Background-Perfect OOTDs | Clozette

There are days when you feel like wearing a great outfit but you just don't know where to snap a photo of it. Yes, we feel your pain. Your OOTD's background matters because it will either highlight or overpower your look. Surprisingly, there are a lot of normal, everyday places you can snap a quick OOTD for a visually dynamic photo.

Here are a few ideas we spotted from our Fashion Community


Photo from mitsueki

First on our list is just right outside your doorstep---literally! When there are days that you don't feel like going too far to search for a simple background, your door will do. The simplicity of a door's rectangular frame and light-coloured pane is just the right background for casual OOTDs. For a touch of rusticity, the door of a shed would make a compelling photo as well!

photo from joycelynthiang

Another place perfect for OOTD shots is at the stairwell. Lucky for you, stairwells are everywhere! What's nice about the area is that you can play around with your poses. You can stand beside the railing, sit on the stairs, or hold on to the railings. In fact, with the area's clean-yet-rustic finish, it's a great background for any OOTD style as long as your camera has been placed at an angle that flatters you from head-to-toe!

photo from aponytale

If you have on a grungy, monochrome, or boyish outfit for the day, search no further than the back alley! Most cities now have vibrant yet grungy alleyways that make for a unique OOTD background and adds a touch of street style to your look. Just make sure to apply the "rule of thirds" to your shot and keep in mind the passers-by. 

photo from AnicoHannaMG

Why is the parking lot a great place for your OOTD shot? Two words: perfect lighting. To add to that, open parking lots are spaces you can really experiment with. You can pose any way you like without anyone bothering you---well, other than the occasional car moving in-and-out of the lot. Bonus points if you spot an empty lot because that's where you can really try a lot of different poses and let your outfit truly take centre-stage. 

photo from HLRYYS

The city is full of buildings, so use them to your advantage and take that perfect OOTD shot. Buildings great backgrounds because of their plain, clean walls and ample lighting. Study the building's structure and find a spot where you can do that candid, walking pose and voila! A picture-perfect OOTD. Amp it up a bit by playing with shadows or the building's architectural elements such as the gates, door, or glass windows. 

photo from aponytale

Spot any Graffiti Walls lately? Well, you can use those for your OOTD shots too! If you're wearing a colourful outfit, contrast it with a plain but artsy-looking wall. If you're wearing a simple or monochromatic outfit, a colourful graffiti wall will add an urban feel to your look. If all else fails, a simple and plain wall will do!   



Daydreaming about summer vacation already? We hear you. Our thoughts are already wandering to the sunny shores of Boracay Island, the most popular summer destination in the Philippines – with its fine, white sand, clear, aquamarine waters and fun-filled parties that last for days. 

For many of us, Boracay is the highlight of our summer and we spend weeks in preparing for it. But before you finish (over)packing, make sure you don’t forget these essentials to make the most of your trip.


Waterproof Sunscreen

This should be the first thing that goes in your bag. You’re more vulnerable to sun damage at the beach than you are in the city, so you’ll need at least SPF50+ to adequately protect your skin.
Whitening Toothpaste

In such a fun-filled island, we have no doubt you’ll be flashing those pearly whites all day long. Your smile is your best accessory, so keep it dazzling! Brush your teeth with Closeup’s Deep Action Toothpaste with Micro Shine Crystals that help remove yellow stains, polishing your teeth to a beautifully white finish!

A Figure-Flattering Swimsuit

You might be pressured to start exercising for that beach bod just right after the holidays. Relax – it’s all about finding the right cut, one that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. There are a variety of styles to suit every shape like the classic one-piece suits, triangle bikinis, tankinis, maillots and many more.

Your Comfiest Flip-Flops

We love walking barefoot by the beach. But for times when we want to avoid the scorching sand, rocks and seashells, a chic pair of flip flops is a must.

A Stylish Beach Hat

Keep your head well-protected from the summer heat by covering it with a stylish beach hat, like a wide-brimmed straw hat or a lightly-woven fedora.

Scratch-Resistant Sunglasses

Likewise, keep your eyes shaded from harsh sunlight. Opt for a pair that is scratch and water resistant as you will likely be spending a lot of time around the elements.

Microfiber Towel

Constant exposure to the sun, wind and saltwater will surely take a toll on your hair. So take the gentler route in towel-drying your locks by using a microfiber towel, which has a finer surface texture that is kinder to your hair cuticles and reduces frizz.

Damage Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

At the end of the day, make sure to use an intensive damage repairing shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will thank you for it.



This week has been an awesome one for our Clozetters! We just couldn't decide which OOTDs were worth featuring because the Fashion Community has been posting a lot of good ones over the past week. We spotted classy, fresh, glam and floral! 

Without further ado,  Here are our top faves for the week!




This look from axeldwen puts the word "glam" in the street fashion scene. This look featured a play on length with the combination of a crop top and a knee-length skirt. Another thing we loved about this look: the shoes! Your shoes can make or break your outfit and this black, strappy pair finished it off perfectly. 



This look from Cat_jiajia is a fresh take on the white-on-white look. The braided hair, the glam necklace, and the Oxford shoes with socks are such cute outfit add-ons that bring a fun and trendy vibe to the look. What we love most is the pair of wide-leg culottes, which is a new trend for this year. So we give this a two thumbs up! 



AnicoHannahMG got us loving black all over again with her cut-out dress, sling clutch bag, and floppy hat. One detail we especially love is how the shoes and the cut-out pattern of the dress effortlessly match each other while still being different enough to stand out. Definitely picture-perfect! 



Who said glasses can't be chic? We love this effortless pairing of the glasses with a floral midi-skirt and chunky black sandals. This OOTD from christyfrisbee combines edgy, feminine, and geeky in this all-in-one look without going overboard. 



DebbieFermin's OOTD looks glam and laid-back at the same time. The crop top and skirt ensemble never ceases to fail, making it a great outfit-of-choice for casual days. We're also loving how the natural and "sweet as candy" colours of her clothes flatter her skin and hair perfectly.