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Beat Jet-lag With These Cool Apps

Get back on track!

If you’re the jet-setter kind of girl, then you probably understand how difficult it is to deal with jet-lag. Exploring new places is really fun, but having to fly across different time zones can be quite a hassle. Imagine having to deal with being fatigued all day long and having trouble falling asleep or staying awake. It’s even more of a bummer if you need to re-adjust to your regular sched stat. That’s why we’ve listed down a few handy apps that can help you treat that nagging inconvenience.



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With the Timeshifter, jet-lag is history. Based on your sleep and the circadian cycle, this app used by athletes and astronauts can help you personalise your plans and arrive at your destination feeling your best. Based on your activities, Timeshifter advises you to take small actions at specific times, like avoiding light, or drinking caffeine, to gradually shift your body clock so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Luckily, this helpful app is available for both users.



Similar to Timeshifter, Entrain hopes to help you with your jetlag by giving you a personalised schedule. By recording your lighting history, you’re suggested a lighting schedule based on research developed by students of University of Michigan. What’s more, is that you can opt to contribute your data to jet-lag studies. Now you help and you get a good night’s sleep wherever you go.


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Sometimes everything that prevents us from getting our sleep can just be solved by a moment of silence and relaxation. Headspace helps you get just that by offering guided meditation sessions to help you with your stress and sleep. Although it’s not a travel specific app, it can still can help you have a well-rested trip.


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Your sleep isn’t the only thing being affected by jet-lag. It also disrupts your digestion, stress levels, and immune system among other things. To help you with that, Uplift uses a natural solution to re-sync your body: acupressure. You simply enter your itinerary and Uplift will give you acupressure points you need to focus on so you can re-adjust in just a few minutes.




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Last but not the least, Spotify— yes, that’s right, your go-to music player can also help with your jet-lag problems. It’s pretty difficult to fall asleep when you’re distracted with worrying thoughts and noise next door. And that’s where Spotify comes in. It’s pretty straightforward—you pop on some relaxing tunes from the tons of sleep music playlists available in the app, to lull yourself to sleep.