all the rage right now so why not take advantage of it? Aside from our denim jacket as the piece de resistance of this look, we chose an ode to AC/DC as our graphic tee for this ensemble to really channel a throwback feel. If statement tees or logomania is more up your alley, we're sure it'll receive two-stylish-thumbs up in the styling department as well. White high-waisted shorts provide an amazing contrast for creating an hourglass silhouette, complementing the layers you chose for your top. Should you wish to tie your denim jacket to your waist instead, it'll also provide a good colour block between the denim and the white fabric. Complete the casual look with chunky sneakers that are also making a comeback from the '80s and the '90s to channel retro vibes in its full effect. 

Look #2: Futurama

Classic prints and pieces outfit combo

From left to right: TOPSHOP Petite Simple Bandeau, PHP495/~ USD9.43 (; PULL&BEAR Snakeskin print trousers, PHP695/~ USD15.90 (; PULL&BEAR Oversized Denim jacket, PHP1,895 (; ROSEGAL Thick high heel square head fashion boots, Php2,327.16/~ USD42.97 (

There's no denying that the era of the '60s, '70s, and '80s brought us some of the boldest and most stylish trends that have trickled down even to modern-day fashion. What's interesting is that their concept of futuristic wear back in those days now give us a paradoxical vibe. If you cannot choose between either, this ensemble gives you the best of both worlds. The matching white tube top and ankle boots definitely capture the '60s idea of what future-wear would be like, encapsulating inspirations from man's space explorations and other extra-terrestrial fascinations. The snakeskin trousers represent both the past and present's love for animal prints, modernising and rebranding it to something bold and exciting. Lastly, the denim adds a classic appeal to the entire ensemble, tying both ends of the timeframe each element represents into one cohesive look. 

White sneakers

Why is it a staple: You can never compete with a clean aesthetic. It's a great element to balance out a perfectly bold outfit, thus solidifying the spot of white sneakers as a staple for years to come. Not to mention how with the rise of retro and athleisure looks in recent years, it provided a great go-to accessory that completed either. It's no wonder why since its rise in popularity in the '80s and the '90s, it has since become a mainstay in everyone's wardrobes.

Look #1: Candidly Cool

Trendy outfit ensemble

From left to right: PULL&BEAR Vinyl tote bag, PHP1,595/~ USD29.90 (; TOPSHOP Neoprene One Piece, PHP2,295/~ USD43.71 (; PULL&BEAR by Rosalia Denim mini skirt, PHP1,464.87/~USD27.90 (; PULL&BEAR White chunky sole trainers, PHP2,995/~ USD69.90 (

For the fashion-forward Clozetter, we're giving you a look inspo that you simply cannot refuse. Combining the trendiest elements in one curation, you'll definitely be the coolest gal in town with these pieces together: a Vinyl bag that's all over the recent fashion weeks, an asymmetric denim skirt for a touch of edginess, a lilac bodysuit that screams summer, and trusty chunky white kicks to complete the look. No one will dare to question your tastes — and your know-how on the It trends — with this combo. 

Look #2: Miss Prep

Preppy pinafore layered outfit

From left to right: PULL&BEAR White chunky sole trainers, PHP2,995/~ USD69.90 (; PULL&BEAR Cropped jacket with belt, PHP1,895/~ USD39.90 (; TOPSHOP Long sleeve scallop T-shirt, PHP895/~ USD17.05 (; TOPSHOP Petite Check Buckle Pinafore, PHP2,695/~ USD51.33 (

Looking to get all dolled-up but not sure how to wing it? This fool-proof outfit is the one for you. Taking inspiration from the likes of Clueless' Cher, Nancy Drew, and maybe even a bit of comic-book Betty Cooper on the side, get your prep on by layering neutrals like this cropped khaki jacket and grey ribbed long sleeves and pair it with a timeless touch of plaid featuring a pinafore dress just like this one. The white sneakers play an amazing role in tying up the look together, balancing the dressy pieces with a touch of casual playfulness that's never out of place. 

Denim jeans

Why is it a staple: Name one person who doesn't own denim jeans? Impossible, right? Similar to a plain white tee, it trumps almost all the other staples in principle of being compatible with both casual and formal looks. It also fits amazingly for every season no matter what region or hemisphere on earth you're in and exudes all styles, from casual, to cool, to edgy, and even sexy. If we're being honest, aside from the little black dress and the plain white tee, this completes the committee of the ultimate staples of all time!

Look #1: Girl Boss Glory

Girl boss casual outfit

From left to right: PULL&BEAR Long Notched Collar Blazer, PHP2,295.00/~ USD49.90 (; ROSEGAL Thick high heel square head fashion boots, Php2,327.16/~ USD42.97 (; TOPSHOP Matte Popper vest, PHP495.00/~ USD9.43 (; PULL&BEAR Dark Blue Mom jeans, PHP1,595.00/~ USD29.90 (

Who said girl boss outfits are only limited to crisp suits and heaven-high pumps?  Transform your trusty denim-jeans-and-cami combo to business-mode by pairing it up with a coloured blazer and a nice set of boots. Not only will you channel a refreshing take on office-wear, but it won't also fall short of sharpness for when you have an accidental presentation or high-profile meeting you have to get to ASAP. 

Look #2: Out With The Gals

Printed top and neutrals night-out outfit

From left to right: PULL&BEAR Messenger bag with flap, PHP895/~ USD19.90 (; TOPSHOP Giraffe print shirt, PHP2,695/~ USD51.33 (; PULL&BEAR Dark Blue Mom jeans, PHP1,595/~ USD29.90 (; ROSEGAL Chunky heels ankle Chelsea boots, PHP1,203.94/~USD22.93

Partying with your besties should be a top priority for de-stressing and reconnecting. And so is making sure that your outfit helps you live out your best moments in comfort and style. Switch up your take on the typical animal print by going for this unique giraffe-printed long sleeves and complete the look by accessorising with neutrals. Our best picks for a look with a bold central piece fall on sleek and minimalist pieces such as this white crossbody bag and a basic-but-never-boring pair of square-toed booties. 

Looking for more arm-candies to match these looks with? These cruelty-free bags that are as good as luxe leather deserve your attention.