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5 Simple Ways To De-Stress And Avoid Burnout

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When you work for long hours almost every day, it's impossible not to feel exhausted. Eat, sleep, repeat has become everyone's routine in this fast-paced world and no one has the time to care for themselves anymore. Which is why it's unsurprising that WHO listed burnout as a widespread occupational phenomenon that affects people's health status. When you're always exhausted, feeling mentally distant from your job, and unproductive, then more likely than not, you're already experiencing immense stress. To avoid burnout that could compromise your health, try to incorporate these simple steps in your daily routine.

Take quick breaks

Avoid burnout by taking quick coffee breaks in between work

Every time you finish a major task, take a few minutes of rest. People think downtime is a waste of time and quite unproductive. However, gathering your thoughts and clearing your mind can actually help you become more productive. Quick breaks help you retain more focus throughout the day.

Time management is key

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One way to avoid burnout is to create a timeline for your tasks and stick to it. But, when you do schedule your day, remember to prioritise your me time above everything else. Try to finish all of your work during office hours, so you don't end up going overtime or taking your work home.

Take advantage of your off time

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With everything synced in your personal devices, the boundaries between your home and work become blurred. So when you're out of work, quit doing work-related tasks to avoid burnout. If possible, remove all your work accounts from your devices, or just avoid checking them altogether.

Pursue a hobby to avoid burnout

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When you get home, engage yourself in activities you enjoy. Pick up a new series to watch on Netflix, or read a book before you sleep. Strive to do something fun every day, so you can take your mind off work and be relaxed when you turn in to sleep.

Don't be so hard on yourself

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Sometimes, most of the stress we’re getting come from ourselves. It’s great that you have goals that you want to achieve in your career. Still, when things aren’t going as well as you expected, don’t beat yourself up so much. Acknowledge your shortcomings but there’s no need to dwell on them. Get some rest, and continue on to bravely face the challenges that come your way.


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