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Are You Ready To Play Balenciaga's Video Game?

Gaming in style

A music video, a short film, a one-woman fashion show and a catwalk on a cruise — these are just some of the things the fashion industry has given us as an alternative to the traditional runway. But it doesn't stop there. Now, prestigious maisons are entering a new realm, one that's dominated by consoles, legends and PewDiePie. Yes, the gaming world. At first glance, this marriage between fashion and gaming appears to be odd. After all, the people who are willing to spend thousands on an Italian calfskin tote bag aren't the typical profile that would play a top-rated Spaghetti Western-inspired video game or a popular space-themed social deduction mobile app. But sometimes, unlikely partnerships produce good outcomes. 

There has been some success in initial attempts to merge luxury and gaming as seen in the positive response to Burberry x B Surf as well as Animal Crossing collaborations with premium beauty brands like Givenchy Beauty and Tatcha.

Tatchaland on Animal Crossing

Bizarre as it may seem, in a way it's a natural next step. The latest buzz on this new development? The new shiny Balenciaga video game. Could this be an *ahem* game-changer in the fashion industry? Read on and decide.

What the game is about

With the name Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, it blends perfectly with other titles in the dystopian genre. If you didn't know it was produced by Balenciaga, you would think that it's just another game. Although, yes, it is set in the future (2031 to be exact), it's actually a way to showcase their latest collection, which has a theme of "human destiny, as seen by an interactive, gamified journey", according to a statement by the fashion house, as reported by WWD. With that, we can safely say that it would be narrative-type, full of different characters and storylines, much like The Witcher, Final Fantasy and Red Dead Redemption.

If Balenciaga's aesthetic is any indication of what to expect from the video game, then we may be looking at some offbeat and extremely peculiar visuals. Remember their campaign from two years ago where models were digitally edited to have sprawling limbs and floating capabilities?

When and where can you play it?

Balenciaga's video game is reportedly scheduled to launch on 6 December. However, there is still no news on which platform it will roll out. Balenciaga may follow the footsteps of Gucci and Burberry and host it on their website or make it available on an app. For now, we don't really know what to expect but whatever it is, we've got a feeling we'll be blown away. 

(Cover photo from: Oladimeji Odunsi via Unsplash)