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April isn't as exciting without starting off with a couple of pranks. And as always, our favourite brands went full on for April Fool's this year, setting us up with cheer-worthy and even wish-fulfilling faux releases. But while some of them are without a doubt questionable, others actually had us wishing their hoax-y products and services would happen in real life. Care to see which of these made it into our wishlist and why? Keep on scrolling to find out. 

Halo Top edible face masks

What's your ideal night in? We're thinking face masks, a K-drama marathon on Netflix, and ice cream — lots of it.  Great, right? This is why ice cream brand Halo Top's idea of edible face masks piqued our interest immediately. Sure, the idea of horking down something after you've used it on your face is icky, but there are definitely other ways to work around it. Say, divide the tub of product with one for eating and one for pampering and voilà! If this product exists IRL, it's already got your weekend relaxation covered without needing two trips to the beauty counter and the grocery store. Plus, you don't ever have to worry about tasting bitter serums on your mouth during a masking session. Now, you see the appeal?

HyperX's Nissin Cup Noodles headphones

One word: WANT! As tacky as it may seem, we're all living for novelty products and this one takes home the crown for sure. And yes, instant noodles' sodium levels may not exactly be friendly, but they're sure high up in the ranks with the best comfort foods ever. Still, if you're a fitness buff through and through but would still want a taste — pun intended — of compact ramen goodness minus the health risk, these HyperX headphones make up for the next best thing. The product was suspiciously released on 1 April and is currently listed as sold-out on Nissin's online Fan Store so we can't say for sure if this is 100 per cent a hoax. But if it's not, then is there a waitlist we need to sign up to to get this ASAP?

Hypebae's Invisible Makeup line

Are you a massive fan of the no-makeup makeup look? Then it seems like you're the target of Hypebae's new faux release — the Invisible Makeup line. Described as 'the most natural and seamless beauty product yet,' we understand how silly the concept is (because duh, there's nothing there). But my oh my, you can't deny that the packaging really speaks to everyone's inner minimalist. We're all for a good in-your-face prank, but seriously, where can we get those containers that will look so good as vanity organisers?

Duolingo Push 

Learning at least another language or two apart from the ones you already speak is something that's almost on everyone's bucketlist. And because of the power of the internet and the accessibility of the smartphone, achieving that goal is so much easier — at least if you're not always procrastinating or caught up in a tight sched. This is why Duolingo, one of the top apps when it comes to self-taught language learning, decided to prank their fans and users with a supposed new premium feature called 'Duolingo Push'.

This comes in the form of the app's renowned green owl mascot named Duo who would show up anytime, anywhere to make sure you're getting to your lessons sans the excuses. Now, it sounds passive-aggressive yet super funny, but come to think of it, having a 'subtle reminder' to get on with our goals doesn't sound too bad — especially when a cute green owl is involved, don't you think?

Starbucks launches Pupbucks

Coffee and puppies — doesn't that sound like a great way to start your morning? Or maybe even your afternoon and evening, too (we're not judging). So imagine everyone's glee when Starbucks played everyone with a concept of extending your café experience to your beloved dogs. And no, it's not exactly like the dog or cat cafés rising in popularity nowadays; it's all dogs, no hoomans (sorry!). Still, that doesn't mean we're not all for it. Our pups deserve their café hang moments, too!

Now, while we can't really have our fun with the puppers given this 'exclusive' setup, maybe they can do one IRL where it's live-streamed 24/7 so that we can just watch these babies play around all-day hyped with coffee and bagels. Starbucks, make it happen!

(Cover photo from: @halotopcreamery; @originalcupnoodles)

While waiting for these wishes to come true, let's celebrate with these Game Of Thrones collabs that are already available to us for the taking. 



One of the most anticipated events all over the world is Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. Known for their effortlessly cool street style and mastery of cuts and patterns, the Japanese are trendsetters when it comes to interesting details. Their approach to beauty is no exception. With Shiseido leading backstage for the hair and makeup, there was no shortage of creative and highly wearable looks with an emphasis on a natural, flawless base. Here are some of our favourite beauty trends you can reference to get that coveted Tokyo glam.

