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Whether you’re travelling locally or out of the country, you always encounter them, chewing a poor attendant’s ears off, or talking loudly like there’s no tomorrow in the museums. Some tourists just can’t seem to control themselves and, aware of it or not, they end up irritating everyone within 100 meters of them. Just to be sure you’re not inconveniencing everyone when you go on your next getaway, here are five basic tips to avoid being the annoying tourist. 

1.  Mind your manners.

A group of tourists are talking in the middle of the street

Always respect the rules set in the places you visit. Be mindful of others so that you’re not accidentally causing hassle by blocking the way or holding the line. If your destination’s culture is different and it’s not something you fully understand, it would be wise to watch your mouth to not offend anyone. Karma can be cruel, so treat people you encounter the same way you want to be treated.

2. Don't expect special treatment.

Women are standing in front of the cafe bar

Don’t be such a Karen and ask to speak to a manager every single time you’re slightly inconvenienced. We’re not royalty, so unless you’ve paid for it, demanding for a certain service is a big no-no. Your loud complaints would not only put everyone within the vicinity in a bad mood but would also put the customer service personnel in a tight spot.

3. Clean as you go.

Colorful tables and parasols laid out on the al fresco dining area

No one likes seeing trash littered all over the place — it does bad things to Mother Earth and it doesn’t make for a nice photo. So wherever you are, if you can’t find any waste bins, just hold onto your trash or pocket it a while longer until you find somewhere to throw it in. If you eat in self-service restaurants, remember to clean up your dishes when you’re done.

4. Patience is key.

Girl with a white bike waits in line

The thing with tourist spots is that they’re almost always crowded. You can’t always avoid having to wait in long lines for your turn, and the personnel doesn’t always have the capacity to attend to you all at the same time. We get it, it can be unbearably hot and your legs might be incredibly tired from all the walking, but losing your temper won’t change a thing. While waiting, why not take some pictures instead, munch on your snacks, or pop your earphones on for some music to kill time?

5. Snap photos responsibly.

Woman takes a photo of a lake

Speaking of pictures, no trip is complete without capturing your favourite moments, but remember to tone down your pictorial sessions when you travel. There’s nothing wrong with taking photos, but keep in mind not to go overboard. If photos are prohibited in a venue, don’t risk having security called for you. If you’re having photo taken in a prime spot, be considerate of others waiting for their turn and don't take too long taking your OOTDs.



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