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Here's How To Style Barrettes

You favourite childhood accessory is back!

Remember back when you were in middle school and having the shiniest, sparkliest, most colourful hair clips made you the most fashionable kid in class? Or those days when you had a clip assigned to a certain mood or day of the week? Well, if that memory made you smile, then this will grow your grin even bigger. With chokers, platform boots and brown lipsticks jumping back into the mainstream fashion scene, it should be quite expected that barrettes will also make their comeback. And yes, they are resurrected to be as bold and chic as the adult you. 

Just give Instagram's #barrette tag a scroll to see how people are taking their new hair trend obsession to the next level — from pearls to statement clips and snap-ons. Some even went on full throwback mode and associated clip colours to '90s cartoon characters, while others layered — and we really mean three to five layers — barrette pieces of complementing colours in one go. The trick is the more pieces you put together and the chunkier they are, the trendier you get. If we're being honest, it's like middle school all over again — but in all our stylish and beat beauty glory.

But hold up. What if your childhood barrettes have already been lost in the land of yesteryears? Well, there are several places within the region where you can get upgraded versions. You can check out Lola and Daisies in the Philippines for an array of elegant barrettes for both casual and special events; Sereni & Shentel from Borneo ships for free to Malaysia and offers not just a range of pretty clips and bows but also Blair Waldorf-esque headbands; if you're in sunny Singapore on the lookout for something that spells simple elegance, Helen's has got something for you.

For options that are available in most countries, Etsy has a wide assortment of beautifully crafted barrettes that are not just for daily use but can also be as ethereal-looking and perfect for weddings and special occasions. ZALORA also has a variety of options from clippies to bows to retro and bejewelled ones that you can mix and match depending on the look you're gunning for.

Even Gucci released their own logomania barrette. So if you're in the mood to splurge, you know where to head. We're also sure that they never really left the shelves of many fashion and accessory outlets so they wouldn't be a pain to find. Plus, we're also throwing in this trivia as a bonus: did you know that anything that has clasps or teeth that are made to secure your hair also fall into the barrette category? We're looking at you, bobby pins.

Now, let's get to styling. If you're excited to jump back into this trend but still not sure where to start, we've got some ideas for you. 

The side sweep

If you want to keep it sleek and clean, do your regular part and add a little bit of styling gel or hairspray to make sure no hair is out of place. After it's been smoothed to perfection, pop on your choice of barrette, whether in singles or in layers of two to three (more if you're feeling wild and edgy) and voilà! Easy, quick, but nothing short of chic.  

The face frame

Barrettes are not just made to look cute they're also specifically designed for functionality. So if you want to keep your hair out of your face but they're either too short to be tied back or you don't want to result to a typical ponytail, strategically clip them on like Bella Hadid to make sure they won't get in the way. Not only will it end up looking interesting and experimental but it also helps put the focus on the angles and the features of your face and highlight the beauty look you can brag about. 

The twins

When we were younger, we went for barrettes in couples so that we'd have matching ones on each side of our head. And we're telling you, that look came back with this trend, But unlike using sparkly butterflies or big chunky barrettes that work best with a side sweep look, 'the twins' would definitely look best with thinner and more subtle designs as we want something that looks in proportion to both sides of our face. Focus on pearls, minimalist bejewelled designs or dainty sparkles when going for this hairstyle to ensure zero tackiness and maximum elegance. 

The twist up

If you're looking for more of an updo situation, take a cue from Lee Sung Kyung and secure that knot with a barrette. We can't really tell if she used a simple design or something with flair but that tiny pop of green suggests that the hallyu star is also onboard the barrette wave. 

The barrette braid

We keep on mentioning layers so it wouldn't be fair if we didn't display something that goes all out on the chunkiness. We're talking about a half-do that is completely secured by not one, not two, but four chunky clips. If you have longer hair, we encourage to go even further. The idea is to just create a waterfall of barrettes at the back of your head. They can be as coordinated or as dynamic as you wish them to be. Think train tracks but for your hair. If we're going to celebrate a resurging hair trend that played a huge role in our childhood, might as well make the most out of it, right?

(Cover photo from: @skinniestjean)