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At-Home Hair Dyes For DIY-ing Trendy Hair Colours

Acing the pastels

We can't deny that K-pop stars have been a big reason why trendy hair colours have steadily risen in popularity. In the K-pop industry, an idol changing his or her hair colour often comes hand-in-hand with a new song or album to fit its mood, as shared by NCT's Taeyong in an interview with Allure. Because it's such a frequent occurrence in the media, out-of-the-box hair colours (from pale pastel hues to bold neons) have become more accepted as a means of self-expression in our society. 

But while our fave Korean idols call on professionals to switch up their hair colours, regular folks like us can turn to dyeing our strands at home to get a similar effect. For that, we've rounded up some trusty at-home hair dye kits that will help us all achieve the latest hair colour trends — all of which are available locally.

Mise En Scène Hello Bubble Foam Color

If you've been going gaga over BLACKPINK’s fun 'dos in their Ice Cream music video, you'll be pleased to know that you can achieve their signature pastel strands at home. Mise En Scène, a popular K-beauty brand endorsed by the girl group, just released the popular Hello Bubble x BLACKPINK Foam Color (SGD18.90/~USD13.83) in Singapore with six shades: Dusty Ash, Khaki Ash, Metallic Ash, Choco Brown, Matte Gold and Rose Gold. You'll give Rosé and Lisa a run for their money with these hues.

What makes them unique: The Hello Bubble Foam Colors are at-home bubble hair dye kits, meaning instead of the usual paste, the hair dyes are a shampoo-like foam. Just be careful to apply the foam evenly for the perfect dye job. These are now available exclusively in Singapore on the Mise En Scène Official Shopee Store.

Liese Creamy Bubble Color

Speaking of at-home bubble hair dyes, Liese offers another easy-to-apply option with the Creamy Bubble Color (SGD19.90/~USD14.56). If you feel like trying out fashion colours like Milk Tea Brown and Mint Ash, Liese has all that and more. There are a lot of colour options, so feel free to choose one that calls out to you.

What makes them unique: These hair dyes contain lanolin acid, which protects and moisturises the hair throughout the dyeing process. You can get your hands on these Liese dyes in Singapore through the brand's website and at Watsons.

April Skin Turn-Up Color Cream

April Skin's award-winning at-home hair dyes deserve a mention on this list. Do note that you'd probably need to bleach or lighten your hair to get the maximum effect of their hair dyes, which are known for their vivid colours. As a rule of thumb, we recommend leaving the bleaching to the pros. But, luckily, April Skin's Turn-Up Color Creams (SGD9.99/~USD7.31) are still impactful when applied on unbleached hair.

What makes them unique: These dyes have hydrolyzed silk and keratin to minimise hair damage while the blend of camellia, coconut, jojoba seed, and evening primrose oils nourish the hair strands to a gleaming glory. You can purchase the Turn-Up Color Cream through the April Skin and Guardian websites as well as Guardian stores in Singapore.

Hairpaint MNL Paint Pots

On the bolder side of the at-home hair dye kit spectrum, Hairpaint MNL's Paint Pots (PHP265/~USD5.46) offer an affordable option that doesn't compromise on colour vibrancy. These are conditioner-based semi-permanent hair dyes, meaning you can supposedly use these without oxidisers or developers (a product with hydrogen peroxide that either lifts or deposits the colour to your hair).

What makes them unique: Because these are semi-permanent dyes, the colour will last through three to four weeks or even longer depending on your haircare routine. The Paint Pots are ideal for people who can't stick to one hair colour past a month or those testing out if a certain colour suits their style. Check out the available variants through their Shopee store.

Sephora Collection Colour Blush 1-Day Hair Colour

The Sephora Collection Colour Blush 1-Day Hair Colour in Lagoon Blue

Sephora Collection Colour Blush 1-Day Hair Colour in Lagoon Blue, SGD16/~USD11.70 (

If you're looking for an even more temporary hair dye option, then these hair colour sprays from the Sephora Collection might interest you. These come in six trendy shades with fun names: Hot Pink, Holographic, Peach Perfect, Ultra Violet, Blue Lagoon, and Cotton Candy. To dispense the temporary hair colour, apply them like a regular styling hair spray and watch as your hair transforms right before your eyes.

What makes them unique: These hair colour sprays bring all of the fun in trying new hair colours without lasting commitment. The formula easily comes off in the shower with some shampoo, so these are good for special events or one-off photoshoots. You can get purchase these from or in Sephora stores.

(Cover photo from: @hairpaintmnl)

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