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#AskClozette: How To Come Up With The Perfect Instagram Caption


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After all the packing and actual travelling, what's left of our trips are memories immortalised through photographs. Besides sharing the amazing snaps you've taken on Instagram, what better way to set the story straight than to add a caption that ties it all together?

For this instalment of our #AskClozette series, we give tips on how to come up with the perfect Instagram caption to match your travel photos. 

How can I come up with good Instagram captions for my travel pics? (Anonymous)

Amanda says: Hi, anon! We totally understand how hard it is to come up with a caption, especially if you've already put in so much effort in taking a great photo, editing it, and coming up with the perfect story for your IG feed. Nothing should use up that much energy, right? But we all have the tendency to overthink these things, when in fact, we shouldn't!

I say, if you're really stuck, just say what you're really feeling at the moment (if you're posting real-time) or simply what you feel about the place or experience in the photo. Sincerity goes a long way!

If you want something a little more philosophical, don't be afraid to take the cliché route and find a quote that works with the aesthetic of your photo (everyone does it every once in a while). 

Another thing that works is to simply be straightforward with your captions. Talk about what you're up to in the photo, be as descriptive as  possible, and just make it out as what it really is: an unfolding story. 

Last but not the least, just have fun with it. No matter how amazing your photos and profound your captions are, it should always be, first and foremost, something that reflects your personality. Make it as serious and sentimental or as fun and quirky as you want!

And remember, if you really can't think of anything, just be spontaneous about it and let loose. Don't overthink it.

Hope this helped you out, loves. We hope to see more of your travel photos (supplemented with amazing captions) in the Community.

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