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Enjoyed "Kingdom"? Check Out These Asian Netflix Shows Next

This lineup will have you binge-watching for days

Since its premiere on Netflix last 26 January, historical-thriller series Kingdom has made waves on social media for its unique take on how we binge-watch our K-dramas. Probably taking a page out of the 2016 blockbuster hit Train To Busan starring Gong Yoo, what's unique about this series is that it adds a periodic spin to a zombie apocalypse by bringing us to Korea's Joseon era.

To be fair, the plot is quite simple: as if having flesh-eating and fast-running zombies coming to haunt humanity isn't that big of a problem, you also have the politics between kings, princes, and government ministers added to the dynamic. Given that it's two familiar K-drama plotlines meeting in the middle, it's plain to see the appeal. 

Slated for only six episodes in its first season, it is reported that a second season is already in the works, much to the excitement of the audience. And given its reception, plus that cliffhanger revealed at the end of season 1, we're giving Netflix a two thumbs up for this decision. We only wish they could hurry on the production! 

So whether you've just jumped on the Kingdom train or you're off to look for more shows to dive into while waiting for its second season, we've done the liberty of listing down more Asian Netflix shows you need to check, stat!

Memories of Alhambra

If having Park Shin Hye, Hyun Bin and EXO's Park Chanyeol in the cast didn't already put this on your radar, then the plot's mix of sci-fi and love story might. With the beautiful Granada city in Spain as its backdrop, this series plays on the idea of augmented reality and real life coming to a blur, woven in a story of mystery, romance and many unexpected twists and turns. Did we mention that the special effects in this series deserve an A+++, too? Just check out the trailer and see for yourself. 

A Love So Beautiful

If you want something light-hearted and cheesy to watch on a weekend, this Taiwanese slice-of-life love story starring Hu Yitian and Shen Yue (of pre-Meteor Garden remake fame) will surely make your heart flutter. It may have the typical girl-has-a-crush-on-boy formula, but it still boasts its own emotions-tugging flair and has an array of loveable characters that will get you through the story. Plus, if you're a sucker for second leads in a drama, Gao Zhiting's portrayal of Wu Bosong will definitely have your hearts aching and swooning at the same time for the entire span of the series. 


Another live-action adaptation of an animé that you should watch out for is Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi. Better known internationally as Erased, it's the story of Satoru, a 29-year-old aspiring manga artist who often experiences deja vu, which he refers to as 'revivals'. This ability allows him to observe a current situation to prevent anything bad from happening. After finding his mum killed, he gets sent into a 'revival' 18 years into the past, tracing the occurrence to a series of serial murders that happened in his childhood neighbourhood. Satoru, now in his 11-year-old body, has to solve the case to prevent the death of his mum and three other victims to alter the series of events leading to his present life. 

Girl From Nowhere

Thai films continue to rise in fame internationally for various genres, but they're really on a whole new level when it comes to thrillers. So when they take their amazing storytelling of haunting tales to a series format, it's immediately worth the attention. Girl From Nowhere is the story of Nanno, a mysterious and clever girl who jumps from one school to the next, exposing dark lies, secrets and misdeeds of students and teachers that come her way. But unlike a typical high school drama, Nanno is calculating, cold and vicious, making her methods hauntingly intriguing as each episode progresses. 

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