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While there is so much joy and excitement during the holidays, the season can also be quite stressful. Aside from persevering through the Christmas rush on the roads, you also have to prepare tons for your parties and celebrations. Of course, with all that comes the planning, the shopping, and the gift-wrapping. With all these tasks at hand, it’s easy to have a few of them slip off your mind. Prevent that from stressing you out during crucial times with these five apps that can help keep you calm and productive this holiday season.


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It’s important to set the mood before taking on your tasks. Bring out the holiday cheer by listening to your fave Yuletide hits. Whether you’re into classic Christmas songs that bring out nostalgia or into the more upbeat tunes that give everyone an extreme case of LSS, Spotify has them all. Browse through the hundreds of playlists and hit play on one that’s just perfect for you.

Money Manager

Money Manager app screenshots


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Be on top of your end-of-the-year expenses. Most people are likely to shell out more money during the holidays and it’s not a surprise — aside from gift-giving obligations, the sales happening in every store can be tempting. Keep track of your money and stop yourself from going beyond budget with a financial tracker app like Money Manager.


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Creating a gift list is mandatory during the Christmas season. End gift-giving anxiety by having everything noted down before shopping: who you’re buying for, gift options, sizes, and so on in one app. What’s great about Giftster is that it’s perfect for organising lists for groups of people. You can even invite your friends and family so they can share their wishlists and sizes so you know you’re only giving them the best this season.


Lazada is one of the many apps that can help holiday productivity


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Once you’re done with your list, it’s time to do some shopping. But we all know that traffic can be extremely heavy with everyone rushing to the malls to do their last-minute holiday buying. Save yourself from a stressful scenario in a grid-locked road by just doing all your gift-buying online. Lazada is just one of the many shopping apps you can visit that offers a wide array of products. From gadgets, clothes, to beauty products — you can find them all here.


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Preparing for a Christmas party at home? Serve your guests a delectable feast with the help of SideChef. The app is like a kitchen assistant that can help you search and save easy recipes, and help you with step-by-step guided cooking. You can save time and money during the holidays with this app as it can help you plan your meals and create a shopping list ahead of your time. Say bye to last-minute kitchen dilemma with this!

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This week has been all about comebacks. First, there's Jaclyn Hill who has announced the relaunch of her beauty brand just four months after the release of her controversial lipsticks. Next, we have the potential reunion of the cast and creators of Friends. Even Met Gala's theme next year is all about celebrating the yesteryears. Plus, there's also the launch of the new and improved THREE Balancing R Series. But on to more exciting and fresh news. Keep reading for more updates.

The new UNIQLO x Marimekko collab

UNIQLO x Marimekko Collab

Uniqlo and Marimekko have teamed up once again to create a new collection for this season. After garnering a positive response from their first limited-edition collaboration for Spring 2018, the two brands decided to come together again — this time concentrating to create apparel that celebrates Finnish winter traditions. Expect to see Ultra Light Down Cocoon Coat, Wool Cashmere Hoodie, shirt dresses, jumpsuits and other winter style essentials dressed in bold and colourful Marimekko prints. The upcoming collection will be up for grabs starting 29 November.

Essena O'Neill returns to social media

Back in 2015, Essena O'Neill made headlines when she left the influencer industry and quit social media at the height of her career. What was even more groundbreaking was when she edited all her Instagram posts to narrate what was really going on behind the seemingly effortless glam shots. "NOT REAL LIFE - took over 100 in similar poses trying to make my stomach look good," she writes in a now-deleted post. Now, four years after, O'Neill is ready to make a comeback in the digital arena. FYI, this is her new Instagram account.

R.A.F. Studios showcases holiday collection

R.A.F. Manila

Left: R.A.F. Studios pieces; Right: Celebrity stylist Liz Uy and Co-founder Roxanne Ang-Farillas

Yesterday, R.A.F. Studios (sister brand of Plains & Prints) showcased their 2019 Holiday Collection at their newly opened boutique at EDSA Shangrila Plaza. The brand has collaborated with celebrity stylist Liz Uy to create chic and festive pieces for the season. Visit the store soon!

