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We have to admit that we all have our fair share of excuses when the topic of keeping fit pops up. We tend to procrastinate thinking that it is not the right time or it is too late. At times like these, we need that extra push to get us thinking and going after those fitness goals again.

Scroll down to find out what Malaysian personality and fitness enthusiast Linora Low has got to say to those who want to give getting in shape another shot.

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Where does one start when trying to come up with a fitness plan?

Start by having a goal. It could be to improve your stamina, your strength, how you feel about yourself, or how to decrease your body fat. There is no right or wrong on this. 

Start with that first. Once you have figured that out, move on to finding a program that suits your lifestyle and would really help you achieve your goal. Get a gym buddy or even better, a personal trainer! A trainer is great as they will give you the motivation you need to get through an exercise routine and will also be able to help answer all the fitness questions you have. 

If your schedule is tight, you can also find some good workout programs online just to get you started. A great example is the HIIT workout routines. You can do this at home. I have also shared simple workout methods on my Youtube channel: Check it out if you are interested!
What are the exercise routines that you can recommend to those who are not physically active but would want to achieve such goals?

Exercises that really target to get most of your body moving is one of the simplest way to get started. I understand that it can be intimidating to enter a gym with all the big equipment. So the best way to start is with a personal trainer. You will be able to learn the proper forms and techniques through a trainer. 

One simple routine I would recommend will be the high intensity interval (HIIT) training session. This is a good routine whereby you work out for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds by doing a series of exercises such as mountain climbing, star jumps, and pushups. Keep it simple at the beginning before progressing to harder moves.

The word “exercise” may appear to be intimidating to some people. Are there any other activities that you can suggest to achieve the same results?

Try out fun activities or classes like Zumba and MMA, take your dog out for a walk at the park, play basketball, badminton, or squash. You can also try out one of the free workout sessions with Under Armour at the KLCC Park or Jalan Bangkung Park. I will be there at times to conduct the warm up session and my friends who are all instructors will give you great sessions as well.

How would you define a good workout session?

This depends on what you would like to do and achieve. It is different for all individuals. I prefer to separately tone parts of my body throughout the week, moving to a major muscle group day to day. In order to achieve a healthy body, it is advisable to do a full body workout. You can opt for three workout sessions in a week if you have a jam packed schedule and don't have time to stick to a daily exercise routine.

What advice would you give to someone who is just getting started on how to follow through fitness goals?

Remind yourself about these goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to get stronger, to have better stamina, or even to tone up, you will need to make sure that you will stick to it. Find a friend who will help motivate you, watch motivational videos, or get a personal trainer. Everyone gets their motivations through different methods. Be determined in wanting to make a change for yourself.


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Fashion is everywhere. It’s in your makeup, your accessories, your hair, in your furniture, in the clothes you wear, and so much more. But it’s especially present in films – with just one look you can immediately tell what period it’s set in, the characters’ social standing, and so on!

A film with good fashion makes watching it funner and more exciting because its exquisite collections of outfits look like walking works of art!

And since we love fashion, and we know you do too, we created a list of our favourite movies that every fashionista must watch!


The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

A movie staple in every fashionista’s list, The Devil Wears Prada offers a look into the life of working for a famous fashion magazine, and the outfits every one wears is as gorgeous and breathtaking as we thought it would be! 

Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)

No fashion movie list is ever complete without Breakfast At Tiffany’s. This rom-com is famous for its glamorous ensembles such as Audrey Hepburn's classic little black dress, glitzy parties, and classic and elegant makeup looks!

Sex And The City (2008)

At the beginning of Sex And The City’s television show, the character of Carrie Bradshaw makes it clear that she lives and breathes fashion. So when the show became a movie, her outfits, plus those of her friends, became extra stylish and glamorous that you wouldn't be able to resist going gaga over them! 

Clueless (1995)

Watch Cher Horowitz navigate through boyfriends, betrayals, and more teenage problems while rocking some of the fiercest 90's outfits in Clueless! A must-watch if you love chokers, preppy fashion, brown lips, and a whole lot of grunge!

Factory Girl (2006)

Take a look inside the life of Andy Warhol’s first “superstar”, Edie Sedgwick, and watch as the film stylishly combines the mod era with the beatnik ways of Warhol’s “factory”. So if you like smoky eyes, thick black lashes, and A-line dresses, Factory Girl will be your new favourite film!

Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009)

Wish you could purchase all the clothes your heart desired? Then you’ll love watching Confessions of a Shopaholic’s Rebecca Bloomwood buy, and wear, the trendiest and most luxurious pieces you could ever imagine!

Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

The Mondrian dress, the Le Smoking tuxedo suit, and more; Yves Saint Laurent explores the life of the French designer from his days as an assistant to designer Christian Dior, to creating his own fashion house and popularising prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) collections!


Which movies do you wish were in our must-watch list? Share your favourites with us below!



Singapore shoppers alert: From now until 30th June, get ready to shop till you drop at the largest multi-label pop-up, located at Isetan Level 1, Wisma Atria. Spanning over 17,000 square feet, this pop-up by W.E. (Workshop Element) and Togetherly features a comprehensive retail experience. An all-you-can-shop retail space with over 90 Singapore-based brands? Oh, yes! Whether you’re a style maven, craft addict, or an art enthusiast, there is something for everybody.

Clozetters Becks and Kersie with Alfie Leong (middle)

As opposed to permanent retail spaces, there is a reason for the rising popularity of pop-up retail spaces – this temporary retail environment creates opportunities for new brands. “Some spaces are too big for many of us to consider it a permanent space. The rental will drown SMEs, especially in the Singapore retail scene,” according to veteran fashion designer and W.E. founder Alfie Leong. “Pop-ups allow us to explore, provide a platform for small businesses, and build crowd for the landlords by cultivating awareness.”

Jewellery brand, Azen, at W.E. x Togetherly Pop-up

Then, how were the brands chosen to showcase at the W.E. x Togetherly Pop-up? “My partners, Wendy and Germaine, worked closely together to curate and understand the brands. There were many factors that were considered. Some brands are really interesting and creative, but they lack a space to sell. Some brands are new and we feel that they have growth potential. Some have been in the trade for a long time, and when we unite these brands together, we create awareness for them.”

Eyewear brand, Visual Mass, at W.E. x Togetherly Pop-up

Looking to stock up on your accessories stash? There are Foundry And Co, Azen, Whimsy and Magic, and more. Want to get your beauty fix? Head to Love Organic, Basic Theory, FrankSkincare, and so on! Dying to level up on your hipster vibe? Visual Mass, The Way We Were, an art gallery by Art Front, and the likes are at your service. As for the home design savvy folks? Airmocks, Commune Home, and Artless Goods are just a few of the home décor brands you have to know about!

Lifestyle (candles) brand, Sally’s Room, at W.E. x Togetherly Pop-up

The W.E. x Togetherly Pop-up serves as a central marketplace for both new and established brands – and you’re looking at almost 100 independent brands and businesses born and bred in Singapore. No kidding! Don’t believe us? Go check out the massive pop-up and see for yourself!