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How To Beat Signs Of Ageing, As Learned From The Experts

Slow down the effects of time

Ageing is one of life’s certainties. But aside from the passage of time, pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, and a stressful environment can also lead to more visible signs of ageing. Skin woes such as wrinkles, dark spots, and dull-looking or sagging skin are just a few of them. So it's no surprise why the use of anti-ageing products is quite common around the world, although people may differ in preferences. According to Gregory Daures, International Development Marketing Manager for Anti-ageing at Avène, Caucasian women prefer to feel a little "something", like a tingling sensation, while Asian women like gentler-to-skin approach when using anti-ageing skincare.

With different varieties and options available, how do we know which one will actually work? To answer this question, we sat down with Avène’s Skin Architects, Gregory, and Alin Pouchet, International Marketing Manager in Asia, to get some tips on how to use anti-ageing skincare to get the best results.

Is there a proper way to apply anti-ageing products?

G: Start with cleansing every morning and evening, especially in the evening, to take off all the pollution and particle matter that you may have on your face. Then, there are two ways to proceed from there. If you’re someone who’s not really keen on skincare but still want to take care of your skin, I would recommend the Physiolift Aqua Cream-in-Gel. It has an all-in-one texture feels like an emulsion or lotion and provides good hydration for your skin. Just one product and you’re good to go. If you’re more of a skincare enthusiast, you can use a more potent lotion, then a serum, and you can use the Aqua Cream-in-Gel after.

At what age should you actually start using anti-ageing products, and why?

G: We recommend that you use them as early as you want. There is no set age for when you have to use anti-ageing products. You can be 20 with the first visible signs of ageing, or you can be 35 with no signs of ageing. If you already have good skin, you can start using anti-ageing products to preserve it. On the other hand, if you’re starting to see the first signs of ageing, then you should start adding anti-ageing products into your regimen.

So starting anti-ageing early isn't “too much” for young skin?

A: I would say that to prevent signs of ageing, start with staying hydrated and using good sun-care products — this is very, very important.

G: And good cleansing.

A: And a good soap. A good cleanser should not be too harsh on your skin, to avoid sensitivity. So step one: hydration and sun-care. Once you start to feel the first sign of ageing, you introduce a specific anti-ageing product to your routine. It is okay that you start early; your skin won’t become "immune" to it.

G: It is also not true when people say you have to keep switching up the products you use. If you like a product, you can use it forever. If you see that your skin looks and feels good after using a product, just keep on using it.

Are there certain ingredients we should look for in an anti-ageing product?

G: There are active ingredients you should look for. One is hyaluronic acid. There is also Vitamin A, which can be found in retinaldehyde or retinol, which has a lot of anti-ageing properties. Another is Vitamin E and C, which are antioxidants. And then you will have the collagen boosters, which are really important in order to maintain a good skin structure. We feature one in the Physiolift range, which is Ascofilline.

What signs should we look out for to know that an anti-ageing product works?

G: To know if an anti-ageing product is working, you have to test it for a minimum of three weeks or ideally more than a month, then you can start seeing the anti-ageing effects. After that, look at the ingredients list and identify the key active ingredient in a product. To summarise, look for clinically-proven results and that will lead you to a good anti-ageing solution.

This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

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