Dior "Atelier of Dreams" pop-up at Jewel Changi

Dior Atelier of Dreams Pop-Up at Jewel Changi

Going abroad for the holidays? If you can, stop by at the Dior "Atelier of Dreams" pop-up booth at Jewel Changi. From J’adore to Rouge Dior lipsticks, the pop-up will offer beauty essentials from the Maison, along with the latest must-haves for the upcoming holiday season. The pop-up also offers engraving services so you can personalise your item. It's open until 31 December at Jewel Changi Level 1.

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It's true: augmented reality (AR) technology has been shaping the landscape of today’s beauty and fashion scene. One platform that banks on this trend is video-sharing app TikTok. Aside from the usual perks provided by the platform to its users, it’s also encouraging a style trend that started off digitally but had people wanting to bring it to life: adventurous piercings.

Now, you might be thinking that piercings are quite typical and there’s nothing wrong whether people are trying them out virtually or in reality. But the piercing filter on TikTok has sparked the Piercing Roulette challenge, where the filter would randomly suggest a piercing placement to the user and the person has to actually get it. It may sound cool and all, but people are reportedly doing it without any professional help. Yikes!

Girl with nose ring and big hoop earrings

Before you start calling us killjoys, let's be clear that we’re not here to stop you from trying the trend. We just want you to take a teensy bit of caution. So here's the 411 on what you need to know before getting a new piercing. 

Ask for your doctor’s advice prior to getting a piercing

While getting a piercing can be fun and spontaneous, getting the advice of your doctor prior to the procedure should also be a priority. Factors such as your blood sugar, blood pressure and pain tolerance actually play a big role in the process. The body has different — sometimes unexpected — ways of reacting to pain and dealing with healing. Since piercing is initially a punctured wound, knowing how your body will react to it is a must.

Girl with a septum piercing

Get pierced by an expert

If you’re thinking that it’s as easy as poking a balloon, let us be the ones to burst your bubble (pun intended). The chances of getting an infection when piercing yourself or having someone inexperienced do it is high. You might even end up spending more for getting treated than going to a professional piercer. There are many licensed tattoo parlours across the region — who use sterile tools (important!) — that offer the service. There are also jewellery shops found in malls that can do it for you such as Unisilver or Silverworks in the Philippines, Goldheart or Stellar in Singapore, and Attic Jewelry in Malaysia.

Different piercing placements = different initial pain levels 

For first-timers and repeaters alike, pain tolerance varies significantly. Where you're getting pierced informs this, too. Loose skin or body parts that don't have cartilages like your ear lobes, navel or tongue hurt less. Your septum or the upper and inner part of your ears are more sensitive so do expect more pain if you're getting piercings there.

Ear with many piercings

Check your skin's sensitivity

Does your skin tend to get easily irritated under normal circumstances? It's best to stick to hypoallergenic studs then. Some people still tend to develop extra pain and irritation no matter how clean the piercing process was or how high-quality the rings/studs used are. It's important to know if your skin is more sensitive than others so your piercing and healing process goes smoothly.

The area needs extra — but not too much — care days after piercing

The best thing about getting pierced by a professional is that you get to ask all the after-care questions you can and get reliable answers. Each body part has a specific way to clean and care for post-piercing. Take your specialist’s advice to heart. The golden rule, though, is to not move your piercing while it's still healing. A nudge here and there might cause swelling, bleeding or other negative after-effects. Should this happen, consult a doctor right away.

Girl with septum piercing and arm tattoo

Yes, piercing-holes heal but in varied rates

Got a piercing you regret? Don’t worry. They tend to heal. Non-cartilage piercings tend to heal faster than others. Piercings that also don't have earrings for a long while tend to become smaller (and sometimes close up completely) compared to holes that have jewellery.

Overall, similar to other fashion or beauty decision, getting a new piercing is an exciting prospect. But you still have to practice caution. Get pierced (or not), but do it safely. 

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