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Be A Santarina This Christmas

Get in the festive spirit this season by dressing up as a Santarina! What’s that, you may ask? It’s the female version of Santa Claus, of course (and it's not Mrs. Claus)! Being a Santarina means you can bring out your sexy and fun side, adding much needed warmth to this cold weather we’re experiencing this season! But being one doesn’t mean you dress up exactly like a naughty Santa Claus, though. Your creative and fashion choices can come in to play, too!

So for this holiday season, no matter the occasion and where you go, you can be one! How? Just keep reading below for the 5 gorgeous Santarina inspirations this Christmas using fashionable pieces from UNIQLO’s collection!


The Chic Santarina

A chic Santarina is one who is always on top of her game and feels (and knows) she can conquer anything. At the beginning of the day, she puts on her Christmas hat and lipstick, and is ready to flawlessly triumph over anything!

So if you want to be a chic Santarina, look the part by donning a striped Ponte Pencil Mini Skirt to elegantly show off your gams, a cream Extra Fine Cotton Long Shirt for a breathable and comfy top, and some killer black or nude heels! Accessorise with a Carine Silk Stole for that extra touch of femininity and high-fashion finish!

The Serene Santarina

A Santarina shouldn’t be troubled by anything because she embodies this lighthearted, beautiful, and joyous character! Nothing should ever look like something’s troubling her. So to emulate that look and vibe, a serene Santarina can dress up in a comfortable yet gorgeous getup! A black AIRism Bra Camisole will give your body a little more coverage and warmth, with a green Ponte Flare Long Dress that will softly define your curves. You can finish off your look with an off-white Cotton Cashmere V Neck Cardigan, paired with a "no makeup" makeup look for that subtle, fresh-faced Santarina glow!

Party Santarina

Santarinas, fun and free-spirited, are there to cause people great joy! They’re especially fun to be with during parties or festive celebrations! So if you want to dress up like the best holiday character of the season at your next party, you can be a Party Santarina with some chic Christmas-coloured pieces such a bright red Ponte Flare Short Sleeve Dress which will look excellent on the dance floor, and a white Vintage Narrow Belt to accentuate your waist!

Playful Santarina

Everyone has a playful and naughty side to them. If you want to get in the festive mood, rock a gorgeous Santarina outfit that will bring out all your playful tendencies and allow you to move freely and comfortably!

A sky blue Striped Boat Neck Dress will give you that beautiful feminine look, and when paired with a brown Vintage Belt, it will give the dress a chic shape! Accessorising with a black and white Boucle Scarf will add more colour to your look, while topping everything off with a Santa Hat will turn you into a Santarina no one will forget!

Cool Santarina

The definition of “cool” can often be puzzling and confusing, as well as subjective. But a “cool” Santarina, one who can embody playfulness to sexiness, is the one who will make all holiday parties enjoyable and exciting. She has the complete package, so if you want to be a cool Santarina this Christmas, you’re going to have to dress the part.

Just take a white AIRism Bra Sleeveless Top as your undergarment for that soft, simple look, a baby pink Extra Fine Cotton Long Shirt to give a pop of colour, and some black Ankle Length Pants for a comfortable but sexy finish! This look will give you and comfort and movability while being extra chic!


Which Santarina will you be this Christmas? We look forward to seeing your festive looks!