Sparkly Red Lips

Koche’s A/W 2019 show takes the classic red lip from serious to playful by foregoing the traditional matte finish and true red shade in favour of a modern copper red with a glittery finish. Make like the runway and keep the rest of your face neutral with natural-looking shadow and light contour. Curl your lashes and add a little highlight for a bit of definition.

Burgundy Eyeliner

The ‘60s eyeliner trend takes a modern spin at THE Dallas A/W 2019 show with a burgundy shade and slight flick towards the tips. A fresh face with dewy skin and brushed up brows complement the look. Pro tip: burgundy-toned hues emphasise green eyes.

Crystalised Undereye

Our sugarplum princess dreams just got a high fashion makeover. Eye bags underwent a designer update with shimmery lids and rhinestone crystals at the Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo showing. Add a thin flick of black eyeliner and some sheer pink lipstick for the perfect touch of whimsy.

Wet Look 

Glossy lids and lips were featured at Anei A/W 2019. Peach-toned shades were given a new dimension with a high shine layer on top. Damp strands and slick hair complete that nonchalant just-got-out-of-the-rain vibe.

Blue Mascara

(X).S.M.L.’s A/W 2019 runway offers a new way to take your look from day to night: coloured mascara. Featuring an electrifying shade of cobalt blue, white eyeshadow was added to the inner corners of the eyes to intensify the drama. Clean skin and a thin layer of lip gloss add polish to this daring look.

(Cover photo from: @shiseido_hma)



Although it’s Monday and it’s the start of another busy week, your day will surely be filled with excitement. Beauty junkies will especially find delight in today’s news roundup. With beauty brands and new fashion stores being launched everywhere, there’s more things for you to look forward to aside from the end of the week. From the Ulta x Marvel’s Avengers new makeup collab to the backlash on Fenty Beauty’s latest highlighter, catch it all here.

The Ulta Beauty x Marvel’s Avengers Makeup collection is finally here to save the day

This month, Marvel fans are in for a beauty treat. With Avengers: Endgame set to hit the theatres near the end of this month, Marvel also collaborated with Ulta Beauty and released a new makeup collection to celebrate the epic finale. Feel super and let their line-up of palettes and lipsticks bring extra power to your day. 

Fenty Beauty’s new highlighters are being called offensive

Fenty Beauty recently announced on Instagram their three new Killawatt highlighters. Though their shades exceed expectations, their names most certainly don’t as one of the highlighters was named ‘Geisha chic’. Initially celebrated for inclusivity, Rihanna’s beauty brand is now being called out online for being racist and ignoring the full weight of the Geisha tradition. In response, the brand has now removed the said post, but whether or not they’ll rename or recall the product, only time will tell.



All-new brand Grace Beauty is making cosmetics disability accessible

Since we’re on the topic of inclusivity, we’re happy to tell you that at least one brand is nailing it today. New makeup brand Grace Beauty is launching a new line of add-ons you can attach to mascara wands to make gripping them and using them much easier for all. Their tools are now available for pre-order to be shipped worldwide in June. 

Paragon Level 3 is taking style to a whole new level

A storefront in Paragon level 3 selling home fragrances and candles.

Paragon Singapore officially launches a new retail and lifestyle concept on level three, bringing a transformative shopping experience with its curated brands and free-flow open market-style expression. To celebrate the launch, Paragon offers fun and exciting activities for the month with their FASHION & MUSIC Photography Studio and Creative Weekends. Head on and enjoy their exclusive shopping offers until 21 April.  

You can finally get your hands on Sari Lazaro’s Sunrise x Sunset collection

A woman in a off-shoulder blouse with golden accents and white pants.

Filipino designer Sari Lazaro is releasing her new Sunrise x Sunset collection, previously seen last September 2018 in the Demavinssy showroom in Paris during the Spring Summer Fashion Week. The collection takes inspiration from the luminescence of the sky during dawn and dusk. Her breathtakingly dainty pieces will be available in Lanai Manila from 4 to 7 April and soon on her website

(Cover photo from: @ultabeauty)