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All Your Favourite Singaporean Designers In One Space

See you at the Design Orchard!

Imagine walking down a street, looking at the windows and seeing all your favourite and up-and-coming Singaporean designers' works are on display. Isn't it a sight to behold? What if you no longer have to imagine it? Through the efforts of Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore, in partnership with Enterprise Singapore and JTC, Singaporean designers will have a space to start and nurture their dreams of designing for the people in the city-state and beyond. 

A place to grow

With the vision of making Singapore an innovative fashion hub, TAFF is going to create an incubation space for designers at Design Orchard. The space, approximately 10,000 sq. ft. in size, will be a creative workspace for designers, fully equipped with meeting rooms for brainstorming and work studios with sewing machines and a fabric library.

A road with low-rise commercial buildings

Aside from physically being able to create, the designers will also be given opportunities to enrich their skills, collaborate with other designers, create and commercialise their products.

A place to step up

Apart from the space, the designers will also be given the opportunity to join the incubation programme, which includes talent development, training, overseas sourcing and production trips, as well as an opportunity to showcase their designs in international shows.

A place to level up

Through TAFF's first "house" label, Project Red Label, designers can receive practical business experience through an apprenticeship with industry veterans. Through this program, TAFF will help designers, both new and established, to gain relevant busienss and technological acumen to make sure they stay afloat strongly in the world of fashion. After completing the program, graduates will form an alumni association to help each other as well as those who will come after them.

All of these programs aim to champion the talents of local designers and bring them forward to the rest of the world.

Want to be part of this history-making initiative, you may email [email protected] for more details.