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Planning for a trip usually begins with research for must-see landmarks, local watering holes, and trendy hotspots. And if you're bound for Japan, it's likely that you'll see recommendations for popular cultural sights such as temples, historical castles and shopping districts. However, aside from the iconic Nara Park, there's another side to Japan that's not usually discovered, and that's animal sanctuaries. Read on to find out about these unusual animal attractions in the country.

Zao Fox Village

Zao Fox Village

This place is exactly what you think it is: an adorable sanctuary that's home to over 200 wild foxes who live and play to their hearts' content. Visitors can cuddle and feed these furry rascals and take photos with them. Make your way here by car from Tokyo or via bullet train to Shiroishi-Zao station to catch a shuttle bus run by the Fox Village.


If you're spending winter in Nagano, the hot springs are a natural choice to keep warm and enhance your skin's health in the mineral-rich waters. Make this experience much more interesting by hanging out at Jigokudani Monkey Park where you can witness scores of Japanese macaques enjoying the hot springs just as humans do.

Machida Risu-en Squirrel Garden

Get up close and personal with some of Tokyo's cutest locals at this squirrel garden that's located 30 minutes from Shinjuku by train. With a population of about 200 squirrels, you'll be sure to have some face time with these furry critters while you stroll through the enclosures. The garden is also home to a variety of animals available for interactions — just ask the attendants!

Nasu Alpaca Farm

Take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city and sink your hands into some unbelievably soft fleece at the largest alpaca farm in Japan. Starting off with 200 alpacas in 1999, the farm has grown to house more than 400 of these well-loved, adorable creatures. Wander around or ask a guide to take you on a tour for a great day out.

Noboribetsu Bear Park

Noboribetsu Bear Park

(Photo from: Noboribetsu Bear Park website)

Children often grow up with teddy bears and assume that they are domesticated and readily available for playtime, but as adults, we know that's not the case. Live out your childhood dreams of interacting with a real live bear at the Noboribetsu Bear Park, home to about 140 free-range brown bears and Asian black bears. Visit them in winter to snap some truly amazing photos as they frolic in their compounds, and take advantage of the park’s spectacular view from their observation deck.

Izu Shaboten Zoo

Recognised as the largest rodents in the world, the star attraction of this zoo is the family of free-range capybara who's more than happy to roll over for a belly rub and a quick photo. From the months of November to April, visitors will get to enjoy delightful scenes of capybaras enjoying their open-air hot spring bath, so be sure to book your trip before it's too late.

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Named after the Filipino word for fabric, Tela is the newest sustainable brand in town. It's designed by 19-year-old Alyssa Lagon, daughter to the forces behind popular Filipino fashion brand BAYO. "For BAYO, since everything is done in-house, I could see first-hand the textile scraps that are produced every year," Alyssa shares. "I thought to myself, 'What can I do to transform this waste into something useful?' And that's where the idea of creating a sustainable brand — which is now Tela — came to mind." 

Alyssa Lagon Tela

Alyssa Lagon, Owner of Tela

From the first step to the finishing touches, Tela's vision is to cultivate a mindful connection between the makers and buyers by engaging local craftsmen, through their partner, the BAYO Foundation. Excess fabrics from BAYO and other affiliate brands are donated to the foundation and is forwarded to weaving communities like the one in Argao, Cebu via ANTHILL Fabrics. Once these scraps are made into useable woven fabrics, BAYO Foundation buys them back and sells them to fashion brands. Thus, a cycle of sustainability is fostered.

Tela Sustainable Fashion Brand Philippines

Another daring move that Tela makes in the name of sustainable fashion is its decision to steer clear of buttons and zippers, which can add to environmental waste. When asked what could be done to fasten the dress and shape it to the body, Alyssa says, "We designed the pieces to fit the bodice through the use of adjustable fabric straps which you can tighten."  

Tela Sustainable Fashion Brand Philippines

Tela uses adjustable straps instead of zippers and buttons

Tela kickstarts their debut with three collections: Refresh (spotlights natural fibres), Revive (highlights traditional weaving), and Renew (special upcycled pieces made from fabric scraps). 

Tela Sustainable Fashion Brand Philippines

Pieces from the refresh collection are sleek and made from natural fibres

Tela Sustainable Fashion Brand Philippines

The revive collection showcases the art of traditional Filipino weaving

Tela Sustainable Fashion Brand Philippines

The renew collection are made from production scraps that are given new life

Aside from producing chic minimalist clothing, Tela also puts thought into the little things like its hang tags, which are made of mint seed paper that you can plant.

From 17 August to 16 September, Tela will be opening a pop-up store at the retail section of Manila House. Afterwards, Tela's pieces will continue to be available on Instagram at @tela.mnl.

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It’s that time of year again where Kuala Lumpur — and the world — gear up to admire the latest pieces carefully curated and showcased by Malaysia's fashion powerhouses and up-and-coming stars. This year, expect to see over 80 designers showcasing their latest creations at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Centre Court. Plus, some special collaborations. Here are just some of the few things to expect at the 2019 Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

KL fashion week celebrates its 7th year with designs to symbolise the number 7 in various languages

Fashion x Innovation 

Lexus partners with Alia Bastamam, one of Malaysia’s most loved designers to deliver a stunning show based on their brand philosophy “ Anticipate. Innovative. Captivate.” The theme coincides with Alia’s consistency and persistence throughout her journey as a designer.

Representatives of KLFW 2019 sponsors

Meanwhile, HP, the official notebook partner for 2019, has partnered with three designers to highlight their creative journeys with the HP Spectre x360, which offers superior design, leading security and enhanced performance, highlighting how magic is made when fashion meets technology.

Fashion x Beauty 

Look forward to not only fashion trends but beauty looks to cop because Shiseido will be a part of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week for the first time as the official makeup sponsor, bringing with them a visionary range of cosmetics from their newly relaunched Shiseido makeup line.

Panasonic sets foot in the KL fashion scene for the first time, too, in their 101 years in the industry as the official hair and garment care sponsor, powering the hair and makeup stations backstage with their innovative products.

Fashion x Heritage 

The founder of KL Fashion Week, Andrew Tan, has been a guiding hand in bringing batik to the forefront of fashion, pushing it to be appreciated and celebrated hand-in-hand with upscale fashion through the Fashion Forward Batik initiative. Malaysia’s leading feminine care brand Kotex also plays a part in this movement by bringing to life the designs in their limited-edition Batik range that were created by marginalised female artisans on the runway.

KLFW Founder Andrew Tan

KLFW Founder Andrew Tan sharing what's new for the shows this year during the media launch

Additionally, an exhibition displaying Malaysia’s iconic textile fabrics such as Tenun Pahang Diraja, Royal Terengganu Songket and Batik Kelantan, called Thread of Heritage will be available for public viewing from 14 August to 2 September, in conjunction with our national month to spread awareness on the appreciation of local fabrics and craftsmanship.

Fashion x Sustainability

One of this year’s focal points is sustainable fashion. Get excited for 13 young designers who are bringing a new perspective into the scene, aligning with the development goals of Airasia, Commonwealth Fashion Council of UK, and the United Nations. Indulge in an array of thoughtful pieces that place emphasis on ethical fashion and mindfulness.

Catch a glimpse of the glamour at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2019 between the 21 and 25  August 2019 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Centre Court.

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