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When in Tokyo, foreign animé fans are quick to put Akihabara in their itinerary as the place-to-be for otakus (Japanese pop culture lovers). But while that is true, did you know that Japan's capital has a lot more animé and manga stops than just the Electric City? From recreating iconic scenes from a global animé blockbuster to shopping your heart out and filling that animé-merch-shaped void in your heart, here's a list of animé destinations in Tokyo, apart from Akihabara, that you should have in your itinerary.

Suga Shrine, Shinjuku

This small shrine found in the middle of a quaint neighbourhood in Shinjuku gained immense popularity after the global success of Makoto Shinkai's animated film Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name).  The film's story revolves around a teenage boy living in Tokyo named Taki Tachibana, and a small town girl living in a fictional town called Itomori named Mitsuha Miyamizu, who begin switching bodies with each other due to an unknown occurrence. The stairs just outside of Suga Shrine became the iconic landmark for the film's poster, signifying an important scene in the movie's conclusion. It became so popular that even Google Maps now directs you to a walking trail following the movie's sequence leading up to the shrine if you start your quest from Shinjuku Station. 

Gundam Statue, Odaiba

Whether or not you're a Gundam fan, just the sight of the full-scale RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Mobile Suit will leave you in glee. Replacing the classic Gundam statue erected in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in 2017, the Unicorn Gundam stands at 19.7 metres and switches between the Unicorn mode and the Destroyer mode at certain points of the day for the crowd to enjoy. Plus, Odaiba is situated in a man-made island solely created for entertainment hubs surrounded by stunningly futuristic architecture, so the Gundam Statue is just one of the many things you can see there.

 Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo, Ikebukuro

Every animé fan has had a Pokemon phase. It continues to be a hit, even after 20 years since its launch, as exhibited by the recent success of PokemonGo, as well as the movie Detective Pikachu. So can you really go on a trip to the land of animé without paying a visit to the biggest Pokemon Centre in Japan? 

Celebrate all your favourite Pokemon in this megastore filled with merch, merch, and yes — MERCH. We're talking Pokemon-themed snacks, jello drinks, and even noodles. Plus, there are also your usual keychains, shirts, stuff toys — you name it. We guarantee you can't leave the store without spending your yen on a haul in this animé haven.

Sanrio Puroland, Tama

Looking for a place where everything is kawaii (cute) no matter where you turn? Sanrio Puroland is just the spot for you. The hub for all things Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody, and the rest of the Sanrio gang, this theme park is great for kids and kids-at-heart who love gushing over everything pink, fluffy, and irresistible.

P.S. Make sure you don't miss out on the adorable character performances done within the park that will leave you feeling like you're a Sanrio character yourself.

Nakano Broadway, Nakano

Nakano Broadway should be your next stop after exhausting the streets of Tokyo's Electric City. Home to the famous manga (Japanese comic books) store Mandarake, as well as store after store filled with animé merch, gaming shops, gachapons (capsule toys), and more to fill your haul, this place is heaven for anime fans. You can even spot some idol goods in the area to show your support to you J-pop faves. 

(Cover photo from: @purolandjp; @haevar.nyk)

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After having a brief reign as the hottest sunglasses trend, the retro micro shades are now slowly fading out of popularity. What's back on the top spot? Oversized sunnies that make bold statements. We spotted a few Clozette Community members sporting this new trend. Keep scrolling to see how they style this eye-catching accessory. 

Chic style

Oversized Sunglasses Style Inspiration

(Photo from: Leannelow)


Oversized Sunglasses Style Inspiration

(Photo from: sharniehung)



Hello, Friday! Another week went by so fast that there's just not enough time to catch up on the juiciest news there is. So from Sephora closing down their stores in the U.S. to Kylie Jenner teasing another addition to her controversial skincare line, we spill this week's hottest news in today's Insider Roundup for you to enjoy. 

Sephora stores closed in the U.S.... for an hour

Okay, okay! We know that the headline made your heart skip a beat for a moment. But no worries as Sephora only closed down all their U.S. stores last Wednesday for a mere hour to conduct a diversity training. The beauty retailer was in hot water recently when singer-songwriter SZA tweeted about an incident aligned to racial profiling in one Sephora store.

The store claimed that they already had planned on conducting the diversity training weeks prior to the incident but some people are not buying it. We can only hope that as wide as the range of beauty picks in Sephora counters are, that's also how they'll be more inclusive with their customers moving forward. 

Naturally Serious arrives in Singapore

Insider Roundup: Naturally Serious arrives in Singapore

The skincare brand that prides itself for being clean, ethically made, and with no B.A.D. (Banned. Ambiguous. Debatable.) ingredients in their formulations arrives in Singapore and promises to — as their name suggests — take your skin seriously. With products that offer a unique anti-pollution blend of six antioxidants, if anti-ageing and skin protection is up your alley (as it should be for everyone) then this arrival is definitely good news for you.

Paris Hilton and K-beauty?

After announcing her beauty brand ProD.N.A. a couple of months ago, Paris Hilton decided to take it to the big leagues — in terms of today's beauty scene — and launch it in South Korea. Paris claims that she finds the K-beauty market unique given their love for multi-step skincare and claims that she's already looking at its success. The brand aims to strengthen its range of anti-ageing and whitening products, which proved to be controversial in the Asian market recently, but it looks like Ms. PH isn't backing down with her vision. 

Kylie Skin is adding sunscreen to their line

It looks like even after the complaints about her skincare line, Kylie Jenner is still pursuing new Kylie Skin launches. In her recent Day In The Life video on YouTube, Kylie teased that sunscreen is making its way into her range of products. While deets about the product are still Klassified, people are already hoping no walnuts are involved in the making of this one. 

Zilingo x Disney is coming

Insider Roundup: Zilingo X Disney

Fashion portal Zilingo teams up with The Walt Disney Company to release at least 20 collections, with up to 300 products, that will serve up geeky style to the next level. Featuring pieces on Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar, we can expect a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, leggings and joggers to cater to our Disney-loving desires. 

(Cover photo from: @sc)

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