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Insider Roundup: Ariana Grande To Release ‘God Is A Woman’ Perfume & More

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This week marked the end of June and the beginning of July. That signalled a lot of interesting announcements and releases that made our beauty-, fashion-, and lifestyle-loving curiosities satiated.

We’re talking about Ariana Grande releasing a new perfume and ScarJo announcing her beauty brand. There’s also Balenciaga wiping their social media clean. And, of course, we can’t miss out on mentioning Son Ye-Jin’s latest K-drama. All this and more in this week’s Insider Roundup.

Ariana Grande to release God Is A Woman perfume

Fans of Ariana’s God Is A Woman track from the Sweetener album will be delighted about her new release: a perfume of the same name. The 28-year-old hitmaker announced on Instagram that this new fragrance will be launched on Ulta in the US on 29 July, making it her ninth perfume release so far. The perfume is said to be vegan, ‘clean’, cruelty-free, and 90% naturally derived. There are no details about the price,when it’s going to go global or the scent yet. But judging by the visuals, we’re thinking something that’s sweet and captivatingly sophisticated— just like Ari herself.

Scarlett Johansson to launch a beauty brand

ScarJo joins the long list of celebrities who have ventured into the beauty industry. Earlier this week, reports state that she’s planning to launch a brand focused on a “clean, accessible approach to beauty" in 2022. There are still very few details about the brand, but some clues point to it focusing on skincare or fragrances. This is because notable partners and investors of the brand were revealed to be Kate Johnson, formerly from Juicy Couture and Victoria’s Secret, as well as The Nafaji Companies, which handle Millie Bobby Brown’s Florence By Mills.

UNIQLO collabs with Japanese animator Mamoru Hosoda for new UT collection

UNIQLO’s no stranger to many interesting collaborations and now it adds Japanese animator Mamoru Hosoda — most known for his work The Girl That Leapt Through Time — to its roster of partners. This is in celebration of Mamoru’s latest project titled Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime (The Dragon and the Freckled Princess). The shirt designs from the collection will feature visuals from the new film, as well as Mamoru’s other works. Watch this space for announcements on when it’ll be available in our region.

Balenciaga deletes all social media posts

Balenciaga's Instagram account wiped clean

Balenciaga's Instagram account wiped clean

In January, Bottega Veneta deleted all its social media content without notice. This caused a huge buzz, with people weighing in on whether or not it’s just a PR stunt. The brand has never restored its social platforms, but a curation account dedicated to the brand’s current campaigns is now active on Instagram. While it doesn’t have the ‘blue tick’, official accounts of industry personalities like Ashley Graham and Vera Wang are following the account. Interesting, don’t you think?

This week, Balenciaga followed Bottega Veneta’s disappearance. While the brand didn’t exactly exit social media, all of its social media accounts are currently wiped out of content. There are still no reports as to why the brand decided to make this move. But similar to Bottega, we’re watching developments on this one like a hawk!

BTS’s song written by Ed Sheeran finally announced

Permission To Dance is the latest collaboration between BTS and Ed Sheeran, following the Map Of The Soul: Persona track Make It Right in 2019. This new song will be included in the CD version of BTS’ latest single Butter. While no audio teasers have been released for this particular song, we’re already expecting an engrossing retro summer vibe kind of sound. Whatever it is, with ‘Ed Sheeran’ and ‘BTS’ in the same sentence, we’re already expecting the best.

Son Ye-Jin is set to star in a new K-drama, 39

It’s confirmed! Crash Landing On You star Son Ye-Jin’s new drama has been decided and it’s titled 39. Reports said that the plot revolves around a group of female friends who are navigating through the last year of their 30s before they officially hit the big four-zero. No release date has been announced but the drama will have 12 episodes and will be broadcast on JBTC. Exciting!

Han So-Hee’s sketches in Nevertheless is revealed to be the actress’ own work

Han So-Hee (and her onscreen partner, Song Kang) have been talked about a lot lately because of their roles in the new K-drama, Nevertheless. The story revolves around two art majors who are going around in circles in their relationship, playing a game of flirtatious romance.

Now, whether or not you started seeing it (there are only two episodes in, as of writing), here’s a fun fact that might make you like it even more: Han So-Hee’s sketches on the drama are drawn by none other than the actress herself. The 26-year-old of The World Of The Married fame is actually an art major in real life, much like her character Nabi. A quick scroll on her Instagram grid also shows her love of other art forms like film and photography. Talk about an all-around beauty.

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